Ji Zhanpeng said with a dark face Luo Xiu I know its you what do you mean I said coldly but I wanted to ask

Luo Xiu’s age, weight, er, kilograms, the long-haired wavy girl sitting behind the patina desk raised her drooping eyelids and looked up at the ragged and skinny young man in front of her, the wavy girl’s face and eyes revealed an undisguised vermilion of disgust.
The lips lightly opened and said that your qualifications do not meet the requirements. The young man named Luo Xiu on the opposite side had a look of disappointment on his skinny face. Why, your recruitment requirements do not say that a young man who is only 10 years old is fine? The red lips of a big wave girl? Let’s talk about your eyes. Is there something wrong with your eyes? It’s written in the recruitment that you need to be in good health. Let’s see if you’re skinny.
I’ll see if you’re up to a kilogram. Maybe you’re still sick. If you die suddenly at work, we’ll have to waste manpower digging.
The mine was buried for you. The big wave girl’s words are very harsh and mean, but she doesn’t care what the untouchables in these settlements think, even if they have great emotions and complaints in their hearts, they dare not act wild in the official administrative recruitment office, otherwise what awaits them is A punishment that is more cruel than death, and the skinny young man on the opposite side did not dare to speak rudely as expected by the big wave girl, but just showed an embarrassing smile.
He is indeed very thin and frighteningly thin. His cheeks are sunken and his cheekbones are high due to long-term malnutrition. Gao Lun was so thin that she took off her clothes. The big wave girl said impatiently that we don’t want beggars here. The next young man stood up helplessly. The two lumps of meat are full of malice in his heart, thinking that they are so big, they must be fake, there must be a lot of silicone stuffed inside, tsk tsk, the picture must be beautiful, holding a kind of self-comforting spirit to win, Faroxiu, the young man, walked out of the gate of the administrative recruitment office A three-story building whose outer wall is covered with steel plates and iron thorns.
On both sides of the gate, there are tall horse-repelling piles. There are densely packed iron thorns, sharp barbs, and rusty mottled ones.
At this time, the sky is gray and gray.
Acid rain, a gust of wind blowing, mixed with the smell of rust, feces, urine, and rotten smell of animals or human corpses. Seeing all this, Luo Xiu felt his heart fluctuate like plastic pieces in a puddle.
Fear, anxiety, and confusion swallowed his heart bit by bit. A week ago, he lay on the bed in the company dormitory watching the end of the world, and then slowly fell asleep. In the middle of half dreaming and half waking, he heard a voice asking him, do you want to save the world? It was in a dream, but he still firmly said that he didn’t want to save the world. Isn’t this an international joke? Do you know where the heroes gather? In the cemetery, he thinks he is not a hero, not only is he not a hero, he is also very timid and afraid of thunder Never drink at the root of the wall, let alone drive, don’t even ride a bicycle. Walking has always been close to the side of the road, and never play mobile phones on the road.
Seeing all directions, listening to all directions, like those dangerous rides, such as ferris wheel, roller coaster, bungee jumping and other projects.
Even if you look at it, you won’t take a second look, including the net red glass trestle bridge, even though it is advertised that the hardness of glass is comparable to that of concrete. Soil is not real concrete after all, no one can guarantee that it will never break, but the reality is often so cruel. Although he resolutely chose to refuse at the time, when he opened his eyes, he found that he had really come to a doomsday where a thermonuclear war had occurred. World Timeline Doomsday Year 1 Spring This is a hopeless world Hundreds of millions of people died directly in the first round of nuclear attacks Two billion people died of nuclear radiation famine and complications of nuclear radiation, and then all over the world Another water crisis broke out, and a new round of war broke out because of the competition for water resources, resulting in more deaths, cities fell, order collapsed, beliefs were subverted, survivors struggled in the remaining settlements, and he hid in his residence. He tried every means to return to the original world, but to no avail. The reality told him that he could not go back. All of this was happening for real.
He greeted the unknown eighteenth-generation direct lineage female with hunger, fear and confusion in every language.
Tormenting him every moment made him extremely painful and even thought of death, but in the end he had no choice but to accept the reality because he was afraid of pain Not surprisingly, it should be to rob him of the food. When he sorted out the memories of this doomsday world in his previous life, he found that this is a more dangerous world than the doomsday world, because there are still many monsters born of nuclear war in this world. Stand here and roll quickly, just as Luo Xiu stared at the world under the rain in a daze, the patrolman from the Administrative Recruitment Office came to drive him away with a black rubber stick in his hand.
Looking at the speed of his footsteps and the excited look on his face, he probably wished he would not leave. Come on, give him two sticks to regain his senses, Luo Xiu’s heart shuddered, he hurriedly walked down the steps and got into the rain curtain, because of severe lack of nutrition, his body is too weak now, if he walks slowly, he will really suffer from two sticks If so, maybe I have to explain it here today. The cold rain mixed with the cold wind blowing on his face and bare skin made Luo Xiu shiver uncontrollably.
He quickly took out a crumpled plastic film from his pocket.
After unfolding the bag, wrapped it around the upper body, then pulled the thin torn clothes on his body, crossed his hands over his chest, avoided the puddles on the ground, walked forward with one foot deep and one foot shallow, and just walked out of the area where the administrative recruitment office belongs.
Leaning under the eaves, he smiled and said how is it? Ugly smile while crying and then keep walking forward