Jaws clenched to keep the tears from rolling down Of course Frank wouldnt have heard of it Youve seen him and all of a sudden

After school, the campus is too quiet, except for the faint shouts of boys kicking football from the playground, the teaching building is completely empty, only a faint voice can be heard from the women’s restroom on a certain floor How could it be possible to fall in love with a scumbag like you Lou Mingyue woke up amidst a burst of noise and looked at the chattering woman in front of her in a daze The vigilance and strong adaptability of Changju, who lasted too long, forced her to calm down in the shortest time, and then quickly looked around. First of all, this is a women’s toilet.
The half-shedding wall and the potholed tiles are silently telling the old and simple. Any property under her name, even the most non-modern old house with the worst living conditions, has better toilets than this one. Secondly, there are four people on the scene except Lou Mingyue herself. The chattering woman in front of her is one of them. The two didn’t speak, but their eyes were staring at each other. The three of them were working together to surround her. The last and most important thing is that they were all wearing school uniforms, including Lou Mingyue. There was a big red school badge printed on the right chest, and there were four small characters in italics Linnan No.
1 Middle School. After roughly figuring out the surrounding environment and confirming that there is no danger, Lou Mingyue’s tense nerves suddenly loosened.
Why don’t you speak? Are you usually not very flirtatious? You are obviously ugly and stupid, but you still want to put on a condescending look.
After seeing too much, you think you are a woman Protagonist, woman, it shouldn’t be just a girl. When she opens her mouth, Lou Mingyue has no time to pay attention to it, because some memories that don’t belong to her are rushing into her mind. A love letter written to the grass, and Jiang Han, the crush of the grass, is the fat girl in front of me.
After class, she was dragged into the women’s toilet for a routine warning.
Then Lou Mingyue came. Sister Han, what’s wrong with her? There was no reaction. No. 1 was too much.
He dared to ignore us.
2 Jiang Han frowned, his face trembled, and his fingers licked Jiang Fuyue’s shoulder.
Today is just a small warning for you, don’t provoke Ling Xuan again. Even if you see him in the future, please take a detour, or I will let your little pancake stall take a minute to close. Lou Mingyue suddenly raised her eyes and made a noise, then stopped abruptly.
Her dark pupils and indifferent eyes instantly seemed to be trapped in a vast galaxy, calm and vast like an ocean.
Ruye, then his eyes lightly fell on Jiang Han’s face, obviously without any weight, but like a sharp sword out of its sheath, it screamed all around, it belonged to the threat of Mingyue, the main building of the legendary Lou’s family in the imperial capital, at this moment, all of them fell on the shoulders of a middle school student, and Jiang Han’s mind was covered. Chilling, a chill climbed up her neck from the tailbone, and she began to tremble uncontrollably. Your instinctive fear made her unconsciously back up with two puppy legs.
She wanted to step forward to help, but found that her legs seemed to be nailed to the ground and could not be pulled out. Can’t come out, knees go soft, almost kneel down, when did Jiang Jiang Fuyue become so horrific than the head teacher Lou Mingyue twitched the corner of her mouth, went to the corner, picked up her schoolbag, glanced at it with disgust, and finally hung it on her shoulder resignedly, and waited for her to wash her hands slowly before she walked out of the women’s room. In the midsummer evening, the wind blew on her face with warmth. It’s stuffy, humid and hot. No one in the school is terribly quiet.
Even the boys playing football on the playground have already gone home. Looking around, it’s as empty as a wild building.
Shouldn’t Jiang Fuyue go out of the school gate with his head down and walk forward until Now she still can’t react a little bit, obviously she was lying in a pool of blood last second, watching the person closest to her make up for her chest, those unwillingness and resentment seem to be still entangled in her soul and can’t be released, how the next second will become another A person has a memory that doesn’t belong to him, and suddenly a familiar voice enters his ears. Jiang Fuyue’s whole body becomes stiff. Suddenly, she looks up and sees an interview from the Financial Channel on the huge screen directly in front of the square.
It seems that everyone is very well informed.
That’s right, Lou’s will complete the acquisition of Sol Technology on the 1st next month.
This will be the first time that Lou’s Group acquires a company on the New Third Board.
It also means Lou’s determination to enter the technology industry.
The woman on the screen is dressed in a formal suit and is calm and calm Talk to the reporters and the camera about the majestic and awe-inspiring picture. Back to the host.
Lou’s president personally admits to the media that he will acquire Sol Technology in the near future. What is the meaning of the industry? Next, let’s ask Mr. Shao Qihua, an expert in finance and economics, to analyze and answer Lou’s President Jiang Fuyue’s pupils clenched and three characters popped out between her teeth. The student is also the executioner who made the last knife in her chest. The hatred and unwillingness that were suppressed by force surged up together at this moment, but Jiang Fuyue frowned. She had just died. With Lou Mingxin’s rank, it is impossible to control the group in such a short period of time.
On the CEO, suddenly the girl’s eyes froze and she stared at the lower right corner of the giant screen.
Her gaze changed from dazed to bewildered, and finally turned into shock and disbelief.
Years and twenty years later, it was Lou Mingxin in the news. Although her makeup was exquisite, she was too mature, especially her curly hair.
More than majestic but extraordinarily old If it’s not old but really old, then it’s not surprising that twenty years is not twenty days nor twenty hours is enough to change anything, so those people couldn’t help her hold on to it? Jiang Fuyue was stunned for a moment, but this depression did not last long.
When she raised her head again, the helplessness on her face gradually faded away, at least she is still alive, right? She still has a lot of time to settle accounts with those who killed her. The year has passed and they are still alive and kicking, so the sun is sinking, Jiang Fuyue no longer delays, turns around and leaves behind is the financial news that is still playing Lou’s background is strong