Its wrong her voice is very soft deception and being deceived are happening all the time in the rivers and lakes the shopkeeper said she

He has not closed his eyes for three days and three nights.
This is a quiet ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River. It used to have a long history, legends and beautiful scenery, but now these have nothing to do with swordsmen. Swordsmen are just like every day. He is very famous, but fame may be the least valuable thing in this arena. When he dies in a certain alley tomorrow, his death may only cause a moment of embarrassment in the arena. The discussion then disappeared without a trace. Now the swordsman is hurting a lot. He needs a place where he can rest for a while to preserve his strength. At a corner, the swordsman suddenly saw an inn in front of him. The inn is bright and majestic.
The downpour suddenly gave people a warm feeling.
The warm yellow light penetrated the heavy rain and fog. The inn is too bright. Even in the rain, the light is so bright that the swordsman can see it at first sight. Seeing that even in the other shops around, there are still lights on at this moment, but they are still not conspicuous. The swordsman only hesitated for a second and walked towards there.
At this moment, he needs a place to recuperate before he can continue.
Dodge the pursuit of those people behind him, no matter where it is, even if he just has a sip of hot soup, he will have more strength to set off again tomorrow.
This is an ordinary-looking inn.
Some moss has grown on the walls of the inn.
There is a sign hanging on the door.
There seems to be no strange place hanging a signboard at the door, which simply says the word inn. The nameless inn swordsman opened the door of the inn in the rainy night.
The moment he opened the door, a scent of flowers accompanied his face. The coming heat drifted to his side, and the smell was so unforgettable that he recalled his first encounter with that person many years later.
It was always the warmth and fragrance of flowers that invited this guest to come from the room.
There was a voice, the voice was hoarse, would you like to ask the guest, do you want to stay in the hotel? When opening the shop as usual, I suddenly found that the scenery outside the Hengdian inn, where I had been working for a long time, had completely changed.
This mountain, this cloud, this sky.
In that group, there are still pictures of sand sculptures and Xingua.
There is a very familiar girl who asks, have you watched the recent time-traveling TV series? Such exaggerated acting skills, right? In the novels I read when I was in high school, the heroine would not be so shocked by the fact that she traveled through time, okay? I asked him if he was filming and almost caused a fatal disaster.
I wanted to abandon the drama while watching the chat messages that kept popping up. The most important thing is that Feng Qing pursed her lips I made up my mind not to be regarded as an idiot by others.
The network was inexplicably connected even without a power outage. In the end, Feng Qing went back and forth in the store and came to this conclusion. An electrician took out her phone and sent a WeChat message to the boss who often came to check and fined her wages.
Boss, I didn’t go to work this morning. Didn’t you notice? What are you talking about, aren’t you right there? Her boss Replied, where am I, where is it, where is that, and Ai Fengqing waited for a long time, but the boss didn’t send another message. She shivered suddenly and touched her arm. The tone of the reply was the same as that greasy one. The boss has nothing to do with it, and there is no smell of being parasitized by Keshen.
Feng Qing feels that she is a little worthless this morning.
She feels that she has to do something to restore her value so that she will not accidentally go crazy. About two Ten minutes later, Feng Qing turned on the air conditioner, cooked instant noodles in a small electric cooker, opened a bottle of ice-cold Coke, and watched the new game guide video with her legs crossed. She stuffed half of the bottle of Coke in one gulp, and hiccupped.
With a lazy face, she also thinks that she is too easy to be satisfied. How can a bottle of Coke and a bowl of instant noodles make her worth the reply? Now she actually thinks this kind of life is not bad.
Wait, don’t call my mother.
What if the phone is another worthless conversation? I can’t bear it. What should I do? Feng Qing thought that she was looking at the chat messages that were still being refreshed, and suddenly an idea popped up in her mind that would take ten years of cerebral thrombosis.
Half an hour later, Feng Qing held a box of Meituan’s sweet and spicy duck wings with trembling hands, and stared at the inn with a godlike gaze. I can decide not to leave this inn for the rest of my life. Feng Qing made it easy. I made a life-long decision.
I decided to spend my whole life with this inn.
Whether poor or rich, sick or healthy, we will love and cherish each other until death can separate us.
Just now Feng Qing made a vow to stay together with the inn for the rest of his life. Then, a few kilometers away, a person uttered the last scream of his life, a knife cut his neck, and his scream slowly turned into a breathy sound, the sound gradually became louder like the sound of rain It gradually became inaudible, and the doors and windows of the surrounding houses were closed tightly. They didn’t seem to hear the scream, but even if they heard it, they wouldn’t open the door. These ordinary people who often see Jianghu people have long since Knowing how to protect themselves is a good choice for them to pretend to be blind or dumb, isn’t it him? A man in black knelt down at the feet of a man with a pale complexion, he said.