It’s very deep and still bleeding luckily the blood that’s coming out is bright red I think it shouldn’t be poisonous Mo Ziming shook his

Iron flute scholars are born in the Jianghu. If the people’s hearts are not good, there will be endless disputes, and the Jianghu is sinister. Therefore, some people say that what is evil is not the Jianghu, but the people’s hearts. Human nature is inherently good, but often desires, dissatisfaction, chasing fame and fortune, breed evil thoughts, and fall into the devil’s way.
Since ancient times, the struggle between good and evil Even though the evil is overwhelming, the righteousness is one foot tall and the devil is ten feet tall. Even after the battle between good and evil, the evil spirits and heretics have seriously damaged their vitality, but after a period of cultivation and rest, they become rampant and make a comeback. This is an ordinary ancient road.
The trees on both sides are because of It looks tall and vigorous due to its long history. The breeze blows through the shadows of the trees and it is peaceful. The unusual thing about this ancient road is that it is the only way to Tianning Temple.
Tianning Temple is the largest temple today.
Yulong Mountain Villa Zhujiancheng led the heroes of the world to defeat the Demon Sect Temple. Not only are there masters like clouds, there are eminent monks who are proficient in Buddhism, but they are also innumerable. The monk’s robe in front of his chest was frightened and panicked, almost soaked in blood. After falling several times, he hurriedly stood up and ran towards Tianning Temple in front of him, as if there was a devil from hell chasing him. Suddenly, thirteen men in black appeared like Appearing out of thin air, standing around him and surrounding him, the leader is a black-clothed man, whose exposed eyes revealed a fierce look. The dead monk, even if Zhishan and those old immortals come today, you don’t want to live.
Before he could finish speaking, he swung at the monk with a long knife in his hand.
The young monk took two steps back in a desperate situation, but the point of the knife still slashed across his face, from the middle of his forehead to his chin, and blood spattered. His face was full of danger.
He didn’t know whether he was frightened or was injured too much.
He fell to the ground without shouting and stared blankly.
After closing his eyes, when the knife edge was still a few inches away from him, a gust of wind passed by, and a figure was caught in the wind.
The long knife was blocked by a black iron flute, and the man in black looked surprised. He didn’t believe that someone could do it so quickly. Rescuing someone from his sword in an instant shocked him even more because the treasured sword he relied on to run amok unexpectedly cut a gap, and then a gust of wind passed by and disappeared together with the young monk. So fast, so handsome, and light kung fu.
The men in black looked at each other for a while before recovering and chased after the leader. The man in black waved his hand and the thirteen men in black chased in the direction of Tianning Temple together.
Their body skills were quite good, but there was no trace of the young monk. A scholar in the woods The well-dressed young man was holding on to an old tree and kept panting. The rapid movement just now consumed a lot of internal energy, and in a crisis, he tried his best to block the fatal blow of the man in black. Feeling the pain of the tiger’s mouth, he glanced at the young monk next to him, whose face was full of blood and his eyes were dull The family has no way of repaying the future, so they can only repay the future with death Supporting the young monk, he said that Mo Shaoxia, who is famous all over the world for flying leaves across the river, is no wonder his lightness kung fu is so good.
The little master won the prize, but others can only run faster than others.
I don’t know what the master called those men in black just now People like the Demon Sect are so arrogant and dare to go to the Tianning Temple site to spread wild words in broad daylight. Some people say that their qinggong is good. In their hearts, it is still very useful.
But he relied on his capital to gain a foothold in the world. Back then, he was forced into it.
Behind the desperation is the vast river with no way to retreat. In the crisis, he grabbed a handful of fallen leaves, used his internal strength and threw them into the river, and flew across the river, stepping on the leaves and flying away.
The iron flute scholar is also famous for this trick. The impoverished monks in the rivers and lakes with the Dharma name Tongxin, those are the Heifeng Thirteen Eagles of the Demon Sect, and they are called Heisha, who have always done evil things. I have important information and I must go back to Tianning Temple and thank the benefactor for saving my life.
Tianning Temple, etc. Mo Ziming hurriedly said that those men in black hadn’t gone far.
It’s too dangerous to take the big road. It’s better to take the small road. You’re seriously injured.
It’s hard to go alone, I’m afraid it’s hard to go far.
I’ll give you a ride.
What the benefactor said is very true.
Many thanks to the benefactor, Tongxin was full of joy, and after identifying the direction, he rushed to Tianning Temple from the small path Otherwise, it is impossible to get lost for half a day.
Seeing that Tongxin is exhausted, Mo Ziming couldn’t bear it and said in his heart, let’s take a rest and recover some strength. It’s not too late to go on the road. There’s a teahouse not far ahead, so it’s not too late for us to rest there. He took a breath and said that when the two of them were not walking for a long time, they saw a small teahouse where many businessmen and passers-by were resting. The two came to the restaurant to find a secluded place and sat down.
Dare to ask more questions and timidly greet the two guest officers what they want, just order some tea and two bowls of plain noodles, hurry up and serve Mo Ziming, look around and say okay, wait a moment, tea customers sitting in twos and threes in the shop, most of them are ordinary passers-by The woodcutters were chatting with each other and sitting by the window. One person caught Mo Ziming’s attention.
This person was handsome and dignified.
Although his clothes were simple and unsophisticated, they were neat and spotless. The most memorable thing was his pair of deep eyes that seemed to hide countless In the past, at this moment, he is looking out the window and drinking tea, as if what happened in the shop has nothing to do with him