Its useless although your spiritual power is very strong but its impossible to pass through the formation so easily Liu Shengjianghuo shook his head and

Chapter 1 Kisaragi-sho, Tokyo, Japan The sky is vast and the setting sun is shining on her body.
Uesugi Aoba, who just awakened the memory of her previous life a few days ago, does not feel uncomfortable in the modern city at all, dragging her suitcase behind her and walking unhurriedly in the cherry blossom petals.
In the alley, he is on his way to his new home. The time is already mid-April. The flowering period has passed, and the cherry blossoms are constantly falling.
In a day or two, they should completely wither, but these few days are the most beautiful time for the cherry blossoms to fall. The petals of the cherry blossoms are flying in the air, as if there is a pink cherry blossom rain.
Uesugi Aoba is bathed in this cherry blossom rain.
He came to a Showa-style second-hand bookstore called Kisatsukiya. This is where Aoba will live in the future. The place is like Yuezhuang, an old two-story building with a small courtyard. There is a second-hand bookstore on the first floor. The second floor is rented out. Aoba’s new home is here.
Excuse me, is anyone there? Uesugi Aoba walk in The open door of the bookstore greeted loudly at the same time, welcome to the guests, please come in quickly, an intellectual beauty with long hair and glasses turned around from behind the bookshelf and greeted Aoba, no, I am not a customer, I am today Uesugi Aoba who started to live here, please give me some advice when meeting for the first time Aoba was adopted by Japanese adoptive parents and moved from China to live in Japan. In fact, he has already gotten used to Japanese etiquette, but after awakening the memory of his previous life, he can’t easily bow to others. Not so much courtesy, but the politeness in language Aoba still follows the Japanese habits.
So you are Uesugi classmate? I heard that you are a freshman in high school? It looks completely different from what I imagined.
The intellectual beauty looked at Aoba in surprise Is it Ye? I don’t know whether it disappointed you or surprised you. Aoba didn’t feel nervous at all and exchanged pleasantries with the other party. Of course she was pleasantly surprised. Uesugi-san doesn’t look like a high school student at all. I realized that Uesugi-san is far more mature than I imagined after meeting the kids in high school, so I mistook Uesugi-san for a guest just now.
It’s great, so I don’t have to worry about not being able to get along well. The intellectual beauty smiled and explained her previous concerns.
If it was the previous Aoba who faced such a beautiful landlord at this moment, I would have been at a loss for a long time, but the current Aoba seems to be more at ease. After all, the vastness of the previous life Compared with the memory counted in thousands of years, the memory of this life is only 16 years.
After awakening the memory of the previous life, it is only natural that Aoba’s code of conduct will be closer to the previous life. Thank you for the compliment.
I’m really rude for not introducing myself.
I’m Kisaragi. From now on, I’ll ask Uesugi-san to teach me a lot.
Since we will be neighbors in the future, Ms. Xia should just call me Aoba, right? Aoba said friendlyly, oh well, then some Ru Yuexia seemed a little at a loss when Aoba called her name directly, after all, if she didn’t have a particularly good relationship in Japan People generally don’t call their names directly, but Aoba called her by her name directly and even asked her to call him Aoba directly, which made Ru Yuexia a little nervous for a while. It is the older one who is leading the relationship between the two of them, so I thought that I am the older one but showing such an unseemly side in front of a high school student Ru Yuexia quickly took a deep breath, okay then I will Call you Aoba-kun directly, not to be outdone, Ru Yuexia said with a smile, so the question of addressing the two of them was decided in this way. At the same time, Ru Yuexia also discovered that Qingye was much younger than her, but she had an unexpectedly mature side. It even caused Ru Yuexia to have the illusion that she was facing the elderly. No way, Xia, you have to cheer up, don’t be led by the nose by a high school student! Ru Yuexia secretly cheered herself up, I don’t know where my room is Miss Xia, can you take me to see? Qingye smiled and made a request. Qingye Jun’s room is upstairs. The salute sent by mail is already in your room. Please come with me, I will take you there to say Watching Ru Yuexia turn around and bring Qing Ye to the stairs inside the bookstore, then I will trouble Miss Xia.
Speaking of which, there are really a lot of books here. Qing Ye followed behind Ru Yuexia and looked at the bookstore full of books. He said with emotion that even from the memory of this life, he already knows that this era is an era of knowledge explosion. Books can be seen everywhere, but for him who has experienced the preciousness of books thousands of years ago, and earlier, only bamboo slips could record the information era, he suddenly Seeing so many books makes me feel a little bit emotional, yes, yes, but most of them are very old books, is Aoba-kun interested in books, Ru Yuexia keeps asking Dawn, he is very interested, Aoba is walking as he walks While looking at the rows of books on the bookshelf beside me, a personal name or book title came into my eyelids Natsume Soseki I am Cat Dazai Osamu Haruki Murakami Norwegian forest is like this, if you are interested, you can come and see it anytime, take it back You can look at it from the room, as long as you remember to put it back again Ru Yuexia walked upstairs on the stairs and said with a smile at the same time, I will come to see it.
There are not many hobbies among them, right Qingye-kun, you don’t need to be polite, Ru Yuexia said indifferently, so the two came to the small room with the door of Qingye’s room on the second floor