Its unlucky for the purple thunder to reach such a level which is close to the holy rank Chu Geyins imagination Its not bad but

Wedge, come here, a fat boy with big ears rubbed his nose and tried his best to put on a friendly face I also pinched something, big teapot, what do you want? My sister told me to ignore you, how could she say that I am not good enough for you two? The big teapot said a little angrily, but soon he restrained himself Emotionally, he pretended to glance at the thing in the child’s hand inadvertently. Xiaozhang’er heard that your sister gave you New Year’s money.
How do you know that? It was the old money secretly given to him by his elder sister, but his elder sister repeatedly told people not to let the people in the building know. Let me see how much money your sister has given you. Give you the big teapot.
The big teapot said casually, but stared at the little boy’s hand holding the red envelope. I won’t show you. My sister said I won’t show you.
I’m going back, little boy.
Zhang’er was a little startled when he saw her, remembering her sister’s advice, and even hid her hands behind her back, turned her head and ran in front of her. A little flower boy could not run faster than a big teapot.
The big teapot was almost twice as strong as him, and he stopped in front of the little boy like an eagle. Salivating like a chicken, he smiled and said, “Don’t go.
What’s in your hand? One needs to see the other. The two get entangled. The big teapot is much stronger.
The little boy is so anxious that he bites on the big teapot’s hand, causing him to loosen the pain.
” The little boy ran out of the garden as long as he ran out of the garden gate and entered the building area. No matter how thick-skinned the big teapot would dare to snatch a child’s things in front of everyone. Seeing the little boy running out, the big teapot suddenly yelled, do you still want it? Tell your sister to leave here, the boy suddenly stopped the big teapot and looked around the garden. It is morning, and the guests have not come or woke up. He spit on the ground, and then he slowly turned to the boy.
Walking up, the little boy stared blankly at the big teapot, dubious but with uncontrollable hope, big teapot, you have a way to get my sister out of here? He bit his lip and changed his words.
Although he knew that the guy in front of him was not a good person at all, and his sister repeatedly told him to ignore him, but the temptation brought by the big teapot just now was something he couldn’t resist, even if there was only one thousandth of hope.
Maybe the dog in front of me can really spit out some ivory to get your sister to leave here. The only way to get your sister out of here is to pay a lot of money. If you and your sister can get the money that makes Xi Niang tempted, you can leave naturally, let alone worry that she will force you. Sister goes, but where do we get so much money? The little boy couldn’t help but be disappointed after hearing this. The big teapot said it was correct.
The problem is that both siblings can’t help themselves now and they are young. Where can we get money to satisfy Xi Niang’s appetite? The big teapot blinked and said. The best way, of course, is for your sister to let go and start picking up customers now.
If you meet a high-flyer who likes you, the bounty is like water, you can’t stop it even if you want to stop it. According to the rules, the money is divided.
Although the building takes a lot of money, but the accumulation is still a lot. Doesn’t your sister have it? I hope to get out of here, the little boy clenched his fists and said angrily, you are here to lie again, I just want to lie to my sister, Fan Xiu thought that when I grow up, I will protect her, the big teapot saw his intentions and was seen through, he couldn’t help but pause for a while, but in a blink of an eye he Got another idea and tentatively asked, then I have other ways to make money, do you want to learn to make money? The little boy was confused.
Of course, the big teapot stepped forward, grabbed the little boy and dragged it to the back of a tree in the garden. The side of the stone table said sternly, since you don’t want your sister to stay here, you have to have money to get out. If you don’t have money, even if the fairy comes, you have to take off your clothes.
This is the rule, but I have a way to make you money.
It is agreed that the yearly money in your hand will be used as tuition fees. If you want to lie to me, there must be such a good way.
If you don’t use the child’s unbelievable way, you will turn around and want to leave. Be good, my young master. I will teach you for free, but you still can’t become a big teapot.
Hurry up. Hold him for free The little boy can hardly believe that the big teapot has such good intentions Free of charge Alas, just think that I have done good deeds The big teapot is heartbroken, as if doing business overnight, then what is the solution? It’s not a lie. The desire to help my sister finally gained the upper hand.
I couldn’t help but be moved. I saw the little boy finally hooked the big teapot. Hey hey, he stretched out his hand and three dice appeared in the palm of his hand. He threw the dice on the stone table and rolled them wildly for a while.
Finally, they settled down to four, five and six. Four, five, six big teapots Haha, smiled, pointed at the stone table, and said, you see, you usually see those high rollers sometimes setting up gambling games in the building, and people can’t help but participate.
As long as you can win money from it, even Xi Niang can’t take it away by force. But if you have a lot of money, if you can throw out the leopard, you can kill two cups of tea. After kung fu, the little boy stared at the small red envelope in the big teapot’s hand, wondering when it will arrive.
The big teapot put away the red envelope and wanted to leave.
As if waking up from a dream, you pounced on me and shouted, You lied to me again, hurry up and return the old money, that’s the big teapot my sister gave me, pushed the little boy away, and said cursingly, what lied to you? I want to get it back if I say it, I’m not afraid of anything.
This is your teapot brother. I won it openly.
You can sue your sister and Xi Niang. You lied to me, you lied to me, you lied to me, give me back the money, what do you want to pay me back, you lied to me, this time you got angry