Its time to change the gun Qiu Leng secretly thought of the roar of the violent giant bear like a thunderbolt the loud bang shook

The way of heaven is not fair, the sky is also destroyed, the moon wheel has hate, the moon is always round, the ancients live forever, the world moves, my life is up to me, and the sky can’t help me.
The classification of oriental fantasy novels, the key words, the supreme artifact, the five elements, the fate of the sky, the domineering works, and the division of related realms. My friends are a little unclear about the division of realms in Destiny, so I wrote down the division of realms initially. The energy value of the mortal realm is not in the division of realms.
With skin film, you can practice and perform some simple martial arts. The energy value of the innate state has a life span of three hundred years. Establishing the foundation and establishing this is the first realm in the true sense of martial arts.
The spiritual power in the body continues to compress towards the crystal direction, and can practice some relatively powerful martial arts.
Form a layer of air armor outside the body. This realm is the transformation of the martial arts realm. In the true sense, walk on the road of the strong The crystals condensed inside the big dantian will break open automatically, and the elixir will emerge and combine with the original spiritual knowledge, and transform into a baby-like body in the Niwan Palace. Standing in charge of one sect, the land grants martial arts, the king’s energy value, its life span is three thousand years, as the name suggests, the main characteristic of the king among people is flying in the sky, the initial control of space laws, the force of catastrophe, the energy value of life span, up to five thousand years, the end of the wind and fire catastrophe If you don’t save it once, it will be nothing but ashes and smoke.
If you pass it, you will lose your mortal body and achieve the demeanor of a fairy. Each realm is divided into four levels: the early, middle, and late peaks.
The highest peak of each level is called Dzogchen. How wonderful it will be in the future.
How to improve how to buy and turn. I have said in many comments that the beginning is the most important.
This beginning does not refer to how to write the content of the first chapter, but how to write the first 10,000 words, because the editor places the most emphasis on it.
The most important place is the 10,000 characters in front of it, so the following points must be included in the 10,000 words.
The first cheat finger cheat is like a cheating device that can make the protagonist become stronger quickly and help him overcome countless difficulties.
A successful station At the top of the world, a book is like an online game world. If the cheating device is too obvious, other players will lose interest in the game, and cheating is the same.
When the protagonist already has cheating that is invincible, unless you can Go on, otherwise this book is doomed to be a scammer, so choosing a suitable gold finger is the best assistant for the protagonist to upgrade and fight monsters. For example, a magic weapon with super power but sealed can only be activated at a critical moment to save the protagonist’s life.
For example, A teacher with great strength allows you to practice alone but can be dangerous There is no doubt that the cheat is powerful, so a suitable cheat is an indispensable thing for an upgraded novel.
A suitable cheat can at least increase the author’s buyout probability and the second writing reader’s chance of sharing The taste is getting more and more sloppy, pure water, Xiaobaiwen, they can’t stand it anymore. If you read the whole article, it will be no different from a running account. The writing doesn’t need to be very good, but it must be streamlined.
Too much nonsense is like a primary school student’s diary. If you can omit some, just omit it. The text doesn’t need to be beautiful. It just needs to be smooth and easy to read.
A good writing style can at least increase the author’s chances of buying out and sharing. The third upgrade system is one A rigorous world must have its own rules, just like self-cultivation. From foundation building to ascension, this is an upgrade system that must be written. The three books that fell into it were all ruined by this. The biggest problem with this book is the leveling system.
It’s still not clear enough. This sentence is the original words of Yada.
It can be seen that the editors attach great importance to the upgrade system. Two of the three books voted for have to be signed and divided into the last one. Clear. Some people may doubt that my upgrade system is not clear.
Can I sign it? Sorry, the answer given by Luoluo is that the share is enough, unless you have achieved all the points I mentioned. An excellent upgrade system will bring people a new kind of experience. I feel that if it is a brand new upgrade system, then congratulations, you will create another genre of writing books.
The brand new mentioned here does not mean changing the foundation period or Mahayana period to another term. This is to fool people. Personally think that a good upgrade system can at least increase the author’s buyout rate and share rate.
The fourth protagonist’s upgrade system.
I once talked with several authors in a group.
Some people think that the protagonist’s upgrade system is a must. Because this can also create a new type of upgrade mode.
For example, if you are in a world of self-cultivation, others are building foundations and cultivating immortals, but you meditate to release magic. Then we have to deal with it. If something goes wrong, it will be an irreparable loophole. Personally, I think a good protagonist upgrade system can at least increase the author’s chances of buying out and sharing. No matter how beautifully written an article is, it can’t keep up with a story with ups and downs. The so-called plot may seem simple, but it’s very complicated.