Its strange that in the hall of demons Jianyun waved and the plain cloud border flag appeared while the Donghuang bell suppressed the void and

It’s time, please clock in and go to work to reward the first four turns of the Nine-Nine Profound Art Ding Congratulations to the host for breaking through the Taiyi Profound Immortal The bald donkey let go of the Seven Fairies and rushed to the crown, angrily turned into a beauty and raged Sword Cloud exploded the Buddha’s golden body and strengthened the hairy monkey’s spine to recover Chaos in the Heavenly Court, exiled to Xiniu Hezhou, what is there to fear? Fighting monsters, famous and famous, clocking in at work, signing in with Haotian, conspiring with Haotian, Journey to the West, stepping into the world, who is the saint? One Qionglou Xianshan, one after another, the Nantian Gate of the Immortal Realm, the Heavenly King holding the sword came to a long and thick voice, walking towards him, a big man in golden armor, full of flesh and angry eyes, with his nostrils facing the sky and his eyes wide open.
Everything was the Heavenly King holding the sword. The young man wearing a plain white robe with a sword stepped his feet slightly while walking, and entered the Nantian Gate cautiously.
Three thousand clouds and billows in the distance stood in the sky. Slightly bowed his body to watch the Heavenly King and many immortals walk into the Nantian Gate. Jianyun glanced at Yunlan, then withdrew his eyes, thinking that he was born in this wilderness thirty thousand years ago. Jianyun’s heel is just a sword grass in Kunlun Mountain The congenital spiritual roots are not even acquired. It is because TOEFL has borrowed the charm of the Queen Mother of the West of Kunlun Mountains to transform into a form, but entering the heaven is just a boy holding a sword.
Grass can nourish the sword in your hand to make the sword brighter and brighter. Hey, sigh Jianyun. The sword that has been held for 30,000 years. Thousands of ambitions have long been smoothed out. Jianyun mere celestial beings placed in the Three Realms are ants that can’t make waves. Standing in the distance, the supernatural aura lingers on the innate spiritual root. The aura is at its peak.
That’s Pantao Garden. Jianyun and other immortal officials are a little far away, but they can’t stand Curious in my heart, I went to the Pantao Garden, which was heavily guarded in the past.
Today, the door is wide open, but during the Pantao Banquet, I expected that no one would dare to disturb Jian Yun. Guan Dong looked west and looked west for a few steps, and all the roads were scattered. I have never seen anything strange in my life. A trace of helplessness flashed in Jian Yun’s eyes. He shook his head and followed the steps, but it didn’t take long.
After a few steps, the surrounding area is full of aura-like peach trees. Jianyun didn’t know where he left.
Suddenly, a red ribbon flew across Jianyun’s eyes with the wind. Passing a few peach trees, you can see a few maids wearing colorful clothes and streamers.
The colorful clothes are different and detailed. There are seven people wearing seven colors.
They are standing inexplicably beside the peach trees. From the angle of Jian Yun, you can just see a fairy in green robes showing half of her face. The side face is as graceful as the moon in the sky, the curved hook is thin, the bridge of the nose is fat and jade-like, and there is a trace of pity in the eyes. The emperor’s daughter is the one who presented the peaches at the Peach Fair.
It stands to reason that the Peach Fair has already opened. Why are the seven fairies still here? Before the seven fairies found out, Jian Yun turned around and was about to leave Amitabha. The fairies seemed to be set by someone. If so, please blink. If it wasn’t for that poor monk, I couldn’t bear it. I couldn’t help but dare to offend a frivolous person.
Laughter came suddenly, Jian Yun followed the sound and saw a fat head, big ears and full of pimples striding forward, and stopped straight in front of the green robed fairy The Golden Immortal and this Buddha obviously won the position of Buddha, at least he is also Taiyi Xuanxian. Jian Yun was astonished, and at the same time, there was an inexplicable anger.
How dare a bald donkey get so close to the fairy? Not only Jian Yun thought so, the seven fairies couldn’t move at all, and they were already as beautiful as a picture scroll. Shuang’s eyes were full of anger because the Buddha reached out his hand to a fairy’s waist, so daring.
Jianyun opened his eyes angrily.
This is the seven fairies.
In addition, the eyes of the green-robed fairy have already been engraved in Jianyun’s heart. He Fangxian’s family is here, the Buddha’s outstretched hand is as fast as lightning, retracting his face with a holy and honest look, looking at the place where Jianyun is not good At the same time, the bald donkey in the west dared to do this to the fairy in heaven, and I will tell Emperor Haotian to break up your three souls and throw them into Abi Hell. The Buddha looked at the figure and quickly left with a pair of eyes Already full of murderous intent, especially when you heard what Jian Yun said, just a mere fairy official, do you think you can get out? The Buddha’s eyes flashed. If it was another fairy family, then today’s troubles would be serious. But the Buddha recognized that the robe was just the fairy official’s. The clothes are just holy and faded, the Buddha’s eyes are as fierce as awns.
Today’s matter can’t be spread, and there can’t be any gossip.
Seeing that big-handed Jianyun’s complexion pale, my life is over.
At this critical moment, it’s time to activate the prehistoric check-in system. Please clock in and go to work to reward the first four turns of the Nine-Nine Mysterious Art. Well, the pale-faced Jianyun only feels that his soul has become transparent in an instant.
There is more violent power in the body, which is crazily attacking his physical body and his cultivation level.
In the middle stage of the Earth Immortal, the barrier of his cultivation level that had stagnated for more than a thousand years suddenly shattered. In the later stage, he successfully broke through the realm of the Celestial Immortal. Countless Zhoutian acupoints have also been opened up, and one acupoint is a world of inexhaustible acupoints. The blood energy is endless, and Jianyun’s realm is still climbing.
The early, middle and late stages of the immortals have successfully broken through the true immortals.