It’s said that the starting point is a little ripple anyway from now on he can’t keep using her as a toy to pass the

Huangqianqian Instant Noodle System Here is the instant noodles from the pure ancient plane. Huangqianqian is a system that exists on a modern plane.
Boss, what are you drinking? Didn’t we dig someone’s spiritual spring on Qianqian’s fantasy plane? Boss of the system, you just take things from the plane like this.
Chapter 1 Hello, little brother, in the pink and tender princess room, Huang Qianqian opened her tired eyes the next moment she woke up immediately, her stomach was churning, this room is too pink, the pink wardrobe, the pink bookshelf, the pink large size The princess bed is full of Lolita, which she can’t stand, Fenghuang Qianqian’s head hurts, she said with a bit of gnashing of teeth, listening to her tone, the system in the space felt a gust of cool wind blowing through the host system Don’t call it a second-hand product.
The system thinks it’s tough. Huang Qianqian narrowed his eyes slightly, and his tone was very dangerous. With a hmm, the system trembled, and it kept telling itself to be tough.
Two seconds later, the host, the boss, has something to say. Said Ding Dong, the system changed its name to Erhuo, and a notification sounded, Huang Qianqian was speechless The host is bullying, it’s not fair, this is a zombie-level routine in Cinderella and Prince Charming’s plane heroine Bai Jiuyue, an ordinary person who can no longer be ordinary, with excellent grades, was admitted to the noble school and the dream lover of all the girls in the school Tang Ze fell in love, went through hardships, and finally got together. The original owner of this body, Ye Chu, was Tang Ze’s childhood sweetheart. Naturally, he assumed the position of a vicious female lead. He directly wanted to kill the heroine, of course it didn’t work, but this act completely angered the heroine.
The heroine started attacking Ye’s family. Ye’s father and mother’s plane crashed. Ye Chen, the older brother of the original owner, died in a car accident on the way to the airport. Ye Chu In the end, there were two last wishes of the original owner who committed suicide. One is to protect the Ye family and the other is to make Tang Ze pay the price. In the end, whether it is Ye’s father, mother, or Ye Chen, their accident was completely planned by Tang Ze. Huang Qianqian shook her head and what? It’s not a difficult task, and now the hero and the heroine are just engaged Ye Chu hasn’t had time to kidnap the heroine Huang Qianqian got up from the bed, pulled a light yellow dress from the closet and put it on as she looked at the face in the mirror I can’t help feeling a little bit that the original owner’s face is very delicate and a little baby fat, but the male lead must be blind because he likes the bad-looking female lead, and her current appearance is even more lovable.
Huang Qianqian’s heart was very broken. The original owner yesterday It seems like she has been crying for a long time at night, now she only feels her eyes are dry and uncomfortable. Huang Qianqian rubbed her eyes and went downstairs.
Today is the weekend. Ye father, mother, Ye Chen, and Ye Chen are seeing her.
They have woken up and greeted her.
Ye mother sees Huang Qianqian’s eyes.
Some red and swollen, very distressed, he reached out and touched Huang Qianqian’s head and said softly Chuchu Tang Ze Ye’s mother knew that the engagement of Tang Ze and Bai Jiuyue had hit Ye Chu hard, so she didn’t know how to comfort her mother Huang Qianqian was completely fine Thinking of how hoarse my voice is now, it seems that Ye Chu really loves Tang Ze so much. Since he is already engaged, don’t mention him anymore. My Chu Chu, Tang Ze is not the only man in this world, so why are you together? Wait a minute, what did you say? Mother Ye wondered if she heard it wrong.
Not only her, but also Father Ye and Ye Chen looked at her.
Huang Qianqian took a deep breath and said, I have decided to forget about Tang Ze.
Huang Qianqian’s heart is actually broken, and the system is being looked at by her now, Boss, you, what are you going to do? Close your eyes, why can’t you collapse the human design suddenly? Huang Qianqian said word by word.
Her tone is very calm, but the system knows that the current host is on the verge of fury because this plane is too low-level.
The original owner’s human design collapsed. Those who will be expelled by the heaven actually didn’t even think that this plane would be so low-level.
After that, Huang Qianqian felt that she was about to lose control of the prehistoric power in her body. In the future, if you don’t need the boss, you can play with the tone of the system with confidence. Very flattering, Huang Qianqian heaved a sigh of relief.
If she was asked to imitate others all the time, she wouldn’t be able to do it.
She would never be someone else’s stand-in. At the beginning of the thought, Ye Chen’s originally stern face revealed a trace of tenderness, Huang Qianqian, didn’t she? Talking, but she can tell that the Ye family really loves Ye Chu, it’s a pity that this silly girl only has Tang Ze in her eyes and ignores these family members who really care about her. Huang Qianqian now feels more and more that the Heavenly Dao of this plane is blind and has chosen a scumbag as the male lead. Can’t the bastard directly kill the male lead? Huang Qianqian is a very lazy person. If people can solve it directly, she never uses her brain. The system in the space is trembling.
He dares to bet ten packs or not one hundred packs. Killing the male lead or the female lead will cause the plane to collapse, and the boss, you will have your soul cut off as a punishment.
Huang Qianqian was a little disappointed. She looked at the few people in front of her. Mom, I’m going to school first, and Huang Qianqian walked out after saying that. I went but was stopped by Ye Chen, Mom, I won’t go to the company today, I’ll take Chu Chu out to relax, right? Mother Ye’s eyes lit up when she heard Ye Chen’s words, she hurriedly stopped Father Ye’s next words