It’s really inappropriate to go to the place of fireworks at this time you might as well go with Luo Xin to tell you the

As the most unfavored prince in this place full of malice, he owns one of the most barren fiefs, but fortunately, an item called a technology spar came here with him in a top-secret experiment, allowing him to upgrade technology The power of the tree So he started to farm and engage in industry in his own fief, and lived a leisurely life. When facing his unfriendly brothers and sisters, the motto he always followed was: When friends come, there is good wine.
Here comes the jackal, and there is a shotgun.
Your Highness, Your Highness seems to have slept for a century and woke up in a daze.
Xiao Ming had a splitting headache. What caught his eyes was the white gauze curtain. The red lacquered wood carved room is not dead? Sitting up in front of his eyes, the purple embroidered brocade quilt slipped off his body, which is similar to the white underwear and cloth pants in ancient costume dramas.
It is strange what kind of thing is this to prop up his body, and he wants to get out of the bed. A white and slender hand made him feel a little bit like this. It wasn’t his hand. In a panic, he raised his hand and touched his facial features.
His heart felt cold. He wasn’t him, Your Highness.
Why did you get up? A soft voice came, and then a girl in a long green dress came in from outside with a respectful expression.
Luluo said the name naturally.
A series of memories erupted suddenly like a volcanic eruption. In an instant, he already understood his identity.
His current name is also Xiao Ming, but this Xiao Ming is the Seventh Prince of today, and the place he is in is a place called Da Yu Country.
The history of the Three Kingdoms was basically the same as he was familiar with before, but the history after that was a mess, and now he doesn’t know which dynasty this Great Yu Kingdom is equivalent to.
He doesn’t know about the other places. After all, this is a place with no information. Xiao Ming has to accept this fact. Fortunately, he seems to be a prince and has his own fief. Unfortunately, his fief seems to be the most barren.
The distance from the capital Chang’an It is not so far away, and the most terrible thing is that the northernmost side of the fief, outside of Cangzhou, is the vast grassland of the barbarians. It can be said that his fief may be occupied by the barbarians at any time. Not only that, the current Emperor Xiao Wenxuan of the Great Yu Kingdom is old, but the prince is weak at any time.
It may be abolished, which basically means that the position of the crown prince is pending. It is precisely because of this that the princes are fighting each other openly and secretly, and they can’t wait to kill each other.
The distant place is naturally because the emperor doesn’t like him. At the same age, he was driven to this place at the age of thirteen.
In the past five years, Xiao Wenxuan has never issued an edict to let him go back to visit his relatives. The sixth prince who is one month older than him is still staying in the capital Chang’an Minister.
I have advised the Sixth Prince several times, but the Emperor just disagrees.
Except for the Sixth Prince, the Second Prince, the Third Prince, and the Fourth Prince are all in Chang’an. There is only one Fifth Prince who is the same as his fief, but their Shu land is much richer than his here.
After thinking about it for a while, the reason why he was treated so harshly seems to be because his mother didn’t Has any noble family background, and the other princes and princesses are more or less related to the five surnames and Qiwang of today’s Dayu.
If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. But Xiao Ming’s life in the fief was very sad.
Not to mention that the fief was short of supplies and the people’s livelihood was poor.
The important thing is that these materials are still in the hands of the local wealthy families. Dazed, of course, he doesn’t understand these hazards, but he clearly has the same interests, these powerful families are obedient dogs, and their interests are at odds, they are man-eating tigers. After figuring out the basic situation now, Xiao Ming sighed, and now he seems to be living in dire straits, but thinking of him Because of the time travel, he suddenly had a glimmer of hope.
The moment the laboratory exploded, the experimental technology spar seemed to hit him directly, and when he was asleep, he always felt that this spar seemed to be in his consciousness.
This technology spar was A kind of energy crystal is said to come from prehistoric civilization experiments. Not only have a large number of black technology researchers been discovered, but also all kinds of knowledge of contemporary humans since ancient times have been injected into it.
The purpose of this experiment is to make people’s consciousness and technology spar The perfect fusion creates a civilization maker. From the secrets he learned, he knows that once the technology spar is fused, he can fully master the technology library in the technology spar.
In addition, people who integrate the technology spar can also transmit knowledge to others. This method of knowledge dissemination, which is similar to inheriting memory, allows others to master limited scientific and technological knowledge, allowing a civilization to rise rapidly. Xiao Ming feels the excitement of the technological spar in his head.
The huge knowledge is instantly pressed down like a mountain. From ancient times to the present.
Every piece of scientific and technological knowledge today covers all aspects of literary works, every kind of industrial product is manufactured, every kind of material production is even advanced, and the creators of black technological civilization have made money The spirit suddenly became excited. As the name suggests, a civilization maker is a person who can build a civilization from scratch.
This function is very suitable for him now. Now his fief is poor and empty. With the technology spar, he can develop various productivity-enhancing methods. Tools Using these tools, he can master a large amount of resources. When the time comes, he will truly hold the fief in his hands. Otherwise, these rich and powerful families will be a hidden danger after all.
He has a clear goal in his heart. The maid named Luluo was terrified. In the past two days, the king of Qi has been seriously ill.
If something happens, none of these servants can survive. Although the king of Qi is not favored, he is still a prince after all.