It’s rare to say in her hand that it’s okay it’s okay although there are only three short words Yan Xiaoxue remembered it for a

Chapter 1: On July 17, it is advisable to consecrate light, pray for blessings, ask for successors, and get married. A huge poster hangs at the door of Tianyuan Hotel. The bride in a snow-white wedding dress is snuggling in the groom’s arms and smiling like a flower. They are intimate with each other. I am afraid that anyone who sees it will give a compliment. This is really a talented woman. The guests are all famous people in the new city. I can see the faces of the parents of both newcomers with beaming smiles all the time, accepting blessings from all directions.
This five-star hotel Today the whole thing was wrapped up. The long red carpet stretched straight from the outer hall to the auditorium. Flowers, ribbons, balloons, and everywhere filled with the romantic atmosphere of the wedding scene.
In the dressing room in the backstage, the woman sitting in front of the mirror lightly pursed her lips. The lip gloss on her face was evenly dyed, then she pursed it again as if dissatisfied, and there was a giggling sound behind her, Qiao Shuya obviously noticed her movement and turned her hands behind her back to look at her. Ms. Shen, who is not afraid of anything, will be nervous too.
If you say it, no one will believe it.
You can say a few words, and you won’t die.
Shen Qiao muttered, pinching her fingers at the table. Was she nervous? She wasn’t nervous at all. Hey, I know it’s the first time, I’m bound to be nervous, but Xiao Qiao, you’ve got your son married, calm down, you’re not alone now, Qiao Shuya is still smiling and teasing her with all her strength, stretching out her hand to take off the bride’s veil Putting it right, if I knew it earlier, I shouldn’t ask her to be a bridesmaid, it would hurt people, Shen Qiao didn’t bother to care about her, she continued to pinch her fingers hard, her back was very straight, the snow-white wedding dress was a bit thick on her body, but she looked like a person in the mirror Extraordinarily dignified and generous necklace, earrings, tiara, and beautiful jewelry are shining.
Shen Qiao looked at herself more than once. She heard her heartbeat beating in an unprecedented rhythm. The noisy sound outside entered her ears.
Shen Qiao turned her head.
At a glance, I saw the red banner congratulating Mr. Yu Mo and Ms. Shen Qiao on their newlyweds.
The golden words are very eye-catching.
Oh, I’m still one year older than you. Among us, you and Yu Mo got married first, Joe.
Shuya chattered endlessly, and his subordinates kept moving.
You said that Young Master Yu’s temper can be controlled by anyone but you.
I just like to see him speechless in front of you. It amuses you to death. A young lady and a young master are really good. Shen Qiao raised the corners of her lips slightly and formed a beautiful arc. The woman in the mirror lowered her head slightly, she couldn’t hide her shyness, Yu Mo, she couldn’t help but asked Qiao Shuya immediately hey Hey, showing a narrow expression, looking back, he should be with Lao Zhou and the others now, you have to go find him Don’t pretend I’ve seen through your eyes a long time ago and stepped out of the door of the dressing room as if running away. Don’t run too far. If you say something like stage fright, you will be laughed at. Shen Qiao once again. One hundred and two I regret it so much.
Qiao Shuya, an annoying guy, came to be a bridesmaid, obviously she used to be gentle, generous, gentle and pleasant, Shen Qiao thought they were mixed with Yu Mo’s brothers because they both had the word Qiao in their names She was also crowned with the name of a big and small Qiao, and now Xiao Qiao is married, so the big Qiao girl who hates to marry must have all kinds of inner imbalances, envy, jealousy and hatred Shen Qiao wiped the fine sweat that oozed from the palm of her hand I nodded to my conjecture and expressed my approval. The corridor of the hotel is quiet at the moment, and the bright marble floor can even reflect people’s faces.
If you don’t feel nervous, it’s a lie.
After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event.
Ah, Shen Qiao and Yu Mo, the only time in their lives, she couldn’t help but take a deep breath.
The sound of the fountain came from outside.
The splashing sunlight shone in through the window, as if splitting the corridor into one small area after another.
Shen Qiao stood by the window and looked at the flying water droplets reflected in the colorful lights shining brightly. She saw Yu Mo’s black suit and trousers with a red tie between the collars, dressed like a gentleman. It seems a bit inappropriate to use this word to describe her fiancé-to-be like a dog. Shen Qiao weighed her long skirt with the standard smile on her face as always when she saw Yu Mo. It’s just a little stagnant, you talk, you talk, you talk, what is the purpose of you bastard, the water mist created by the huge fountain can easily blur people’s vision, let alone someone grabs his shoulder like shaking Tuzki Shaking him like crazy You are a liar Liar Do you know how much you make a girl sad? You bastard, how can you lose so much trust in you? Do you know that people are crying because of you? A series of derogatory words bursting out of the other party’s mouth is really unbearable. Mo caught the timing and grabbed the man’s wrist. It took a long time for the focus of sight to focus on the one with the single ponytail in front of him. Then he frowned slightly, Miss, who are you? The anger of the girl in front of you instantly made it difficult to speak, you bastard, how could you forget Meow Meow so quickly? Both of them could hear the voice clearly. Seeing that she was exposed, Shen Qiao simply stood up and stood up. Anyway, her snow-white floor-sweeping wedding dress couldn’t hide anything at all. Yu Mo’s eyes were as embarrassing as ever. Looking at the fountain from the sky, Shen Qiao is very beautiful. Wearing a wedding dress, she looks even more beautiful. Looking towards this fountain, she looks like a fairy. The fairy seemed to be very happy and clapped her hands twice.