It’s raining outside so what to do is to wait for the dawn hehehe don’t wait for the dawn suddenly there is a low laugh

Fifteen years after I was born, I realized that my body is a boy who raised me. Why did I treat myself as a girl and raised him as my husband? Zhang Longfeng was born in the middle of the second month of February, Qingzhou, Fengcheng, thunderstorms, thunderstorms, a thunderstorm in the city, Mr. Sang’s mansion, a loud cry of a baby, accompanied by thunder, pierced the night sky, gave birth, Mr. Sang, who was guarding outside the delivery room, heard these words and finally wiped them away I was sweating and breathed a sigh of relief, but who knew that the breath was not relieved to the end? Wah-wah, crying again, and exclamation one after another in the delivery room, and shouting again, it is the baby of the dragon and the phoenix. The old mother fell to her knees with a plop and couldn’t stop chanting Amitabha Buddha. On February 2, the dragon raised his head. Mr. Sang’s family is celebrating a new pair of children.
With a smile in my eyes, I said that my life was complete, and I was about to order me to go down. Tomorrow, I will give porridge outside the city gate and do charity for three days. In the stormy night, the servant stumbled and broke in, crying and knelt down. The master is not good. The ancestral hall of the Sang family, Mr.
Sang, has an intuition that the child is unknown, and he can’t help but glance at the child in his hand. He is muttering. Outside the high wall, there is a clear and clear sound of preaching. The sound of the preaching trumpet is heard through the rain and the wind. Immeasurable Heavenly Venerable, this Tanyue has got a pair of wonderful children.
This sentence is really said. Mr.
Sang was heartbroken, so he hurriedly and respectfully invited the tall man into the mansion to humbly ask for advice, a pair of sons and daughters with high fate, the man was dressed in a coir raincoat and wore a bamboo hat with the eaves drooping so he couldn’t see his face clearly. On the pale fingers of his left hand Wearing a small golden bell ring, he is unwilling to receive alms from outsiders, and he is unwilling to step into the gate, but under the verandah of the door, he hears about the fire in the ancestral hall, and then he pinches his fingers and sighs softly, it really is you A pair of sons and daughters Seeing his speech hesitation, Sang is even more afraid of the gods, gods, gods, help me, please gods, save me, the master of the Sang family looked unpredictable, pretending to be in trouble, hesitating for a long time before making up his mind, and said, Are you a pair of sons and daughters? A pair of demons are reincarnated to bring disaster to your family.
They have just been born, but the ancestral hall is on fire. After they are full moon, if Mr. Sang doesn’t act according to my instructions, I’m afraid that your old lady will be the first to be bad, and then the house will not be peaceful.
A catastrophe has come down, Mr.
Sang has always believed in this man, trembling like sifting chaff, plopping down on his knees and kowtowing, begging for help, the master of the Sang family cast a pair of eyes coldly from under the eaves, this timid as a mouse shrank into a ball Seeing that his forehead was oozing blood, he coughed softly and said in a slow voice, don’t reveal too much, if your two children want to grow up, you might as well stay at home unless the female becomes the male and the male adopts the female. The names are not allowed to meet each other for the rest of your life, Mr. Sang was stunned to see his reaction, and the corners of his lips were lifted in satisfaction.
Your daughter must be sent to a faraway place and raised rough as a man. Don’t be pampered and educated as a daughter. As for this son, how is the son? Mr. Sang looks nervous, which is amazing It is his eldest son. If there is nothing wrong with the house on the day of the full moon, there will be no worries and peace of mind.
When the daughter is with him, he will be restored to the status of a boy when he is twenty years old. How do you say that if something happens after the full moon? There is nothing you can do if you don’t kill this monster. Your whole family will die within a year. No pigs or dogs will be left.
The golden bells are crisp and loud, and a sentence is sent from afar in the rainy night.
The cousin of Bianguan’s child was born with a letter in his infancy, detailing what happened at home, and the sentence “Iron Army broke through Guanshan” was bolded in thick ink. The son is now renamed Shaoyao Full Moon. On this day, Mr. Sang’s mother fell down and broke when she was going down the steps. In less than half a day, the old lady lost her life. At the same time, there was blood oozing from the ancestral ranks of the Sang family ancestral hall. Mr. Ding Sang, who started his business, was furious, and went to hunt down the mother and son, who had just reached the first month of life. Mrs. Sang, who was weak and frightened, walked with the child in her arms. She went all the way to hide in the mountains with few people, but she was still caught up at night. Seeing the torch at the bottom of the mountain, Mrs.
Mingsang knew that if the child was found, there would be no chance of her surviving, so she cried, wrapped the child carefully, took off a bracelet with a silver bell on her wrist, kissed the child, and cruelly gave her son Hiding in a clump of grass, she turned her head and ran toward the torch. As soon as she left the forest, a man and a woman came out.
The woman stepped forward to pick up the child. The man took out a hollow silver needle and stuck it into the child’s gut.
A golden bell ring on the pale finger holding the needle was particularly eye-catching.
After a moment, he took out the silver needle and said in a low voice, the Buddha’s golden blood has been infused and the child is well raised. After finishing speaking, the girl left, and the woman hugged the child and knelt down to send the man to the back. She didn’t dare to get up until she didn’t see Mrs. Sang, she was finally caught by that evil person, Mr. Sang’s face was ferocious, seeing that she had never held a child in her hand, he asked angrily, that’s your own son, Mrs. Sang’s expression was calm and under the light of the torch, her expression flickered on and off. You know where the demon is bewitched by a few words, and you are about to kill your own son, Sang Jinxiang, are you still human? My wife is always gentle and virtuous, and I have never confronted him like this. That monster, he still held back his anger and tried to convince his wife Ye’er with a gentle tone, you also saw that everything that Taoist said happened, that’s an expert, the god who saved our Sang family