Its okay you can do it Run if you have the confidence to run away Zhang Wu said with a strange smile he squeezed his

Plucking flowers and flying leaves can cut the sun, moon, mountains and rivers. Between the moving thoughts, pick up nine heavens and stars, go down to the town of six yellow springs. Turn the palm of your hand to cover the universe and cover the sky and the earth with your hands.
This is the world of warriors.
The young Ye Xing rose to practice martial arts in the wilderness border city.
Heaven and Ten Thousand Realms Conquer Heroes of All Races Chapter 1 Wumai Awakening Leihuo City is located at the southernmost tip of the Yulan Empire. To the south is a vast mountain with deep vegetation and entrenched countless terrifying monsters. Around Leihuo City, 3,000 stone pillars stand towering deep into the ground and pierce into the sky. It’s the crouching pillars, each of which is covered with the blood of martyrs, and each of them is condensed with the resentment of demons.
A Zhang-long black-blooded centipede is close to the crouching pillar, and it’s a thousand meters away.
The light accurately penetrated the head of the black-blooded centipede, and the black-blooded centipede died. A trace of life spirit can sink into the nearest demon-destroyer pillar.
After complex transformation, the life-spiritual energy can provide energy for the demon-destroyer pillar. Feeling the approach of a demon can form a powerful attack. Or defend against the scorching sun scorching the entire land. The sultry air makes people feel like they are about to suffocate.
Staying in the shade is also sweating profusely.
Look, didn’t that boy come here yesterday? Why did he come to the shade again? A martial artist who just arrived in Thunder Fire City yesterday When he opened his mouth, his eyes were full of surprise.
A hundred meters away, a thirteen or fourteen-year-old boy with firm eyes and bare feet approached Huoyuntai step by step without hesitation. Huoyuntai was polished by a huge stone and was round.
With a diameter of 100 meters, even in winter, the temperature on the Huoyun Terrace is very high.
As for today’s scorching sun, the fire element on the Huoyun Terrace is sufficient, and it’s not surprising that the meat can be cooked easily.
That’s Ye Xing, the son of the Ye family. One of the time is eating and sleeping, the third is on the Huoyun Terrace, and the third is on the Leiting Terrace in the north of the city.
Another warrior admires him. Another warrior glanced at Ye Xing and said contemptuously. He worked hard but was useless. It’s a waste. Others entered Huoyuntai Leitingtai three or two times and their bloodlines awakened. He was eight years old and started entering Huoyuntai Leitingtai for five years. He still hasn’t awakened. His bloodlines don’t have martial arts bloodlines.
Even if he works hard, his life is destined to be a waste Said Huoyuntai Leitingtai is not comfortable even with our current strength, he is still a child huh, people must be self-aware, the surrounding discussions are heard in the ear, Ye Xing seems to have not heard him, he stepped on Huoyuntai once again with a calm expression, and immediately From the soles of his feet came the stinging and violent fire energy pouring into Ye Xing’s body. His skin was quickly steamed red.
Today I am thirteen years old and entered the Fire Cloud Terrace and Thunder Thunder Terrace for exactly five years. Could it be that I really don’t have the talent for martial arts Ye Xing? Running around Huoyuntai, his eyes are firm and his face is calm, but his heart is not so peaceful.
Thirteen years ago, the plane crashed.
With the memories of his previous life, he traveled through Ye Xing.
Such a humble life, so no sense of existence.
At the age of three, he started exercising.
At the age of six, he already had hundreds of catties of strength.
He was a genius at the Ye family, and even in the entire Leihuo City. Awakened Wumai, he was born today Day to day, exactly thirteen years old, five years, from a genius in the eyes of others, he has gradually turned into a waste. In this world, martial arts are prosperous, but only when the bloodline is awakened, can one hope to become a powerful warrior. This bloodline awakening method is simple and rude, but it is also very effective, but here at Ye Xing, the Fire Cloud Terrace and the Thunder Tower seem to be ineffective.
Other children enter the Fire Cloud Terrace and the Thunder Tower once, and it only takes a few minutes, no more than half an hour, three or five times. Generally speaking, Ye Xing has broken through, but Ye Xing, he spent seven or eight hours a day in Huoyuntai Leitingtai.
For five years, no matter it was windy or raining, he suffered continuously on Huoyuntai Leitingtai.
Ye Xing was the rest of the children. Thousands and tens of thousands of times, even adults, few people can bear this kind of suffering. As time goes by, the temperature on the Huoyun Terrace gradually drops, and other children also pop up from everywhere.
Many children are brought by their parents. In Ye Xing’s eyes In this life, he only has one alcoholic father and mother.
I don’t know if he is alive or dead.
He awakened the memory of his previous life when he was three months old, but he has never seen his mother. Ye waste, you haven’t awakened, Miss Ben.
I came here for the first time last month, and today I am here for the second time.
Believe it or not, this lady will be able to awaken this time. Within a month, this lady will be able to reach the second floor of the body training realm. The girl’s name is Zhao Ruyu, one of the five major families in Leihuocheng, the daughter of Zhao’s family, she looks quite pretty, the teenagers and girls of this world’s largest family are relatively precocious After giving birth to Ye Xing, Ye Xing’s halo of genius faded away, she naturally forgot what she said before, and every time she saw Ye Xing, she would try her best to fight and ridicule Ye Xing, who didn’t like this girl before, naturally she didn’t like it even more now Ye waste, come down, Miss Ruyu is about to awaken, don’t be an eyesore on it, you haven’t awakened for five years, you think you can wake up today, if you are not a waste, you will always be a waste, Zhao Ruyu’s followers are also mocking wantonly, don’t say that Zhao Ruyu looks down on Ye Xing and the others Ye Xing didn’t put Ye Xing in his eyes, but Ye Xing’s eyes were shining brightly, but he didn’t say much. With this strength, it’s better to train for a while, five years, all kinds of white eyes, all kinds of taunts, Ye Xing has heard countless, he is not numb, but he won’t How do I deal with the world? I will bear with him, let him avoid him, and let him beat him to death in a few years. Ye Xing thought about it, his eyes were extremely firm, and he clamored for a while.
Seeing that Ye Xing ignored Zhao Ruyu, they also It’s boring. Zhao Ruyu walked up to Huoyuntai carefully.