Its okay Yan Suizhi rinsed his fingers carefully as he was used to after a while he stopped and supported the edge of the sink

Copywriting with an indifferent face, professional drama, turned himself into an unruly man, made troubles and deceived people, and finally made himself cry Assuming that I am your student now, what can you teach me? The other students respectfully wrote a small paper on their experience, but Gu Yan left eight words with a blank expression and refused to accept the lawsuit. He suggested expulsion. Write this answer sheet with a big pen and reply with a swipe of a pen, you still take it seriously, but after many years, there will be an explosion, this assumption is true, what the fuck is it? Yan Suizhi, this unlucky world, probably hates him so much that he informs the ending that the whole article is nonsense, don’t take it seriously, the content label is strong and strong I have a special liking for Interstellar Future, the main character Yan Suizhi, Gu Yan, the supporting role, the lawyer, the judge, the police, the client, and other nonsense works.
A brief commentary on the youngest dean of the Law School of the University of Metz, Yan Suizhi, almost died in an explosion. In order to investigate the explosion The truth of the case He disguised himself as an intern and joined a law firm that was involved in the case. Unfortunately, the barrister in charge of leading him was his former student, a student who found him particularly disliked. The interaction with the characters adds a bit of fun, joy and warmth. It is worth reading the first volume of Ant Nest.
The hazy sky is gloomy, cold, and depressing.
What a good day to rob someone.
It suits Yan Suizhi’s mood at the moment.
A few months ago, he held the title of a first-class lawyer and served as the first-class dean of the Law School of Interplanetary Metz University.
Well-dressed and well-dressed to attend a garden reception where celebrities gather? How long did it take to become penniless? It’s one o’clock in the morning. He is walking in the most chaotic black city area in western Decama, sipping coffee slowly while scanning the streets.
The shop is crowded with signs. His face is white and good-looking, but his expression is full of displeasure and dislike. It seems that he is not drinking finely ground coffee but pure cat poop.
He has been wandering here for a long time just to find a suitable shop that can help check things. It would be best.
Five minutes later, Yan Suizhi stopped in front of a small store. On the electronic sign outside the store, there were two lines of words: Black Stone Repair Company, everything is fine. Yan Suizhi squeezed the coffee cup.
Throw it into the electronic recycling bin on the side of the street and walk into this store.
Good morning, the boss poked his head out from behind the counter with his chicken nest head on his head. Is there anything I can do to help? The store is well heated, even Yan Suizhi, who is a little afraid of the cold, feels it When it was warm, he took off his black gloves, took out a metal ring from his coat pocket, and put it on the counter.
Check this for me. This is a plastic smart device that can be deformed at will.
Ring around the waist Yan Sui’s taste is not so unique, so this one in his hand is a very plain ring.
Check everything that can be checked.
The boss has a good tool. Tap twice on the smart phone, and the holographic interface pops up.
very few things to do It’s as clean as if it just left the factory. There are four items in total: an identity card, an asset card, a shuttle ticket to the next star, and a purely electronically synthesized audio file.
The boss will not casually look through the files because of professional ethics, but Yan Yan However, Suizhi is very clear about the content of these four things.
After all, he has read it dozens of times in the past two days. The identity certificate is a temporary fake identity. The balance of the anonymous virtual card is not enough for him to live for two months. The shuttle ticket only has an outbound trip and no return trip.
The general idea is how far he can go.
When these bosses asked Yan Suizhi, he sneered in his heart. These are all his current possessions, I’m afraid that’s all.
You said that the world is exciting or not? He just attended a drinking party on the weekend of May.
Greeted everyone, left first and found a nearby hotel to rest, who knows that he slept for half a year, from summer sleep to winter, and when he opened his eyes again, it was already November, that is, two days ago, he woke up in a dark urban area Woke up in his apartment with this smartphone next to his pillow and nothing else. Fortunately, the information on the Internet was all over the place, and it didn’t take him long to figure out what was going on at the hotel where he was staying.
Explosion He survived the accident and became one of the unlucky ghosts who had an accident, but he is more famous as a unlucky ghost Yue slowly died down and then slowly forgotten. Of course, the truth is obviously not that simple. The electronically synthesized audio in the smart phone explained part of it to him.
In fact, someone rescued him from the explosion and used the time of half a year to do it for him. Short-term genetic surgery was performed to fine-tune his appearance and biological age so that he could maintain the appearance of a freshly graduated student for a period of time, and prepared a false identity, money and air tickets to keep him away from Decama.
The explosion was someone’s intentional vengeance.
He was not some unlucky ghost who was implicated. He was the target of the explosion. But if you want to ask a top litigator who he has offended in this life, it is a bit too much, because there are too many ghosts to remember, so Yan Suizhi can only come to the black market to find someone to investigate, even if the culprit can’t be found out, it’s okay to find out who rescued him, but after more than half an hour, the boss raised his head and rubbed his eyelids, indicating that he found nothing.
Yan Suizhi frowned. Didn’t the smart phone itself clean? It’s an unnamed phone bought on the black market. It’s too difficult to check.
The base covers so many galaxies. It’s like looking for a needle in the universe.
Yan Suizhi fiddled with the ring-shaped smart phone twice.