Its okay Tongtong and Yueer are very talkative Di Yu follows her meaning and secretly laughs Yang Ling doesnt understand the meaning hidden in Di

The disbandment of the organization first revealed that the governor of a certain state in Yanjing State was killed. The news shocked China and the world.
This is the first major event in the world in the past three years.
In the incident, political leaders from twelve countries, tribal chiefs, and chiefs were killed in the villas where they lived and worked, or in important places where they received guests.
Those who killed and guarded them were definitely masters with super combat power, active secret special forces, kendo masters, super agents, top killers, impenetrable bodyguards, but in these twelve incidents, all of these master guards accompanied them to protect. The goal is to go to see the Buddha together. There are not many people who have done all these unimaginable things.
There is only one legendary killer from hell, Hell Wolf. The wolf explained that his ferocious killing was decisive and unmatched. During the three years that Hellwolf ruled the roost, Hellwolf claimed to be invincible. The title of Hellwolf is frightening.
The Hell Organization headed by the Hell Wolf announced the disbandment of this mysterious organization that has not yet been deciphered by any country or organization.
The comprehensive department that investigates mission status and mission target information is fully informatized and electronic, similar to clear-coded telegrams sent to all corners of the world.
The movement is as big as the press conference held by the heads of world powers.
Those who are lucky no longer have to worry about being found by the people from hell, and there are more people who are disappointed. In order to study and track down the people and organizations in hell, they can’t find any clues. Half a year later, Yenching University, a street not far from Yenching University, Di It has been half a year since Yu came to Yanjing on the noisy streets.
This is the most peaceful life he has lived in more than 20 years, so that he can maintain an extremely good mood every day. The three roommates are also quite buddies, but Di Yu is in everyone In the eyes of his classmates, he is a nerd. As long as he has time, he will read books such as politics, history, literature, advanced mathematics, etc. in class and extracurricular. He reads them all like crazy. Di Yu reads very quickly. It’s rare that he hasn’t finished reading it for more than half a month, so his three roommates wonder if Di Yu has the habit of flipping through books to watch the excitement. They really don’t believe that a book of advanced mathematics with hundreds of pages can be finished in just over a week. The classrooms, canteens and dormitories occupy more than 90% of Di Yu’s time. Only every Sunday afternoon, he comes to this relatively noisy street to enjoy the quiet fun.
Looking at the pedestrians with different expressions on the road, Di Yu can feel it. A kind of unprecedented satisfaction In fact, no matter Di Yu in the past or Di Yu now, his heart has always been very simple, and the life he wants is also very simple. Simple catching thieves catching thieves Just as Di Yu came out for a walk on a rare weekend to enjoy the shuttle in the middle of various crowds, suddenly there were several urgent calls for help from behind, and soon the crowd was in a commotion.
Clutching a white lady’s leather bag, he ran forward desperately. Behind him was an eighteen or nineteen-year-old girl with ponytails, a white shirt, and blue jeans. She was chasing after the little crew cut, and ran faster than ordinary girls.
But compared with the thief who is good at running, the girl is very anxious and shouts for help while chasing the thief with all her strength. Mixing in the crowd, you can’t tell that you are in this line of work. You can’t look like a person.
Xiaoping turned left and right, and he was clever enough to avoid the obstacles in front of him.
However, no matter how agile he was, he still bumped into other people.
A thief fell on his back and fell. Back and forth, Xiaoping’s mind was buzzing and confused, the moment he bumped into someone, he didn’t understand why he had clearly dodged the person in front of him, why he still bumped into the person in front of him, who seemed to follow him like a shadow He stood up from the ground and found that the person he hit was standing in front of him intact. He was in his early twenties.
He was tall and had a pair of black-rimmed eyes. He looked like a student.
Seeing the girl behind him chasing him, Xiao Ping pointed at him. Di Yu threatened to get out of the way, kid, or I’ll be rude to you.
Di Yu smiled and pushed himself, who only had glasses with frames but no mirrors. I turned it into robbery with my hands. Robbery is much more serious than theft.
You can tell by the owner’s expression that the contents of the purse are probably valuable or important to the owner. Imprisonment, and if you hurt me or the pedestrians next to you in the next action, the crime will be even more serious Shut up Xiaoping was almost driven crazy by Di Yu’s words, who did you meet? The thief waved the stolen purse Smash it down on Di Yu’s head quickly and hard, don’t let the girl catch up at this moment, and when he comes up, he hears Di Yu boasting to the thief, wanting to laugh but can’t laugh, seeing the thief throwing a purse at Di Yu The head screamed nervously, and I don’t know if I was worried that my bag would be smashed or that the leather bag would be smashed.
There was a sound like a broken bottle in the leather bag, but it didn’t fall on Di Yu’s head, but fell on the ground and Yu dodged. Opening the purse was slammed on the ground by the thief and made a harsh sound