It’s okay if he’s embarrassed Yang Wang patted Beigong Xiyue’s shoulder and said “Are you alright” I will do what I say Beigong Xiyue raised her

There is a small country in the north called the Four Seas, the Four Seas, the Four Seas, and the Four Seas.
There are no seas.
There is one lake, one lake, and two lakes. One lake is the famous Yunmeng Lake. Dangerous wealth and treasures can be found everywhere. When Yang Wang crawled out of the black mire, he was already covered in mud.
He fumbled in his chest for a while, and he was relieved when he felt the existence of the pendant. It was a square wooden sign the size of a thumb. The whole body is black, engraved with a Xuan character in the middle, winding like a cold black snake, this was given to him by Yang Xuan’s father, Yang Xuan, and did not tell him the origin. As long as he can remember, his father has been sick in bed.
This man is lying on the bed.
The ambitions and dreams of half my life when I was young have already aged to the point where Yang Xuan was ten years old.
You made it come true.
His voice was very flat, as if he was chatting with his son about unimportant trifles, but his eyes were burning. His father’s dream was very old-fashioned, becoming a peerless powerhouse and helping others. When he was young, Yang Xuan did have the potential to realize his dreams. At the age of eighteen, he had already broken through Shaochong and stepped into the fourth level of the real dragon realm. There is no doubt that he could become the first in the county competition at that time and enter the Universal Sect for advanced training, but on the night before the decisive battle, he suddenly passed away. He lost all his skill in poisoning and became a cripple.
He has been lingering for twenty-five years. Yang Juan put the Xuanzi pendant back into his arms, took a deep breath and looked up at Yunmengze, which began to sink into the dark world.
His eyes were full of thick black mist and tumbling waves. The mud father’s condition is getting worse.
If there is no panacea, I am afraid that time will not be long.
This is also the reason why Yang Lu ventured into Yunmengze. It is almost another five-year county competition. At this time, he should be practicing hard at home, but running away I came to the murderous Yunmengze just to save my father’s life. I roughly wiped off the mud on my face. Yang Jue tightly held the one-foot dagger in his hand and walked cautiously towards the depths of Yunmengze.
Yang Jue went two miles deep and even chopped off more than ten poisonous snakes that sprang up and killed a nine-foot-long swamp giant crocodile.
This giant crocodile is extremely ferocious. If Yang Juan hadn’t successfully advanced to the real dragon realm five months ago, he wouldn’t have been able to do it.
It is so easy to kill it on the way of cultivation. First, there is body quenching in the six realms.
Breaking through the six major meridians of the human body, the Shangyang meridian, the Shangyang meridian, the Shaoze meridian, the Chong meridian, the Chong meridian, the Tianchong meridian, and the six meridians are all connected, so that the whole body’s true energy will skyrocket and condense into Jindan Jindan has three realms: Human Dan, Didan, Tiandan, Quenching Realm Real Dragon The Golden Core Realm, the Heavenly Realm, the Soul Realm, the Qiankun Realm, the Chaos Realm, and the Heavenly Emperor Realm are the eight major realms of cultivation. However, at this time, Yang Fan and even everyone in Baize County only knew about the six realms of quenching the body, the real dragon, the six realms of the Golden Elixir, and the three realms.
Once you step into the Real Dragon Realm, you can practice real martial arts and achieve golden pills, and then you can display the inheritance of supernatural powers.
Yang Wangang just stepped in True Dragon Realm True Qi Transformation Dragon breaks through the Shaoshang Meridian and stabilizes in the first Real Dragon Realm Realm Body Tempering Realm After the body is condensed to the extreme One arm has ten thousand catties of giant strength Five horses can’t dismember corpses Killing a giant swamp crocodile is of course no problem True combat skills are divided into real combat skills and martial arts.
Real combat skills can only be practiced after stepping into the real dragon realm.
They can be used to sublimate the nature of true energy. For every practitioner, getting a good real combat skill is a big deal in the future. The key to achievement is martial arts skills, which are used in actual combat. Dazzling and powerful, a powerful martial arts skill is also the key to victory in actual combat. As soon as Yang Wang stepped into the real dragon realm, he practiced the real combat skills of his father, Yanyang Zhen.
The martial arts skills of Yanyang Heavy Fist have been achieved so far.
Yanyang Heavy Fist can also be used a little. One of the top real martial arts skills is of course because both kinds of true martial arts have achieved a little. Yang Jue was able to go deep into Yunmengze for nearly three miles.
From here, monsters have already appeared.
Yunmengze is a famous gathering place for monsters in the Xuanhuang Continent.
Among them, most of the monsters are poisonous beasts, and their ferocity is far higher than other dangerous places. Under the night, the black mist surges, and the sight is out of sight a little farther away. Different fruit is not a simple matter. In the dark night, he walked forward for half a mile in the killing.
He was planning to give up. He suddenly found a place in front of him with a white light.
Without hesitation, he immediately leaned forward and walked forward dozens of times.
Step by step Yang Wang can already see the glowing things.
The cloud pattern fruit Yang Juan is happy.
The cloud pattern fruit is white in color because of the cloud-like lines on it.
If Yang Xuan can live at least another ten years, but it is strange that I heard that the cloud pattern fruit leaf is a highly poisonous thing. In less than three breaths, he was less than five steps away from the cloud pattern fruit. Suddenly, a high-pitched cry of a baby sounded beside Yang Jue.
In the swamp, the black mud surged violently.
In less than half a breath, a huge black shadow was already caught between Yang Lu and Yunwenguo. The monster’s whole body was black as high as ten feet, and its two huge eyes looked like red lanterns.
The sound is like a crying baby.
What’s even weirder is that it has no flesh and bones, and its internal organs are completely composed of a mass of black water. The water scorpion is a kind of spirit.
Although it is not as ferocious as ordinary monsters, it is extremely difficult given its current strength. Generally speaking, the probability of this kind of spirit being produced is countless times lower than that of monsters, not to mention Yang Jue