It’s nothing just go over to see Ye Xiao chuckled after replying close the chat interface let Xiaozhen send a message and Zi Wuming who

Ye Xiao was lucky to get a hundred-fold boost.
The dead mouse boosted into a beef hand crossbow. Boosted into a Zhuge Liannu. There is no fire source, but he has already eaten barbecue. After many years, the survivors are still lingering. They are forced to face the extreme cold, but Ye Xiao has already created his own country.
Chapter 1. A hundredfold increase in the snow. A young man slowly wakes up with his limbs frozen.
It’s the third day that Ye Xiao loses consciousness and murmurs to himself in a low voice.
There are glaciers everywhere, the sky is foggy, and it’s snowing.
This is already the third day he’s traveled to this world.
The straws that killed him recalled eating hot pot and singing songs before crossing, and suddenly came to this world alone, only aimlessly moving forward, not knowing if there is an end, Ye Xiao struggled to stand up and was about to move forward, but found it was not far away There seemed to be something there, he walked over quickly, it was a cold corpse, Ye Xiao burst into uncontrollable fear, it was a girl who seemed to be frozen to death, her face was not in any pain, she was holding a diary and a pen in her hand Other than that, there is nothing else, I will become like this soon, right? Ye Xiao suddenly stopped being afraid, and instead sat down and picked up the diary Chu Qiaoqiao, good name, don’t mind me, let’s take a look, just don’t say anything When you agreed, Ye Xiao said to himself like a lunatic, he opened the first page of the diary, and the content is as follows: This place is so beautiful and cold, I don’t know why, I’m here all of a sudden, I’m a little scared to meet a strange person, what to say We are just toys, hold on, there is still a chance.
The second page is so cold. I really want to eat a bowl of hot noodle soup. I can’t seem to hold on. The content is gone. This girl should have come here on the same day as her, but she didn’t make it to the third day. If she had come a few hours earlier, maybe we would still have met Ye Xiaoyong with the snow next to Chu Qiaoqiao’s body. After covering it up, he turned the diary to a blank page, slowly tore off a piece of paper, stuffed it into his mouth and swallowed it.
The paper is made of plant fiber, so it can be regarded as green food, right? In the severe cold environment, the biggest threat to life is the ambient temperature. It is more about the lack of body heat. Ye Xiao laughed at himself, shook his head, and ate a few pages.
Before he knew it, it was getting dark.
Welcome to Survival of the Extreme Cold. You have successfully persisted for three days.
If you successfully obtain the Survivor qualification, you will receive a survival reward package From now on, the difficulty will increase, the temperature will continue to drop, and the highest temperature will reach minus degrees.
Disasters will randomly appear to remind you to get the survival reward package.
Warning of a disaster, a powerful snowstorm is coming, and opening the gift package, Ye Xiao hastily opened his mouth to congratulate him for getting a simple tent.
Easy Tent Single Tent Ordinary Oxford cloth material is suitable for seaside camping Ye Xiao almost laughed out of anger, you threw me to the polar region and then gave me a tent for seaside camping Centennial Amplification System Turn on the Hundredfold Amplification System, when you get items, you can perform a hundredfold increase Boost and choose the boost effect to get a simple tent, please make a boost choice.
One hundred simple tents, simple houses, wood, provide basic defense, can avoid wind and snow, choose Ye Xiao, hear this voice and immediately make a choice. Soon the original tent location becomes a room.
The small wooden house envelops him inside and outside. The blizzard is raging. The items obtained can be multiplied by a hundred times. Ye Xiao hides in the room with lingering fear. This wooden room is only four square meters.
The floor creaks when stepped on. Simple but at least able to shelter from wind and rain.
World chat, upgrade, building, trade, friends, pets, and other functions have been unlocked. Ye Xiao’s eyes are focused on the new page of world chat, and messages pop up like waterfalls. We must be being targeted by creatures in the four-dimensional space. I have a penguin here. What? After three days, I will give you a simple tent. Is your reward a tent? After watching it for a while, I finally understood that this is obviously a survival game at the cost of life.
Everyone’s initial gift packs are simple tents, but it seems that only you can multiply by a hundred times. Ye Xiao is relieved. A hundred-fold increase is too powerful even in extreme cold.
The development of the world is not a problem, but now he only has a four-square-meter log cabin, which can barely guarantee that he will not be directly hit by the snowstorm, has no food, drinking water, and no fire.
Life is still threatened.
If you want to survive, you must find these foundations as soon as possible.
Survival supplies, but now the wind and snow are raging outside, Ye Xiao can’t go anywhere, he started to research other functions, upgrades, construction, upgrades and construction items, but some things need blueprints, fireplaces, planting boxes, and even generators.
At present, the only thing that can be upgraded is the wooden house under your feet.
The wooden house level upgrade requires a hard wooden plank. The upgrade reward is an ice lighter. A tinder can be used to upgrade the wooden house, but this wood Ye Xiao has a headache. The blizzard outside the house had stopped. He went out of the house and took out the diary he got earlier. He tore off a few pieces of paper to wrap the snow and stuffed it into his mouth to chew on the wood. Let’s see if he can find something to eat.
Suddenly he made an unexpected discovery.
Under the snow layer, there is a little mouse that froze to death