Its not that Im useful so let me go if I want to go its unreasonable Gu Shishu Lin Jiaojiao is angry with you now

Gu Shishu also came to pick up the person, his eyes swept across her face as if he didn’t know her, there was a voice behind Gu, and then the sound of high-heeled shoes, Zheng Chun caught a glimpse of a tall beauty from the corner of his eye and walked towards her. Gu Shishu and the two hugged each other. It was really destined. The person sitting in front of him on the plane just now was his ex-husband’s new girlfriend.
Pei Yinyin raised her hand and waved Pei Yinyin’s eyes lit up, and she rushed over like a small cannonball. I depended on you to go abroad. Why did I become so rustic? No wonder I couldn’t find you just now, Pei Yinyin While looking her up and down, Yinyin accurately complained about Zheng Chun’s comfortable style of walking today, why is it so rustic? Besides, the ex-husband is still standing next to his new girlfriend, can you save yourself some face? Pei Yinyin sees that she looks uncomfortable Turning her head to look at her, she froze for several seconds as if struck by lightning.
Fortunately, Zheng Chun quickly took her hand and walked towards the exit. Pei Yinyin was surprised and angry. He did it on purpose.
Did Gu Shishu ask twice on purpose? It was enough to show how angry my best friend was, but Zheng Chun just smiled and didn’t answer, and she had nothing to say.
After all, the two had divorced long ago and were free to fall in love No matter how normal it is, everyone in Beijing knows that she and Gu Shishu had a vigorous relationship, but no one knows that they had a three-year marriage. Even Pei Yinyin divorced Gu Shishu for two years after Zheng Chun.
It was only later that I found out that they had received the certificate and were so angry that they were going to take a knife to Gu’s house to kill Gu Shishu. Does he know that you are returning to China today? Zheng Chun probably didn’t know the exact time of his return to China. I only told Pei Yinyin that my family didn’t know about Gu Shishu.
How could Shu know that he had no contact with him in the past three years after the divorce, so he didn’t like him so much that he wouldn’t secretly pay attention to his schedule, but Pei Yinyin still insisted that Gu Shishu was just complaining about these three things on purpose.
During the year, Gu Shishu changed five, six, seven or eight girlfriends. The number one scumbag in Beijing deserves it. It’s enough to fall into the same pit once, and if she falls in the second time, she deserves it.
On the other side, Suanna, from the second she saw Gu Shishu, knew that he seemed to be in a bad mood today, but this kind of It’s not good, and Gu Shishu hid it very deeply. If it wasn’t someone who knew him well, it would be hard to find out Suana carefully asked Gu what’s the matter? Did something happen to you at work? Gu Shishu looked at it. The night outside the car was silent, she really walked away and completely forgot, so when we met again, I saw myself hugging other women, and I was able to be a qualified melon-eating crowd without any surprises, but she We have to pay back what we owe.
Now that we are back, Zheng Chun, we came to Japan for a long time. Two days later, the Zheng family held a small banquet and invited many young talents. Taking care of Zheng Chun is actually giving Zheng Chun a blind date.
Zheng Chun knew this in his heart.
The young talents who were invited also knew that among these people, the Zheng family valued Gu Shishu’s cousin Gu Shiyan the most.
It’s not that this person’s ability is so outstanding, but it’s precisely because this person only knows how to eat, drink, and play, and his reputation is a mess. The Zheng family thinks that this is the only person who will not dislike Zheng Chun.
Halfway through the banquet, Gu Shiyan put his hand on Zheng Chun’s.
Zheng Chun blatantly took advantage of the waist, Zheng Chun took the opportunity of toasting with someone, and took a step forward to distance himself from Gu Shiyan, but Gu Shiyan actually followed up and stuck close to her.
The voice said that Gu Er Shao should stop when enough is enough, Gu Shiyan’s eyes were full of lust and he couldn’t hide his tone, and his tone was very obscene, your dad already helped us get a good room upstairs Zheng Chun knew from the moment she agreed to return to China that she couldn’t escape this. Even if it’s not Gu Shiyan, there will be someone else in the Zheng family who needs her to sell herself to save the whole family from suffering.
If she doesn’t agree, tell Gu Shishu that she secretly gave birth to a child, and Gu Shishu will destroy her and the child together. Back then, Gu Shishu said that a bitch who was caught and raped in bed was not worthy of giving birth to the Gu family’s child, even if he had one, he would kill him, otherwise the child would be teased because of his mother for the rest of his life, and the Gu family could not afford to lose face. Chun’s thoughts drifted a little far away, when Gu Shiyan took the empty wine glass from her hand and handed her a new glass of wine. Just in time, someone came up to toast Zheng Chun.
As soon as she took a sip of the wine, she sensed something was wrong. This glass is a mixture of several types of wine, the stamina must be great, and she herself is not good at drinking.
Sure enough, within half an hour, Zheng Chun felt dizzy.
There are several shadows of Gu Shiyan, this bastard who is actually playing tricks. Zheng Chun immediately went to the bathroom and took out his mobile phone to call Pei Yinyin, but the mobile phone was taken away by Gu Shiyan who was following him.
The rescuer Gu Shiyan laughed obscenely, trapped her in his arms, Zheng Chun struggled a few times to no avail, but felt dizzy even more Gu Shiyan bent down and hugged her horizontally when she saw this, let me down Zheng Chun didn’t dare to speak out I can only drink it down. After all, there are many guests outside. If you make a big mess, you will offend the Gu family. Although Gu Shiyan has a bad reputation, he can’t stand it. He has a powerful father. Looking at the entire Gu family, only Gu Shiyan can stand up to Gu Shishu. Gu Shishu’s father offended Gu Shishu by death Offended Gu Shiyan’s father was also dead