Its not that Feng Ling is ashamed to go out to meet people now and the aroma of the lean meat porridge Feng Ling cooked

Men are not hooligans and women will go crazy.
I am a beautiful woman.
Prosecutors don’t need to strip naked. They don’t check their height. They don’t check their weight. Let’s take a look at the first chapter, The Road to Rebirth.
Ling seems to be facing such an opportunity at this moment.
A minute ago, Feng Ling took out an antique from an antique flea market in the western suburbs. An extremely dilapidated wooden sign is a bit like a token in an ancient costume TV series. The black piece has a few strange patterns drawn on it, which looks like an ancient antique. Feng Ling, who just entered the antique market, was quickly told by the black-hearted boss. After paying the bill, he stuffed the wooden sign in his arms and felt quite uneasy. Feng Ling is 23 years old this year.
In today’s environment where college students are overwhelmed, even if he graduated from Yenching University, which is known as the first-class university in China. Feng Ling has also been unable to find any job for half a year. This end is extremely sad. After repeatedly hitting a wall, Feng Ling accidentally saw a news in the newspaper that someone took an inkstone from the antique market and it was confirmed It is something that the great poet Li Bai once used, and he embarked on the road of getting rid of poverty overnight Although he is not proficient, he still has the general recognition ability. At first, he felt that the style of this wooden sign was very strange, especially the pattern on it, so he became curious because he couldn’t recognize that it was something from the dynasty above, so he was confused.
After I bought it, I kept thinking about it. I didn’t expect that the three thousand oceans were only exchanged for this dilapidated wooden sign.
I felt a little regretful at the moment. I think I was probably deceived by that nasty guy. Feng Ling thought of an antique dealer. That round and kind smiling face really wanted to be beaten up.
Now that I think about it, it is really hateful. Now I can only go home and search the Internet for clues about the wooden sign in my arms. In the alley, Feng Ling sighed again and looked up, as if trying to find some courage for himself, but at the next moment, Feng Ling, who was full of bitterness and complaints, froze because at this time a person came from the other side of the alley, to be precise, a woman Feng Ling has never seen a woman who can stand shoulder to shoulder with her. The perfection is indescribable, especially the temperament at first glance, which makes people breathless and intoxicated. Her hair hangs down to her waist, her clean and flawless pretty face has no expression at all, it is very calm, but there is endless charm in such a calm expression, as if all the spiritual energy in the world is bestowed on her.
At this moment, Feng Ling seems to be holding his breath. Yenching University has many beauties, but if compared with the woman in front of him, he doesn’t even have the qualifications to carry her shoes.
Feng Ling can’t help but look down after just one glance One look at such a woman with closed eyes makes people feel that another look is a kind of blasphemy. This woman seems to have not seen Feng Ling and walked past Feng Ling indifferently.
It was only at this time that Feng Ling came back to his senses. The boredom is also swept away.
It is worth a lifetime to see such a woman. This alley is extremely quiet. The clear and crisp footsteps of the woman are constantly echoing.
At this moment, Feng Ling’s eyeballs moved, and a very dazzling light suddenly shone in front of him. The brilliance made Feng Ling almost close his eyes, and then there was a low sound like a dragon’s chant, and a white ray of light struck behind the woman like lightning.
The majestic power was so amazing that the air around him seemed to be blurry. Some throbbing at this moment, Feng Ling didn’t even have time to think about what this white light was.
There seemed to be a voice in the dark constantly reminding him what he should do, so it didn’t even take a ten-thousandth of a second. Nei Feng Ling involuntarily did a stupid thing, he took a step across as if he had lost his soul, and stood between the woman and the white light. Naturally, the white light could not have changed direction because of Feng Ling’s obstruction. Suddenly, it pierced through Feng Ling’s heart, came out through the body, and continued to shoot towards the woman in red.
The strange thing is that Feng Ling didn’t see any scars on his body, but just fell to the ground with a bang.
How domineering is this white light? It’s just an ordinary person, all the vitality in Feng Ling’s body has been blocked and killed immediately. At this moment, the dilapidated wooden sign Feng Ling bought from the antique market suddenly turned into powder, and a drop of turquoise liquid slipped in strangely. Feng Ling’s heart part Hey, the woman in the fiery red windbreaker suddenly let out a soft cry, but her face was still calm, she didn’t even look back, flicked her fingers, and a thin light yellow light shot out to match the white light They collided together, the two rays of light collided together, but it was strange that there was no sound, but the space at the junction suddenly turned into a chaotic gray, it was really weird, and the alley returned to calm, as if nothing had happened. I don’t know that a terrible energy collision happened in this ordinary alley, but Feng Ling lay quietly on the ground with a smile on his face, and the woman in the red windbreaker stood proudly on the spot as if thinking about something. What are you doing? The woman in red suddenly showed a helpless wry smile and said that she seemed to be talking to Feng Ling, and she seemed to be talking to the unknown in the void, she leaned over and put Feng Ling’s wrist on her wrist.