Its not so much hate as it is to blame you right Zheng Bin has never been Turned over from sleep sat up and looked

In the process of cultivation, various stories happened around him. He healed high-risk pregnant women, healed frustrated girls, hung him, bullied others, and wicked young people, and gradually shone in the eyes of the world.
The bloodthirsty devil has a heart to treat the villain and the villain, and he has also gained the favor of several female friends Zheng Bin’s figure is thin and handsome, his face is handsome, but his expression is dull and his eyes are lifeless.
It gives people the feeling of walking dead.
Good morning, Zheng Bin. Lin Feng saw Zheng Bin with a kind smile and said hello. Zheng Bin didn’t seem to hear that the expression on his face was still dull. Continue to walk towards the cafeteria, Lin Feng, what are you doing with an idiot? Zhang Wan, who is almost dressed in a purple tracksuit, looks displeased. Xiao Wan and Zheng Bin are not fools, but yesterday’s blow was too heavy for him, everyone, if you can help, let’s do our best, right? My girlfriend who has been in love for two years has moved on.
Yesterday, I went to open a house with a wealthy second-generation local tycoon. Zheng Bin was in a trance when he heard the news. Everyone at the dining window took the initiative to make way for Zheng Bin to sympathize with Zheng Bin’s experience. On the one hand, he was even more afraid of making Zheng Bin sick. The meal was stuffed into his mouth.
Suddenly, the noisy cafeteria fell into silence. Everyone looked at the woman who walked in with more or less disdain on her face. Xu Xinran, who was dressed in a water-blue dress, turned a blind eye to the eyes of others, walked to Zheng Bin who was still swallowing food, and took out of the bag. He took out an envelope and put it on Zheng Bin’s dining table.
Through the swollen mouth of the envelope, he could see a pile of red banknotes inside.
Seeing the banknotes, the flesh on Zheng Bin’s cheeks twitched twice, his eyes seemed empty. The electric light flickered, Zheng Bin reached out and took out the banknotes and raised them into the air.
The banknotes swirled and fell down.
The slightest emptiness, stupid damn obsession, Zheng Bin looked at Xu Xinran, who stood in front of him with a good face Zheng Bin’s obsession made Zheng Bin fall short.
The look in Zheng Bin’s eyes instantly subsided, he felt his body’s condition, sighed, closed his eyes and sat there motionless. Zheng Bin sitting here is not the original Zheng Bin who was hurt by love. It is Shui De Zhenjun, the Supreme Elder of the Five Elements Gate in the Immortal Cultivation World, and a well-known ascetic monk in the Immortal Cultivation World. Misfortune was wiped out by several big sects in the world of cultivating immortals, and he was almost bombarded into scum. Only a ray of primordial spirit escaped into the void. Zheng Bin, who tried to commit suicide by drinking medicine, did not go well in the process of seizing the house, because his body was full of obsessions. Zhenjun Shui De had to use the remaining power of the incomplete soul to imprison the obsessions.
The obsessions were gradually obliterated, so let Zheng Bin stand in front of others.
Acting as if the appearance of a neurotic ex-girlfriend made the complete victory fall short, the obsession instantly counterattacked, and instantly merged into the incomplete soul Bin’s shadow At this moment, Zhenjun Shuide’s incomplete primordial spirit and Zheng Bin’s memory are completely intertwined and merged into a state of being in a state of seizing but not seizing. He is Zhenjun Shuide, and he also has some of Zheng Bin’s paranoia The rain of thought money has finally finished falling, like laying the most expensive floor for the cafeteria, but no one is picking it up People’s eyes are still focused on Zheng Bin and Xu Xinran, the bitch who hasn’t spoken for two days, Zheng Bin finally spoke and opened his mouth.
Calling Xu Xinran a slut, Shui De Zhenjun, that is, Zheng Bin’s anger at this moment can’t contain the perfect seizing house, being destroyed, the primordial spirit has been mixed with obsession impurities, this is almost overwhelming for Zheng Bin, who still wants to continue on the road of cultivating immortals If the foundation is broken, Xu Xinran naturally hates the instigator Xu Xinran.
You can’t kill people. Restraint must be restrained.
Zheng Bin keeps telling himself that this is not the world of cultivating immortals, but a strange plane. Killing or hurting people will cause difficult troubles. There were boos in the canteen, and when she was at a loss, her shoulders were pinned down. Chapter 1. A punch, soaring blood, turning black, Xu Xinran turned her head and saw that the person pressing her shoulder was her current boyfriend, Zhang Xiaosong. Zhang Xiaosong was wearing a white suit.
With a contemptuous smile on his handsome face, he pressed his hand on Xu Xinran’s shoulder and slid it down, wrapping his arms around Xu Xinran’s small waist. Is this the breakup fee that Xinran gave you too little? It seems that you have only held hands with Xinran in the past two years For your sake, Zheng Bin suddenly stood up and looked at the flesh on Zhang Xiaosong’s cheeks twitching again, the anger in his heart was a little uncontrollable Zhang Xiaosong wanted to hit me with a half-smile It seems that I haven’t had a hard time in two years, is it that Xiao Dingding is incompetent? Bang Zheng Bin overflowed with anger and punched Zhang Xiaosong in the face with a fist. I only think that the idea is clear.
This is Zheng Bin’s obsession.
Zheng Bin has always wanted to do it but didn’t. Dare to do it! Zhang Xiaosong didn’t expect that Zheng Bin, a coward who can’t give a fart, would dare to beat him.
He was caught off guard and staggered. Bleeding from his nostrils.