It’s not over how can it be It’s okay to find other clues Xiong Hei is so anxious to jump how can there be other

Yan Huanshan went out early in the morning and pedaled his bicycle for more than half of the county.
He gave gifts to seven or eight related units.
It has to be shut down, but then again, the country’s economy has only been revived these years, and it’s living a bit fast Once the relationship is established, things at the mine will be easier.
Daughter-in-law Lin Xirou is pregnant.
I asked someone to check.
Chao said that he is a man with a hand.
Stamping crookedly, very coquettish, humming Teresa Teng sweetly, Yan Huanshan was far away and saw standing at the gate of the mine with a slightly protruding belly, Lin Xirou, this is a pregnant woman, how can she walk around blindly? Yan Huanshan was so panicked. Don’t care about the legs of the car, throw the car on the ground and stride forward to meet you.
Why are you here? Lin Xirou is twenty-seven or eighty years old. As her name suggests, she has a pleasing and gentle face. She holds the insulated lunch box in her hand. After eating pork dumplings, Yan Huanshan realized that it was almost time for the meal, and at the same time, he felt proud of having a daughter-in-law by his side Lin Xirou walked towards the mine office, walked carefully, slowly Lin Xirou laughed and got angry, I’m not where yet? Why are you so nervous? The office is a bit messy.
There are all kinds of top ten advanced awards on the wall, all of which are Yan Huanshan. In the past two years, Lin Xirou has only glanced at it and avoided it.
She actually doesn’t like these deceitful things, but the little sisters all boast that a man like this is smart and knows how to change the lunch box. The sour smell of old vinegar permeated the flames, and he was very satisfied. After sniffing several times, he immediately started.
Lin Xirou sat down across the table, took out a needle and a ball of yarn from his bag, and skillfully tied the sweater on.
Looking for it, Yan Huanshan ate so much that he couldn’t answer clearly. The grandson of the turtle stole the money from the mine, but he has not escaped far away. Where can I find it? It’s all right, but he thinks very much about which mine and which factory don’t have such bad people? It’s delicious, lazy, late and early, and he spreads rumors that there are ghosts in the mine, which seriously affects the labor mood of the workers. After he severely reprimanded him Dissatisfied with life, he picked up the financial lock in the middle of the night and walked away with 10,000, 10,000.
Thinking about it, he felt sorry for Lin Xirou.
He said that he really didn’t report to the police. It’s cheaper for such a bad guy.
Yan Huanshan answered more vaguely. It’s just a matter, after all, his ass in the mine is too dirty.
He doesn’t want to call the police home.
Lin Xirou didn’t say anything.
He lowered his head and knit a few rows of needles. He glanced at Yan Huanshan and found that Yan Huanshan didn’t gobble it up any more. He bit his chopsticks and looked at him. Looking outside the window, a group of workers surrounded the entrance of the tunnel not far away. Lin Xirou glanced at the clock on the wall. It’s half past twelve. It’s time for the miners to come up for lunch.
She started a new topic.
Ah, Mutton Yan Huanshan murmured something was wrong, something happened, Lin Xirou was taken aback, looked out of the window again, this time, she saw something strange Crowds of land blocked at the entrance of the tunnel excitedly yelling about what to leave behind Myths can be seen being illuminated by the sun so brightly, saliva splashing out, the stars can’t really have an accident, right? Mining is most afraid of accidents underground, and accidents underground must not be caused by scratches It’s so simple, Yan Huanshan flustered, set the table and chopsticks for three steps, took two steps, rushed out of the door, and yelled aggressively after a few meters away, what’s the matter, what’s the matter, this is his years of experience, no matter what happened Even if someone is dead, don’t be timid, panic, be fierce, speak out, you can calm down the scene, this roar really has immediate effect There are ghosts and no one is dead! Yan Huanshan’s heart roared even more when a boulder fell to the ground. When Lin Xirou came over, I heard Yan Huanshan teach atheism to a group of people. In the book, it is clear that there are no ghosts and two dogs in this world.
You are illiterate and you don’t even know how to call a ghost out of it.
I saw that it was only two days after I entered the mine. I grew up happy and carefully explained that I can’t call it a big sun. I heard that ghosts will turn into water when exposed to the sun.
It’s so considerate of ghosts. Yan Huanshan’s spirit doesn’t make any difference, come here one by one, you can see what a ghost looks like, it’s really fresh Han Defu, I took the two cantaloupes with me, the two cantaloupes are gone, Yan Huanshan’s language is sarcasm, I’m a ghost, still thinking about eating melons, Lin Xirou’s heart moved, she pulled Yan Huan Shanyi corner, pulled him aside, could it be Li Ergou? She was born in the 1960s and received a solid Marxist-Leninist education like Yan Huanshan. She has always scorned the theory of ghosts and gods.
Wearing only a white undershirt and black pants, looking white, could it be that the white undershirt is pitch-black in the tunnel, and the white shirt is really conspicuous? I can’t find Li Ergou everywhere.
I’m not happy. He hid in the mine, and the two melons are gone.
If you don’t eat, you can’t steal it. Yan Huanshan just slaps his thighs at a little bit, and he has no second one. He has a plan in his heart.
Turn around and speak harder.
If I go down with you, it will happen.