Its my mistake the governor has given me another chance I will do my best and I will never dare to have any unreasonable thoughts

The author of the novel, whose history has been turned into ashes, does not believe that youth can never be recalled, and history is turned into ashes. A modern person’s soul returns to the end of the Qing Dynasty, and suddenly finds that he is actually with the future Huanghuagang martyrs. Should he risk his life to die, or stand on the sidelines and stand on the sidelines? Can’t China rule the world with Japanese slaves? But the most important thing to achieve is to save your life, change the plot, farm the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China. I didn’t sleep on a bed I was familiar with. I took a closer look and it turned out to be Japanese tatami mats. Then I looked at the clothes on my body, which were also Japanese-style kimonos.
Why did I suddenly become Japanese? I shouldn’t have watched too much. Qiao Yu slapped his thighs hard I pinched it, it really hurts, it’s not a dream, Lili thought desperately, he went to a class reunion and saw his former classmates all soaring, the depression in his heart is unspeakable, at least he is in his thirties. Don’t talk about my career, I don’t even have a girlfriend, but I have a few, but seeing his poor character, I immediately lose interest. Now women are so realistic and unfeeling, they are as cruel as knives.
Qiao Yu feels uncomfortable.
I no longer watched my old classmates showing off non-stop, but drank cup after cup until I was helped by my classmate to leave the hotel.
At this time, it seemed that a car suddenly appeared from the side of the road and hit me, and then I didn’t know anything.
How could I become a Japanese now? Qiao Yu barely opened his eyes and raised his head to look around.
The typical Japanese architecture is very simple, without any modern atmosphere and no decorations.
It is just an old-fashioned clock swinging monotonously, indicating that it is afternoon.
Why is there such an antique at three o’clock? Qiao Yu looked funny for a while, but then his head felt like a needle prick. At this moment, the sliding door was pushed open and a young man walked in. Shun Qing, you feel better.
So Shunqing called me? When did I have more of this name? Damn it? I don’t know what the situation is. The young man who came in is not tall, but he is very capable and heroic. With a concerned face, he quickly walked up to Qiao Yu and helped him up. You, what if? If you can’t drink, don’t be brave.
This hangover doesn’t feel good, right? It’s not good. I’m so dizzy now. The young man who came here didn’t notice anything unusual. Pour Qiao Yu a cup of hot water.
You should rest first. I still want it.
Let’s go to the lecture tonight, let’s have dinner together Brother Qin wants to talk to you about something The young man left the whole afternoon Qiao Yu lay blankly on the tatami mat, his mind was in turmoil Countless broken mirror images flashed and gradually these mirror images merged into one Qiao Yu also gradually became aware of his situation in this frequent movie. In other words, he has changed his body. In other words, he has traveled through time.
His name is Qiao Yu, and his name is Shunqing, who is from Wanxian, Sichuan. I sorted out the remaining memories in my mind and understood my situation. It was August of the year and I was in Tokyo, Japan.
Didn’t he become a Japanese? Qiao Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief, but then he became worried. Now is the year, that is, there are still one year and two months.
At the same time, he also remembered that the young man who came to see him was called Yu Peilun, who was from Sichuan, and whether Qiao Yu was from his hometown or a member of the alliance. Knowing his other identity, he is one of the seventy-two martyrs of Huanghuagang in the future, that is, this person has lived for less than a year.
Since I have made friends with him, will I also become one of the martyrs of Huanghuagang? Qiao Yu is fine.
I have been on the Internet and I am quite clear about the events before and after 1911. Among the seventy-two martyrs in Huanghuagang, there are three Sichuanese, Yu Peilun, Qin Bing and Rao Guoliang. It seems that there is no surname of Qiao, but it is impossible to guarantee that he is not an unknown martyr.
If that is the case, is it a metaphor? Is Pei Lun still tragic? Thinking of this, Qiao Yu finally couldn’t help it. It seems that he has to do something, even if it’s not for some great goal, he must live.
Isn’t it right now that he is messing with Sun Dapao? Qiao Yu will never end well. Without the courage to be a martyr, he managed to stabilize his mind and began to speed up sorting out the remaining memories in his head. The life experience of the new body is not bad. The father of a wealthy family in Dongchuan, Qiao Guangyuan, was the right servant. Shaodian is very famous in the Dongchuan generation.
Qiao Yu left Sichuan at the age of fifteen and went to Germany to study military affairs. Since then, Qiao Yu has been in contact with the revolutionary party.
After studying in Germany for two years, he went to England and France for a study tour, and then went to the United States.
I arrived in Japan half a year ago.
At this time, Japan gathered a large number of Chinese revolutionaries, young students studying abroad, and the revolutionary atmosphere was very strong. Qiao Yu met Yu Peilun, Qin Bing, Lin Juemin and other revolutionaries here. Especially after knowing that Qiao Yu had studied military affairs in Germany, the members of the League were more active in wooing Qiao Yu. This is a military talent who must not let Qiao Yu go.
I have also met some revolutionary leaders who listened to many impassioned speeches and donated money.
A Thousand Oceans, but after all, he is a person who has traveled the world.
Although he is young, he is somewhat dissatisfied with the Jianghu habits of the Tongmenghui.
He has never officially joined the association.
Now he has a brand new soul. Qiao Yu’s heart bursts into a wry smile, as if he knows revolutionaries such as Yu Peilun and Qin Bing Also, Lin Juemin and others are mostly Huanghuagang martyrs in the future. Could it be that he really has the life of being a martyr? Isn’t it a waste of time? It seems that we have to plan for our own future. There is no point in staying in Japan.