Its just that once in a while I am so tired Im old not as brave as I was back then Im guessing I dont

In the dormitory, Zhao Qian was so mad at the computer that he tore off a few strands of his hair.
The new book that had been carefully prepared for more than a month turned out to be announced by the editor as being sidelined after only two small recommendations. There are less than 300 yuan left in Cary, and if he doesn’t want to find a way to open source, he really wants to drink Northwest Wind. One can imagine how eager he is now, why the great writer has written hundreds of thousands of words, but still can’t make money roommate Zhong Kai was about to go out and saw Zhao Qian’s appearance, he immediately asked with a smile, but the laughter clearly contained a sense of sarcasm, Zhao Qian was feeling annoyed and didn’t bother to answer him I was aggrieved, but after all I endured it, who let me have no grades, if I was a master, I dumped him every minute, saying that my monthly manuscript tax is higher than your salary, slapping my face, I would have agreed to the conditions of the editor of that small station if I knew it, but How did I say it back then? Hehe, I put up a sign saying I’m an internet writer, and I spent more than this amount of money at the subway station for a day. At that time, I was full of energy and thought that my new book would definitely be a hit. Who knew that the reality gave him another time.
Why is it so difficult to get ahead? Zhao Qian learned from the pain and finally came to a conclusion. It’s not that I am the world.
The system binding was successful. The background was switched to the parallel plane. The parallel plane was switched successfully. The system is starting up. The configuration of the host is too low, and the startup is barely successful. At this moment, a series of ding sounds confused Zhao Qian. What happened? There was an auditory hallucination, but just when this idea came up, that voice appeared again Host, hello, I am Wenchao, the system is very happy to serve you, who is talking, Zhao Qian feels something cold on his back, the system is communicating with the host on a conscious level Please host calm down I am the host You said I got a system Zhao Qian stared wide-eyed in disbelief The necessary system for the protagonist of the starting point novel actually appeared on him Could it be that he is the real son of the plane The protagonist of the earth hides two After ten years, I can finally get rid of being single. No, I can finally save the world. The blood in Zhao Qian’s body surged instantly. Fortunately, he was not so happy that he went crazy, so he asked the system, what is the use of you? Exchange for various entertainment works, including novels, songs, comics, film and television scripts, etc. Zhao Qian was dumbfounded. Isn’t that an infringement? Of course, he knows what it means. The starting point of many novels is this kind of routine. Directly copy other people’s works and sign the protagonist’s name.
The system explained the system just now. The plane switch has been successfully completed. We are now in a parallel space, which is no longer the previous Earth. The works provided by the system are not available in parallel spaces, so the host does not have to worry about copyright issues.
In parallel spaces, I am still Zhao Qian, my parents, Zhao Qian hurriedly Ask the system to answer, please rest assured Except for the switch of the corresponding entertainment background information, most of the other things in this plane are almost the same as the original Earth.
The host’s identity and family situation have not changed.
Zhao Qian was relieved after hearing this, but he was still uneasy. The system said that the entertainment industry in this world is almost the same as that on Earth, except that the big stars and well-known works in memory have been replaced by other people and other works. Now he finally feels relieved and becomes excited again.
If someone else gets something for nothing, they would despise it in their hearts, but when it really falls on their own heads, they realize how cool it is.
At this time, the system said that it is necessary to remind the host system that it can be exchanged for various entertainment works.
That’s right, but it’s not.
Free hosts need to consume a certain amount of morality value, please refer to the corresponding price of morality value How much moral value is the remaining moral value of the system host? Zhao Qian, this number is not very auspicious, resist the urge to complain, Zhao Qian asked again, what can I redeem now? Have you never eaten pork or seen a pig run? Multi-system stream novels Zhao Qian has already understood this kind of routine in his chest and hurriedly urged him to ask that only if he gets benefits is the most real, otherwise the system is a fake system no matter how awesome it is. The host can check the system mall and malls.
Zhao Qian looked at the dazzling array of products in the virtual panel that appeared in front of him, and suddenly remembered a sentence that a big entrepreneur once said.
Only by creating games with heart can you become stronger if you recharge your money. This is fun, I still need to recharge money, so Zhao Qian couldn’t wait to ask how to increase the value of that section. The system’s answer is very simple. As long as the host continues to pretend to be aggressive in front of others, Zhao Qian’s figure is taken aback.
An honest, brave, kind and honest excellent Communist Youth League like me. Member, you asked me to pretend to be aggressive in front of others, how shameless the system is, congratulations to the host for successfully pretending to be aggressive. Dao looks like that pure self will be gone from today onwards.
If one day I become a professional pretender, please don’t forget that I was once pure. Then turn your eyes back to the system mall Zhao Qian saw The entire mall is divided into five areas: novels, music, comics, film, games, and games.
Why are they all so expensive? Zhao Qian took a closer look at the prices of the works in the mall.
Novels are the lowest, and they’re all things I’ve never heard of.