Its hard to refuse to melt people she almost struggled out of Lin Yibais embrace with the last of her reason you give me time

Content Tags Urban Love Reunites Industry Elite The Protagonist The Protagonist Meng Li Gu Rong Supporting Role Jiang Wanlin Zhou Zhou Chapter 1 It’s almost time to get off work, everyone in the office is happily discussing what’s going on at night At this moment, I also put down my phone and asked Meng Li, who is opposite her, are you going out to dinner with your husband tonight? Meng Li, a famous restaurant whose location is hard to find, has been coveting for a long time, and it’s Christmas Eve to drink two glasses of pleasure. Thinking of this, she unconsciously smiled. Zhou Zhou sighed when he saw it. You are still chic and unrestrained without children.
When it rang, she picked it up and saw that it was her husband, Gu Rong, so she gestured to Zhou Zhou and slid open to answer the call. She asked softly what’s the matter, but Gu Rong said Xiao Li, let’s go home for dinner tonight, let’s go out to eat another day.
Shen was a little worried and immediately asked if something was wrong.
The location is all set and today is Christmas Eve, so let’s return it. My mother just called to say that my father is on a business trip.
She is alone at home and afraid to come to us for two days.
She has already bought a lot.
Cai went home to cook and was so angry that Meng Li didn’t say anything for a long time It disrupted the previous plan, but they all came here.
He couldn’t leave his mother alone at home, and from what he knew about Meng Li, he knew that she would definitely not fail to come back, so embarrassing and unhappy. When Meng Li came back from work, he saw Gu Rongjiao when he opened the door. She was on the sofa with her mobile phone and didn’t know what she was doing, while her mother-in-law Tian Xiaolan was busy in the kitchen. The big wooden dining table was full of supermarket shopping bags. I don’t know what kind of blood was seeping from the shopping bags.
She quickly took off her shoes and pulled them up. Went to wipe the paper towels from the machine, Tian Xiaolan heard the commotion, turned out of the kitchen with a spring breeze on her face, Xiao Li came back to eat after a while, I bought a lot of vegetables today, your refrigerator is empty, you don’t usually cook, how can you not cook? I told you The restaurants outside you are not clean and the ingredients are not good. Xiao Rong has liked to eat home-cooked meals since he was a child. The long series of conversations made Meng Li almost faint. When Gu Rong on the sofa saw her, she immediately put down her phone and walked over to pick her up with a smile on her face.
Take her bag and drag her to the bedroom Tian Xiaolan glanced sideways at the two tired and crooked looks, then turned around and went into the kitchen once in the bedroom, Gu Rong hugged Meng Li and rubbed her back and forth, my wife is sorry, I know that restaurant is hard to decide I’ve already made a reservation for Saturday, we’ll go on the weekend and you can order whatever is expensive, Meng Li still insists bitterly that today is Christmas Eve, weekend or Christmas Eve? The calm appearance is only in front of Meng Li, who often smiles and plays cute. He hugged Meng Li and said with a smile, as long as we are with you, every day is Christmas Eve.
point to you My heart hurts, I won’t stop, my wife is happy, Meng Li’s complexion is a little better, and Gu Rong walks back to the living room, Gu Rong continues to watch the mobile phone on the sofa, Meng Li then goes to the dining room to clean up the big one on the table Every time Tian Xiaolan comes over, she always buys big bags and small bags of various things. First, she can’t fit in the house.
Second, Meng Li doesn’t need a lot of things. She told her mother-in-law many times to stop buying, but Tian Xiaolan always acted as if she couldn’t hear her.
The things on the table are sorted into different categories and stuffed into the refrigerator one by one. All kinds of meat, fruits and vegetables will soon be too big to fit in the refrigerator, but there are still piles of things on the table. Said that you guys were going out to eat tonight, luckily I’m here, otherwise you’d have to eat food that’s not nutritious, she knew it’s Christmas Eve, and when she called on the phone, she heard her son tell her plans for tonight. Wan’er found a few words to justify his behavior.
When Meng Li heard this, he was just calmed down by Gu Rong, and then he became angry and deliberately said yes, we will go to eat in two days. Tian Xiaolan was a little unhappy when she heard it. Mingming said that the food outside was not nutritious, so Meng Li couldn’t understand why she didn’t understand, she didn’t speak, and continued to cook in anger Meng Li frowned, really didn’t know what to do with the things that couldn’t fit on the table, she had a tidy habit I feel uncomfortable when I see messy things that are not cleaned up.
I said to Tian Xiaojuan, Mom, I can’t put so many things down. Why don’t you take them to eat when you go back? How about I bought them for you? Don’t worry about leaving them there for a while. While talking, Tian Xiaojuan brought a plate of dishes to the table. Meng Li looked at the new iron pot and pressure cooker in the kitchen, as well as countless fresh-keeping boxes and various bottles and jars. She was dumbfounded and pointed at the pile of things.
You bought them all. Tian Xiaolan nodded proudly. Your stainless steel pot is not easy to use, it’s too heavy, or an iron pot is better, and how can there be no pressure cooker at home? The pot is a series of German brand stainless steel stew pots with less oily smoke that she bought specially. I also have it. It is an enamel-coated cast iron pot.
Why does Meng Li always look unhappy every time she buys something like this? It’s not good, it’s not good, it’s because she chooses thousands of cheap and good things.
If it’s someone else, she’s reluctant to give it to Meng Li. A mouthful of old blood almost spewed out, if it wasn’t for Gu Nian, this is an elder or a mother-in-law after all, she really wanted to ask whether this is my house or yours, she simply put the things in her hand away