Its decided Han Zuozuo nodded took a deep breath and said in a deep voice I thought about it all night Lang Xi looked at

Han Zuozuo moved carefully, and immediately bared his teeth, grinning, all the bones in his body seemed to have been torn apart again, sore and painful, Han Zuozuo stared at the ceiling, cursed silently, frowned, gently moved away the arms on the waist, the movement was so slow that it was almost impossible to check, and finally quietly He got off the bed silently, Han Zuo Zuo breathed a sigh of relief, his legs were a little weak, he gritted his teeth, and he was naked, picked up the clothes that had been thrown all over the floor, and moved them lightly to the living room.
It was very uncomfortable, there were traces of madness between the legs, but Han Zuozuo didn’t bother to clean it up, quickly put on his clothes, picked up the high heels thrown to the corner, and fled to the door with bare feet like a thief, Han Zuozuo suddenly paused, his face turned ugly The man standing at the extreme gate with his chest folded looked so clear that he still looked like he had just woken up.
Han Zuozuo froze for a moment, then forcefully put down his high-heeled shoes and greeted him calmly.
Good morning. Lang Xi stood naked in front of the door with a look The indifferent and bushy eyebrows reveal a bit of sharpness, and there is no embarrassment of being naked, but he is still upright like a door god.
Han Zuozuo’s eyes swept away, and he looked away awkwardly. Pointing at himself, Han Zuo Zuo’s heart was throbbing violently, forcing himself to bend down calmly to change his shoes, it’s getting late, I still had to leave beforehand, Han Zuo Zuo felt a shadow shrouded in it, just as he was about to raise his head, he felt a tightness on his waist, followed by a moment of dizziness Lang Xi had already carried her on her shoulders by the waist, Han Zuo Zuo was furious and scratched fiercely on the bare back in front of her eyes, why did you put me down? Lang Xili ignored her big hand on her buttocks, letting her struggle endlessly and strode back to the bedroom Throwing her on the bed, Han Zuo Zuo propped up his upper body, but was pressed back on the bed by Lang Xi and let me go, my bastard Lang Xi looked at her condescendingly without frowning Are you staying honest? Han Zuozuo’s whole body was frozen, his eyes were full of defense, he suppressed the anger in his heart, and he tried to negotiate with him in a friendly voice.
I really have something very important today.
Don’t mess around. Shutting her mouth, Han Zuozuo’s weak resistance turned into a desire to refuse and welcome in Lang Xi’s eyes. The clothes he had just put on not long ago were quickly stripped off one by one. The bruises left over from the late night do not seem to have a seductive urge to ravage Han Zuo Zuo clenched his teeth tightly and did not let go Lang Xi’s powerful tongue brushed her gums over and over again, gnawed her lips tightly for a long time, still could not get in, and finally lost his patience.
Grabbing her jaw hard, Han Zuo Zuo felt so sore that he couldn’t help but loosen his teeth and let out a muffled grunt.
Lang Xi seized the opportunity to attack the city with one fell swoop, pushed her jaws open, and his slightly rough tongue swept across her viciously. The palate teased all her sensitive points one by one.
Han Zuo Zuo was not an opponent at all. Being suppressed, he couldn’t resist at all. Lang Xi bit her tongue hard and finally let go of the man who was about to suffocate. The itchy and delicate skin was immediately burned like a fire, Han Zuo Zuo died. Biting his lips, he desperately suppressed the moan that rushed to his throat, stubbornly closed his eyes and let him manipulate him, Lang Xi squeezed the smooth and round breast of her chest, rolled her shoulders, and turned her over, Han Zuo Zuo frowned and said goodbye in a trembling voice From the back, Lang Xi didn’t care about her at all, and put her into a kneeling position, one hand cut her arms behind her back, and the other hand stretched out to the front, playing with the pair of round Han Zuo Zuo’s faces tightly against the pillow.
This posture made her a little bit Humiliated, he turned his face to the side with great difficulty and breathed heavily. Lang Xi played with it for a while, his hands gradually moved down, vigorously kneading the well-shaped buttocks, and the slight pain brought Han Zuozuo an unspeakable embarrassment. Han Zuozuo was short of breath.
Those who refused to make a sound, kept suppressing their inner emotions, closed their eyes and trembling eyelashes, were all stubborn and unyielding His complexion still didn’t fluctuate much. There was an unfathomable emotion in his dark and deep eyes. Lang Xi supported his burning body and mercilessly advanced inch by inch. It was wet, slippery and warm, and there was still evidence of last night’s happiness. It was more convenient.
After his in and out, Han Zuo Zuo let out a short muffled grunt, and bit the corner of the pillow firmly, no matter how hard he hit it, he refused to make a sound. Lang Xi looked at the seductive skin raised up in front of him, raised his hand, and patted it down hard. The sound made Han Zuo Zuo tremble all over, the humiliation and shame on his face grew stronger, his muscles tensed and twisted, Lang Xi immediately swelled up again, Lang Xi spoke coldly, with the meaning of an order that could not be refused, Han Zuo Zuo was struggling Rolling his eyes, knowing that Lang Xi always likes her distraught and shameless look on the bed, thinking about today, if he wants to get out as soon as possible, he must take advantage of his heart, but he must rush back to the company before noon anyway, Han Zuozuo was anxious and simply Letting go of his body softly bent down and opened his mouth, groaning, Lang Xi didn’t use any skills at all, he just relied on his own preference, pinched Han Zuo Zuo’s soft waist, and hit it hard at the deepest part like piling. In the soft place, the ambiguous sound of water, the heavy panting, the endless sound of physical impact, and Han Zuozuo’s mellow and seductive moan intertwine to create a more charming style.
Lang Xi’s eyes are getting deeper and deeper. Little by little, the flames jumped into raging fireworks, sweeping the whole of Han Zuo Zuo with a monstrous heat wave, Lang Xi’s waist movements became more intense, short and fast, and Han Zuo Zuo gradually couldn’t keep up with his rhythm, passively bearing the scorching pleasure Lang Xi Xi pinched Han Zuozuo’s chin, pulled her face, and bit her lips hard. The imitation movement of tongue made Han Zuozuo completely indulge in the vortex of desire, and the phone rang suddenly.