Its coming whether its you or anyone else cant stop Currys body paused slightly while speaking the next moment his body lowered to hold the

Sitting in front of him were several blond, blue-eyed, white men, all in suits and leather shoes, each of them looked like a successful person, looked down at his attire, apparently he was one of these people, what was going on? He couldn’t understand why he was teaching the students how to shoot and why he suddenly ran to such a place. Fortunately, all the people around were focused on a large LCD TV in the room, and no one noticed Wang Xiao’s strange expression.
The one is a white-haired white-haired old man, Wang Xiao, who knows this old man.
His name is David Stern. He has served as the president for many years and has managed a league that was on the verge of disbandment.
He is now a world-renowned legend.
Announcing his retirement and handing over the position of president to Xiao Hua, he has faded out since then, and he is rarely seen on TV.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the annual draft.
Stern was a little stunned when he opened his mouth. What’s the situation? This group of co-authors of the annual draft conference is sitting here with nothing to do and watching the video. You can watch the video, but you don’t watch the draft conference video while playing the finals. Stern was still delivering his opening speech, but a white man in the room suddenly spoke up. His tone was a little excited and full of anticipation. Greg is ours. There is no doubt that once Greg is acquired and Brandon, who was drafted last year, With LaMarcus we can build a team with them as the core. The Blazers will return to the playoffs in a few years and even have the ability to win the finals.
Kevin is all thanks to you.
You have run the team very well in the past few years. I am very satisfied, thank you Paul, but I believe that the reason why I can do all this is not due to me alone, but to the entire management team.
Another white man picked up a glass of red wine and clinked with the man who was talking in front, smiling and said Wang Xiao I just stared blankly at the conversation between these two. What’s the situation? What? It’s been a long time, why are you still talking about what happened more than ten years ago? Are they acting in a movie? Wang Xiaoyue realized that this dream he had was really confusing.
At this moment, the phone in the private room rang and went alone. Before answering the phone, he said to everyone in the room that we still have a minute to decide which rookie to choose with the No.
The perfect combination of O’Neal and Duncan, a genius center rarely seen in ten years, only an idiot would give up on him. Everyone laughed along with it.
Only Wang Xiao pouted secretly.
Greg Oden, a rare genius center in twenty years, don’t be funny Deng Dadi can definitely be shortlisted as one of the top ten most water champions in history. Since he crushed Durant in 2009 and entered as the champion, Oden has only played in his entire career.
He averaged minutes, rebounds, and fouls per game. Injuries accompanied him throughout his career. In fact, he only played in three seasons, one in one season and one in the rest of the season. He was recuperating from his injuries.
There are also injuries. Of course, there are various opinions about this great emperor who has never been king. Some people say that he is very talented. It is the Blazers’ veterinarian who killed him.
Auden is a glass man.
It is the same everywhere. As a result, he is an out-and-out parallel importer. Wang Xiao doesn’t know who is right and who is wrong, but he knows that the future Auden will indeed be a parallel importer. The second overall pick, Kevin Durant, is on a par. Could it be that he dreamed that the 2018 NBA Draft is about to be drafted? The No.
1 pick is in the private room of the Trail Blazers. That guy called Paul just now is the Blazers boss Paul Allen? Who is that Kevin? But anyway, what does it matter if it’s just a dream? Hey, wait, since it’s a dream, why don’t you do something? Wang Xiao couldn’t help but focus on Stern, who was talking on TV.
It’s almost time for Kevin to announce to them.
Our choice. Paul said to Kevin. Kevin nodded with a smile and was about to get up. At this moment, Wang Xiao suddenly stood up. Can I announce the result of such a great historic moment? While speaking, Wang Xiao also laughed at himself. I smiled.
I have never been good at studying, but I was also influenced by Yao Ming and wanted to play in the past.
Therefore, his English level is not bad.
Unfortunately, his English level is good, but his basketball level is far behind. As soon as Xiao said this, everyone’s eyes were focused on Wang Xiao.
The room fell silent for a while. Wang Xiao found that the white man named Kevin looked at him a little strangely, but he didn’t care much. It was just a dream anyway. What’s the big deal? Could it be that I chose Durant and they can hack themselves to death? Well, my dear Wang, as the head coach of the team, choosing his own players does have a different meaning.
Paul was stunned, then smiled and said the coach The identity is actually the head coach Wang Xiao almost laughed out loud, saying that what people dream about is their own subconsciousness. Could it be that their dream is to be a head coach? be a basketball coach