It’s cold and heartless I’m sure I’m right and I’m not a kid anymore Chen Qingyun just sat up like that almost swearing on his

Rebirth Lincheng No. 8 Middle School Opening Party Girls’ locker room Behind a row of girls’ clothes hangers A bruised teenager is waking up slowly, trying to open his eyes, his eyelids hurt when he opened his eyes, he slowly looked at the safety of the stockings around him after his eyes adjusted to the dim light around him Pants and a lace hood, what is this? Do immortals also go to the underworld after death? Although his face is covered with bruises and dust, it can be seen that the young man is very handsome, and he is looking at the surrounding environment with a blank face. Suddenly his expression changes drastically.
The boy in the eighth middle school held his head and gritted his teeth, trying to remember what he could think of in his extremely painful mind Overcoming the Heavenly Tribulation Heaven’s Wrath First level Human God Destroyed Heaven’s Wrath Second level Heaven and earth changed to Heaven’s Wrath Third level Heaven’s Wrath Twelve levels Immortal soul scattered me The soul of the immortal who was not beaten in the catastrophe came back, could it be me? Chen Qingyun was not destroyed in the catastrophe, but returned to his five-hundred-year youth. In the previous life, the disciple was taken away from the earth by Erlang God Yang Jian who was traveling abroad when he was around 30 years old, and embarked on the road of cultivating immortals. This practice is five hundred years later.
It’s not that his opponent is known as the God of War in the Immortal Realm, and he is also the most hopeful in the Immortal Realm since ten thousand years ago.
It was only during the Second Heavenly Tribulation that Chen Qingyun discovered that his rock-solid Dao foundation was actually unstable.
The instability of Dao foundation has something to do with his usual practice. In order to pursue the highest mana, sometimes Chen Qingyun even practiced across realms. In addition to being stable, there is actually a heart demon in my Dao heart.
It is the regret and remorse in my mind when I return to the earth to look for my relatives after two hundred years of cultivating immortals.
Regrets have been deeply implanted. Usually, these resentments can be suppressed in the bottom of my heart, but when the catastrophe comes, the inner demons can’t be suppressed. It’s like the last straw that crushed the camel’s back.
Chen Qingyun tried to sense it in his body.
The result was as empty as imagined, and the mana, magic weapon, supernatural powers, and primordial spirit were gone. Now he is just an ordinary person in this world. If he is not bullied by others with his thin body, it means that everyone is eating vegetarian food and chanting Buddha.
In this life, I want to forge the supreme foundation step by step. At this time, Chen Qingyun’s eyes gradually become sharper. If anyone is around at this time, he will find that his eyes are like a knife.
It is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for a hundred years. Enemies who have hurt me in this life, I will give you all the kindness of a drop of water. I will repay the benefactors who helped me in the previous life. In this life, I will repay you in this life. Dazed, then shocked, tried to stand up with his arm against the wall, and found that the arm was very difficult to lift, and it hurt even more.
Chen Qingyun grinned, what should I do here, but the women’s changing room, could it be hidden? Is it because I hid it and was discovered? I suddenly remembered that in the memory of the previous life, I was dragged here after being knocked out by my rival Huawei.
Then Huawei and others waited outside and bought a girl named Zhang Yuxin to pretend Tsukuru found himself and then he was criticized by the whole school and once he became a well-known figure in the whole school, but it was not a good life but a sex name. In this life, he can no longer be framed.
In the last life, the whole school was criticized and criticized. They all came here with their titles, so when they went to university, no school dared to ask him to help, help, kill, someone murdered, and the sudden sound not only startled the female students who wanted to change clothes, but also shocked Hua who was hiding at the door.
Wei and the others were also stunned. It’s different from the plot of the design. Why did Zhang Yuxin call out as soon as she entered? It’s not enough to take off her clothes in such a short time. My best friend and dog leg Yang Kang’s eyes are obviously you, you are sure that you are knocked out, when you see Yang Kang first nodding and then shaking his head, Huawei almost vomits blood, this is simply a pig teammate, even better than elementary school students Then, a group of beautiful girls with pale faces ran out from the inside, shouting dead, dead, blood, a lot of blood, Huawei is really going to vomit blood this time, pointed at Yang Kang and asked tremblingly, who the hell are you? Yang Kang and the others who stabbed them first shook their heads, then looked left and right, meaning that I didn’t stab you? At this moment, all the school teachers and security chiefs came, and after a while, the school infirmary also came and carried them away.
Huawei, who was watching on a stretcher, turned pale.
The director of the security department hurried out and almost collided with Huawei and others who were standing at the door.
He said angrily, what are you still standing here, go to the door and get the ambulance. The car and the police car took over Huawei Yang Kang repeatedly said that it was just that they didn’t even realize that their voices had changed, trembling, panic, nervous, casualties are very strange and distant things for sixteen or seventeen-year-old children After a while, Chen Qingyun was carried out.
When everyone saw the blood-covered horror, they backed away in fright. At this time, Chen Qingyun said angrily, wait a minute, and saw this guy took out his mobile phone from his pocket and pressed it.
The sound from inside surprised everyone haha, Chen Qingyun, don’t blame me, I’m not me, Yang Kang wants you to die, blame you for offending our boss Huawei, the voice is turned up to the loudest, everyone around can hear it clearly The face of the school teacher also became ugly. There was a murder in the school.
This is the most discredited thing for the school. Huawei and Yang Kang even sat on the ground.