Its better for him to bear all this at least he suffers less trouble as long as he pays attention to his reputation the Shen

Fang Tianlin seemed to have had a dream.
In the dream, he reversed a man who wanted to do something wrong to him. When he woke up the next day, there was a strange man lying next to his pillow.
Fang Tianlin lifted the quilt and saw that both of them were naked The opponent’s body was even more blue and purple. At this moment, his heart was broken. He really wanted to cry three times to the sky, that’s all.
When he saw the burning dragon and phoenix candles in the red gauze curtain, he could only hehe Non-stop main focus on overhead history with gold finger content tags Chang Tianwen Commoner life travels through time and space Inspirational life protagonist Fang Tianlin supporting role Shen Jiahe Shen Bi Shen Zhang Shen Huang Other main focus on Wen Shengzi Chapter Fang Tianlin’s head is dizzy and consciousness is completely unconscious, only feeling that his body is burning and urgently needs to vent Just when he went out, there were hands scratching and scratching his body, which was very annoying.
As soon as he exerted all his strength, he pressed the person under him, ignoring the struggle of the people underneath, and instinctively found a place to vent the fire.
He asked people several times until the feeling of discomfort After the strength passed, he turned over and fell asleep comfortably. Shen Jiahe was so weak that he even struggled to move his arms. He glanced blankly at the newly married daughter-in-law next to him. Instead, he has become a daughter-in-law’s daughter-in-law.
I can’t figure it out, and I’m so tired that I barely cover them with a quilt and go to sleep. Early the next morning, there’s a lot of noise outside. Unbearably annoying, he yelled loudly, and the world was quiet for a moment, but the good times didn’t last long. Those people intensified and made more noise than before. Some people even came to his door and yelled at Fang Tianlin. He took the quilt and covered his head.
He simply rubbed his swollen forehead and sat up. He didn’t get enough sleep last night.
His eyes barely opened a slit as if they were stuck with super glue. Looking around, this one glance almost made him lose his mind. He lived alone by his side. How could a strange man still fall asleep in such a daze, all the vague memories of last night came back to the cage Fang Tianlin only had time to lift the quilt to verify that there was not even time to cover the quilt, and he was shocked by a large wave of information and lost his mind.
Half a day later, Fang Tianlin finally regained his composure. He thought he was singing a one-man show for a long time, and the annoying buzzing sound like mosquitoes disappeared.
He rubbed his throbbing forehead, and all he could see was a red gauze curtain, a red quilt, and a dragon, phoenix, and candle. All the red silk boxes indicate that this is a wedding house or a newlywed house following ancient etiquette.
Fang Tianlin just wanted to get up and see what happened. The memories related to the original owner flooded him, making him no longer bother to pay attention to these. This is not acting.
Not to mention that Xianxin teased him like this. He really came to a dynasty that never existed in history. Jing Dynasty possessed himself on the body of a newlywed with the same name and surname as him. It’s even more severe.
He suddenly had such an inescapable burden that he couldn’t accept for a while, but how could he indulge it? Even in the modern age, if he puts someone to sleep, he won’t show nothing. He still has the responsibility of a man. Not to mention, this is an ancient thing that is not easily reconciled. He can’t even tuck the quilt back.
He doesn’t take care of himself skillfully when he gets out of bed. At this time, he doesn’t want to be annoying. Anyway, the newlyweds have preferential treatment for three days.
Before returning to the house, they don’t have to cook. Of course, few people do this. In front of his parents-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, sell him a good boy.
Fang Tianlin is not an ordinary person, so he doesn’t take an ordinary path. He just needs to do what he should do. He is powerless to do other things, not even his own.
After all, he is not the original owner.
He needs all the skills he knows and picks them up slowly. The original owner’s family is poor, so to speak, he is in his twenties this year.
To put it mildly, he is marrying Shen Jiahe. To put it harshly, it is the same as being sold by his family. His dowry is only two The camphor wood box is still all from the Shen family.
Seeing that it is really not good, Shen Jiahe sent it to the box. There are a few worn clothes and ten coins at the bottom of the box. Other than that, there is nothing else. Fang Tianlin thought about it and felt like wearing it. The wedding dress didn’t fit, so he dug out a short jacket with few patches and put it on. Although the clothes were worn out, they were well washed and starched, but they were a bit rough on the skin. This made Fang Tianlin, who was used to wearing underwear made of soft materials, feel a little uncomfortable. Fortunately, his body has long been used to these two clothes. Fang Tianlin didn’t feel too uncomfortable after being in harmony with each other. Shen Jiahe slept soundly.
Fang Tianlin took advantage of the time before breakfast to inspect the interior of the new house.
Just in order to make a decent wedding room, it was painted hastily. There are very few limewashed places. If you look carefully, you can see the earthy yellow mud walls and natural colors. The room is small and there are only a handful of furniture. In the middle of the two camphor wood boxes, there is a pair of shoddy desks and chairs that look like beginners. Fang Tianlin dare not sit down for fear of accidentally crushing them. Fourth, go and wake up your third brother.
If you don’t start dinner soon, you will be late to go to the ground Sister-in-law, get up and have dinner, everyone is here, you two are missing The temperature was not abnormal, he thought, could it be that yesterday he was in a daze and didn’t know how to do it, and he was exhausted.
Fang Tianlin lifted the quilt and turned him over, only to see that the man’s body was in a mess.