Its best for Jiang Lin to slip away early at this time then you go slowly and take me to say hello to Young Master

Chapter 1: Bone Erosion’s Hate, Year 5 of the Last Days In the deep and dark dungeon of the Southern Army Base, a woman covered in dirt like a zombie crouched in a corner like a dog. This is already a dead person.
Not far from her, a scrawny zombie is waving its teeth and claws at her. If it weren’t for the two iron chains on the shoulder blades of the zombie, it would be firmly controlled within a certain range.
The woman is afraid. It has long been the food of the zombie.
The woman raised her eyes to look at the zombie’s eyes filled with despair. After a while, she saw a straight vine suddenly grow out of the woman’s hand, and then the woman slowly stood up.
Because the body is too weak, even relying on the vine to support step by step, the woman slowly walked in front of the zombie, feeling the flesh and blood approaching the zombie, more manic than before The chain rattled, the woman hesitated again and again, and finally raised the vine in her hand, closed her eyes and urged the vine to grow wildly, and then there was the sound of the vine sinking in. After a while, the strange screams of the zombies finally disappeared, and the chain didn’t make any sound anymore. The woman seemed to have used it up. The last bit of strength in my body suddenly fell to the ground, mother Ningning finally let you go, you and elder brother don’t walk too fast, please wait for Ningning to come to atone for your sins, suddenly the woman’s eyes froze, retracted the vine that was shortened again, and pointed at it After opening her own temples, she urged the vines to grow wildly these days. If you die in the wrong way, even death is a luxury. The woman finally closed her eyes in exhaustion and ended her miserable life. Chapter Rebirth Ningning should get up.
Today is our return trip Leng Ning opened her eyes, the dazzling sunlight made her mind blank for a moment I got the phone in my hand, year, month, day, Leng Ning couldn’t help but tremble as she held the phone tightly. Although everything is so unbelievable, she seems to have been reborn. Today, this date happens to be the third day of the first year of the end of the world. The blue star was shrouded in a smog, and human beings mutated one after another.
In just two weeks, nearly three-quarters of the people on the blue star became zombies.
In the days after the end of the day, the blue star became a hell for human beings. She is also considered lucky to have persisted in the apocalypse for five full years, watching human beings go from being in panic all day long to slowly gaining a foothold and establishing order, and then planning a counterattack.
Unfortunately, she misread the man and became a stumbling block to that man’s ambition and even hurt herself. Thinking of her family, Leng Ning felt a pain in her heart.
Since God gave her a chance to start again, this time she must protect her family. The place she is now is a resort on the outskirts of the city. The reason why she came here is to go out with her classmates She didn’t particularly want to come to the training. Han Yue invited her to persuade her. Han Yue said that she didn’t fit in. This is a good opportunity to build friendship with classmates. Because Han Yue was her only friend, she was afraid that Han Yue would be angry, and because she really wanted to get closer to her classmates, she agreed to come down. Mom was worried, so she followed her. The arrival of her mother made her suffer from some classmates.
Because of the rumors and gossips, she still complained in her heart that her mother should not think about it now, oh why is Ning Ning still lying in bed? The door was pushed open and a familiar face appeared at the door.
Mother Leng Ning corrected the man in the previous life Mom tricked her to the base and used her and her to threaten her elder brother.
Before she died, she was tortured so badly by that vicious woman, Han Yue, that she finally chose to commit suicide.
She will never forget the last thing her mom said to her. She said that the moment Ning Ning helped her mom.
She was still confused and didn’t know why her mother asked her to help until her mother killed herself in front of her.
She didn’t know that she asked her to relieve her after her death. After all, at that time, all human beings were infected with the zombie virus, even if they were not bitten by zombies Dead humans will also become zombies. The only way for people to rest forever is to break the zombie’s head, but that is her mother, how could she have the heart to let her leave her completely? Later, Han Yue chained the mother who had turned into a zombie Tether and her share the same room.
Every time I need to use them to threaten my eldest brother, I release them. Seeing that my eldest brother is getting more and more passive when confronting the southern army base, she can only choose to give her mother a relief and let herself.
After getting relief, I thought she could only die with hatred in her heart, but I didn’t expect that she was still alive and was reborn with memories.
Oh, Ning Ning, what’s wrong with you, seeing Leng Ning crying, Mother Lei came forward in a few worried steps Holding Leng Ning into her arms, although Ning Ning is not her own, isn’t she just like her own daughter? Chapter Goodbye, Mom Ning Ning’s biological mother is her best friend, we were the best friends before and if it wasn’t because of her Ning Ning and her husband would not lose their parents and become orphans. Ning Ning lost her parents in that accident and she lost her husband. If Ning Ning and her son hadn’t been with her all these years, she wouldn’t be able to survive.
Ning Ning just came to their house.
She was like a frightened little mouse when she was young.
Fortunately, she was patient and slowly Ning Ning also accepted her and even called her mother, so she just picked a girl for nothing. The son has his own career to be busy with, and his father left. Even though her son is very capable, she also knows that it is not easy for him, so she seldom bothers him and is more concerned with her daughter. In fact, it is not so much that she is taking care of Ning Ning Ning Ning is with her. If there is no Ning Ning, she might not be able to get out.
It’s all right. Leng Ning hastily wiped away her tears.
Ever since she came to this house, her mother has been extremely nervous about her every word and deed. She lost her composure like this.