It’s been a while since I’ve been free and I just need someone to accompany Chen Jie and Su Li have a good relationship Su

The first volume, the first show, the wedge, the black mountaintop, how many bullets does James have, a yellow-skinned, black-haired mercenary shouts at his teammates, it’s the last one, haha, damn Lee, this time we’re going to God for good, the black man lol, I’m the last too A bullet fired. The yellow-skinned mercenary looked at James and smiled, saying that he didn’t feel desperate in danger.
These two men are the most mysterious killer among the mercenaries.
Black Moon once created and completed 10 killer missions in a row and never missed a shot in many countries around the world. The rewards are more than 100 million. Most of them assassinate high-ranking officials in the political circles. Gang bosses, but no one has ever seen them, but everyone who has seen them is dead, except for their connection man. If you had another life, what would you do? The pistol in Zhong asked, hey, if I have a next life, I will enjoy the beauty of the world.
James shrugged his shoulders and jokingly said you. If I have a next life, the yellow-skinned man fell into deep thought.
Suddenly, a strong light interrupted the yellow-skinned man’s meditation. James and the others are here. The yellow-skinned man said quietly when he saw James. He replied indifferently, let’s go on the road.
The yellow-skinned man quickly raised his right hand to James’ head.
At the same time, James did the same.
Two gunshots were fired.
Immediately attract the people around to see each other leaning face to face, the bright red bloodstains are still bright in the moonlight. On this day, the most notorious killer in the world, Black Moon, disappeared on this inexplicable mountain, just like the moon on this day is black.
The silk and satin are bright red and the short night sky is blurred. Chapter 1 Rebirth Li Shuhao slowly opened his eyes and looked at the bright light of the crystal lamp shining through the black window. There is no moonlight.
Where is this? Suddenly, I felt that my hands did not have the same calluses as before, and my skin felt rough.
I looked at my delicate hands without any scars, and I couldn’t help wondering where this is. Am I already dead? Why did I turn around here and look at that immature face in the mirror? Isn’t this my previous face? Li Shuhao quietly looked at himself in the mirror without any traces of gunpowder smoke. He stroked it. A black and fat aunt ran over happily and said, young master, you finally woke up. Li Shuhao looked at the black man in front of him.
Auntie’s past memories suddenly awakened Aunt Shumi I saw you again I never thought I could see you again Young master Are you burnt out Even though Madam passed away, don’t scare me, black auntie anxiously said what, young master, you don’t remember The day before yesterday, my wife passed away unfortunately, you came home from school and heard the news, and you fainted in the lady’s room. At that time, we were frightened.
Aunt Shumi held her chest and seemed to be afraid that Li Shuhao’s thinking seemed to be unable to keep up. She asked what Aunt Shumi is now It’s just past time and you’ve been in a coma for nearly days. I’m asking what year and day it is now, master.
Don’t scare me.
It’s the year, month and day. Aunt Schumi It seems that I have lingering fears and turned around to call the doctor, Aunt Shumi, I’m fine, I feel confused now, you go out first, I’ll come out right away Li Shuhao rubbed his head and said, “Master, if you’re not feeling well, go ahead and take a rest, I’ll go down first, if you have something to do, just call me, I’ll be fine.
” Outside, Aunt Shumi said that you are right, the young master is the wife’s funeral tomorrow. Don’t be too sad, sir.
Seeing you like this will definitely make me feel uncomfortable again. Are you hungry? I’ll prepare some for you.
I have nothing to eat, I should be hungry, let me prepare something for you, you wait first, before Li Shuhao said anything, Aunt Shumi ran down thinking about it, seeing that Aunt Shumi is still so cute, Li Shuhao couldn’t help it He laughed, but his thoughts didn’t stop. Li Shuhao recalled his mother died of illness when he was young, and he seemed to pass out.
Could it be that he was born again? Looking at the familiar schoolbag and the piano his mother bought for him, everything seemed like a dream.
Li Shuhao was caught off guard and remembered being with James. Before he died, he said that if there is a next life, Li Shuhao hopes to live a good life with his family.
In the days of being a mercenary in the battlefield full of gunpowder, how much he wanted to live well.
He and James have been fighting hard in the mercenary Just to live well, they once killed the most mysterious agent of the CIA in Japan, and killed the second Yamaguchi Sasaki in Japan. There are still many world-class tasks.
They take these difficult tasks as a challenge and work hard to complete one after another.
Difficult missions are their greatest joy. In the world of mercenaries, they won the title of the next black moon and became a world-renowned mercenary group.
In the last mission, due to the wrong intelligence of the operator, they personally received a mission from a South African company to assassinate a certain African. The leader of the government army was surrounded by nearby government troops after the assassination was successful.
In order not to be captured, he gave his last bullet to his best partner.
Perhaps this is a rebirth God gave him to let me continue to live. Li Shuhao looked up. The dazzling light of this crystal lamp seems to illuminate all its memories, like the lights of a projector aimlessly Li Shuhao’s eyes are firm after thinking about all this, and he opens his eyes again as if to accept a baptism. Look forward, since God has given me another chance, I will take good care of what I have, young master, you get up, show me the steak you just made, and see if it tastes good, Mrs.
Shumi, put the food by the bed, Shuhao Li, turn around I was in a coma and seemed to only rely on infusions to maintain nutrition. My stomach was also a little hungry. I said thank you to Aunt Shumi. I ate voraciously.
Aunt Shumi looked at Li Shuhao lovingly and told him to eat slowly.