It’s amazing to fall in love Liz sneered haha ​​even if I fell in love I wouldn’t be a safe master so you a big

Handsome people and dogs The weather today is particularly bright when the school starts in September The slow pace reveals a bit of laziness and coziness. Meng Xia and the coach are walking leisurely on the road to Jagland. He is dressed in red suspenders, put on a white shirt, and wears the same red baseball cap on his head. The dazzling and ostentatious big sunglasses covered half of her face, the big white backpack with lollipops in her mouth was thrown behind her shoulders, her hands were in her trouser pockets, and she looked so comfortable and leisurely, and she followed her all the time. The same is true for the handsome dog even if it is a dog, it also attracts the attention of many passers-by because it is a handsome dog. A dog who likes to wear sunglasses The lowered eyes glanced lazily at the surrounding passers-by who looked a little complacent. The handsome man next to him barked as a response. The handsome man is a dog that understands human nature. Meng Xia communicated with the handsome man without any obstacles Under the circumstances, the commander calls out once, basically calls twice, is it because Meng Xia is now praising this pair of couple sunglasses, the handsome man certainly agrees, handsome, do you think you are handsome or I am handsome? Jealous, how can there be such a handsome dog? This is a Tibetan mastiff with a huge appearance and fluffy fur. At a glance, it looks very majestic and domineering. This is a birthday present Ji Chenyu gave her a few years ago, and has been with her all the time. One person and one dog are in such an unusual harmony that they almost slept together in the same bed. Hearing what Meng Xia said, the handsome man called out. Are you handsome? Shuai is jealous, forgive her for not letting go of the dog, the handsome rubbed his head against Meng Xia’s leg, showing a bit of tenderness in his domineering, such a handsome made Meng Xia smile and patted the handsome head, don’t come with me this time You’re a sycophant, the handsome guy immediately keeps his eyes on the side, and walks forward in a serious manner The mode of getting along with my master is always boring. Some simple things can make each other feel good.
Indeed, Meng Xia is in a good mood today. Although I am reluctant to go to that kind of school, but I was entrusted by others, you know Ji Chenyu. The guy is usually chattering like an aunt, and since he begged me, he still said a lot of things that he reluctantly gave up and gave you to me a few years ago, so I can only wrong myself and agree to run to that evil Asia Gran College, you must know that I am here because of you.
Meng Xia began to complain to the commander-in-chief as he walked, and the commander-in-chief called out, “Okay, please answer the master, although the master’s words are just to say nice things.
” He is not a stupid dog Are you looking for death? But don’t worry, I checked and checked when I went to school yesterday. I chose a very luxurious private suite dormitory, and only I live alone. That’s why I brought you there today.
Look at me, sister.
How kind to you, Meng Xia raised her eyebrows and was very proud.
Usually, she always calls herself Dashuai’s sister, Dashuai and called out again. This time, she wholeheartedly agreed. Is there anything more handsome than this? Thinking about it, every time Meng Xia went to school in the past, he would stay at home alone, and it was really boring. The school is so big, it should be fun, but I have heard that the school can pretend to be a person. There are too many rich people there. There are too many people to offend.
Maybe we all have to get out of here.
Meng Xia continued to exhort the Dao Marshal and responded again. In fact, he was thinking about this in his heart.
Meng Xia, you should keep it to yourself. It doesn’t know anything else, it knows that its master is by nature random, since it followed Meng Xia, the troubles Meng Xia caused back can’t be written down in a notebook. Hey, I actually agreed to Ji Chenyu, that guy ruined my life! Meng Xia started again Looking up to the sky, the marshal sighed happily from the side, and a loud whistle came from the side of the road. Meng Xia’s eyeballs under the sunglasses looked at the side of the road, and saw a few young people who were standing or squatting on the side of the road. Hey young girl, your dog is so handsome. One of the young men started molesting with the dog, thank you, Meng Xia didn’t stop, said thank you, and then continued to move forward. Running over and following Meng Xia, one of them boldly put his hand on Meng Xia’s shoulder directly. No matter which school the chick is in, no matter which school there are brothers, maybe they can take care of you. Meng Xia stopped and looked at her. Taking a look at the hand on his shoulder, is this kid looking for death? Looking at the handsome, the handsome has been squeezed to the periphery by this group of people, but his leisurely, calm, haughty and handsome look is clearly pretending that it has nothing to do with it The dog looks like he doesn’t care. He must be snickering in his heart right now.
It’s a bad dog. I’m afraid the world won’t be chaotic. How about a bad dog? How about the little girl? I’ll take you to play today.
The young man said that one of the young men squatted in front of the dog. With a smirk on my face, I also have a bitch at home, why don’t I give you this male dog as a companion too? Quickly got up and jumped away, making the other boys laugh endlessly. Don’t mess with me and my handsome man, be careful not to walk around. Meng Xia said lightly, if you dare to touch the handsome man’s sunglasses, even if she doesn’t do it, the handsome man will not agree.