It’s alright I’ve been suffering from frequent shortness of breath I’ve stabbed my lungs even if it’s cured it’s inevitable that there will be sequelae

But most people parked their cars on the main road and couldn’t drive in. When she came, she walked a long way and didn’t know how far she had traveled.
From the rearview mirror of a car on the side of the road, she suddenly found someone behind her. Following her figure is very familiar, walking behind her right, not far or near In front of her, You Wenxi asked him why he followed me. Jing Xi wanted to tell you something in a deep voice. You Wenxi smiled and shook his head. I thought you were going to say that I was in danger.
You can’t do this. Jing Xi is so honest, how can you get out of the single Jing Xi? You Wenxi patted his arm and walked away, don’t stand here, you haven’t eaten anything at night, since you’re here, the teacher will take you to eat something good, and the two of you went to pick up the car well west side by side Turning to look at her, is your child okay? He still remembers the doctor asked You Wenxi to check again in half a month.
Slightly dimmed, where is his father with you? You Wenxi didn’t want to discuss family affairs with the students, so he didn’t tell the truth that the father didn’t know the truth and she and the father were about to divorce.
He just said he was busy, but my parents took care of him. Seeing me, too, Jing Xi looked away, lowered her head, didn’t know what she was thinking, and didn’t say anything anymore. You Wenxi drove Jing Xi to a restaurant that he often went to when he and Wei Chou first started working together. The Chinese food in that restaurant was very good. She and Zhu Hua have the same tastes, so they come here every time they act, because Zhu Hua also likes to come here for entertainment, in order to negotiate a marriage smoothly. During that time, she and Wei Chou did everything they could. Now that I think about it, it’s ridiculous that high-end Chinese restaurants have the same clothes. There are requirements, but Ewing Creek’s Platinum Card is not a display. The doormen and waiters must write down the guests holding these cards. No matter what the situation is, they must never make an oolong to stop the Platinum guests.
So when Ewing Creek brings a stall When Jingxi walked to the door, no one stopped the doorman, and she took the initiative to greet you, Miss Daoyou.
You are here.
You Wenxi gave him a tip and handed him the car keys to help park the car. Thank you, she still drove her little Santana. But the doorman carefully enters through the automatic door as if driving a tens of millions of sports cars. First of all, you can see the magnificent hall, the tall and luxurious dome inside, and the radiant crystal lights. The combination of Chinese red and dragon robe yellow makes the whole decoration solemn.
With thick colors, there are carved screens and other ancient decorations, which add a bit of elegance and ancient charm.
The waiter is wearing a brocade red cheongsam to welcome Ms. You. Is the seat by the window this time? There is a seat by the window on the second floor.
The exit of the area is very close. As long as you come out of the private room area, you can see that seat. It is the seat where You Wenxi and Wei Chou used to sit, but now there is no need to sit there.
It’s okay if you don’t sit by the window. The waiter took You Wenxi to sit with a great view. There is a screen on the right side of the deck to block the sight of outsiders.
On the left is a man wearing a cheongsam belt.
A woman dressed as a jade hairpin is performing a tea ceremony.
Youwenxi handed the menu to Jingxi. You can order whatever you want.
Jingxi didn’t pick him up.
Since he came here, he has become very silent.
Youwenxi handed the menu to Jingxi for a long time. With inexplicably vicious eyes like a little wolf cub, she raised her eyebrows and calmly took the menu back and served a few of the dishes I usually eat here, one piece of rice and one piece of your homemade fruit wine. The waiter took the menu and went down to Youwenxi Chongjing. Xi smiled and said that the dishes I often eat are some of their best dishes. You can try to see if it suits your taste. Jing Xi still didn’t speak and didn’t stare at her anymore.
She turned her head to the left and followed his gaze. In the past, I laughed and said that this tea ceremony master was hired by this hotel with a lot of money. I don’t know what day of the month I come, and I may not be able to meet it. It all depends on luck.
If you are interested, you can ask her for a cup after she divides the pot. Come and taste the tea, Jing Xi looked at it for a while and finally opened his mouth.
Why did you bring me to this Juwen River Road to bring you to eat? You don’t have to think about it. Jing Xi closed his mouth again and sat for a while. Youwenxi Road, let’s go Jingxi turned to look at her Youwenxi encouraged him with his eyes Jingxi got up and went over, the tea ceremony master served the tea with both hands and the little finger was slightly raised, his posture was elegant, and all the people who came up to beg for tea had the same eyes. Jingxi was not in her eyes Seeing any contempt and humiliation towards him, she bowed her head slightly, as if she only had the cup of tea in her hand in her eyes, as if no one could see him when he stepped into the eyes of the waiters and doormen It’s all the same as Ewing Creek. He imitated other guests and took the tea with both hands and returned to his seat.
He picked up the tea and wanted to drink it, but he was stopped by Ewing Creek to smell the fragrance first. Praise to the master, Jing Xi Duan tea’s hand paused for a moment, glanced at You Wenxi, You Wenxi smiled and looked at his eyes, there was always an encouraging and gentle smile in his eyes, Jing Xi sniffed the tea clumsily, took a last sip, but it was not wasteful.
When the dishes started to be served, the master of the tea ceremony had to leave after packing up his things.
You Wenxi asked Jing Xi, did you drink tea before? Tea cannot be called tea. This hotel, whether it is a tea ceremony master or tea, is the best.
You Wenxi also pointed to the dishes on the table to try. The first dish is cold vegetables, fruits and vegetables, lotus root slices.
After taking a sip, he put down the spoon.
What about Juwen River Road? Jingxi nodded and finally opened Jinkou. It’s delicious. This dish of fruit and vegetable lotus root slices is actually very common outside, but it’s far inferior to the ordinary small restaurants outside in terms of appearance and taste. Served a few more dishes