It’s alright I’ve been suffering from frequent shortness of breath I’ve stabbed my lungs even if it’s cured it’s inevitable that there will be sequelae

Those malicious eyes from before were much less. You Wenxi calmly finished class and returned to the office, turned on the computer and began to write. After Mr.
Qin came in, he looked at her several times and finally failed to speak. An iceberg surrounded by gloomy mist waited for You Wenxi to copy the documents into a disk and pack up his things before leaving.
Teacher Qin finally mustered up the courage to say what Teacher You was really before. Strictly speaking, she didn’t say anything, but anyone who understands can understand Teacher Qin started but couldn’t continue, and was extremely embarrassed for a moment. You Wenxi didn’t even look at her.
She didn’t take a nap and walked straight away.
There was no one in the office building.
The teacher said, please help me to print this document.
The school teachers basically know each other.
The teachers are not bad. I made a team for You Wenxi’s file.
I accidentally caught a glimpse of the content.
Dao You, teacher, you are going to resign. You Wenxi just said no. The familiar teacher did not investigate too much, printed out the resignation letter, You Wenxi went to the Academic Affairs Office, the teachers were not there, she went out and went directly to the principal’s office, but the principal Fu was not there, maybe the person who was still dealing with the letter or Wei Choi You Wenxi was not there Even though so many pushed the resignation letter in through the crack of the door, turned around and left, she will definitely not be able to quit in a short time.
There is still one week before her maternity leave.
In front of him Chapter Warm water At noon You Wenxi went back to eat and Wei Chou was not at home She felt more at ease these two days she had some frequent urination You Wenxi went to the toilet three times in a row to make sure she didn’t feel like urinating before going back to her room to take a nap After taking a nap, she saw a missed call on her phone The phone call is You Wenxi from Principal Fu’s office, and he came to the principal’s office again.
Principal Fu looked at the resignation letter and asked Teacher You with a serious face. Are you serious? You Wenxi said to me that I might not be suitable to be a teacher. I’ve been a teacher for so many years and told me today that it’s not suitable for You Wenxi.
He didn’t say anything.
Principal Fu said that even this level can make you lose your fighting spirit.
You Wenxi remained silent.
Principal Fu took a sip of tea and brewed it. Teacher You’s family background is prominent.
You live in such a family. I think it’s incredible that you can come to teach. If it’s not for your love of this profession, I can’t think of other reasons that drive you to do this.
An old teacher said something like this in the class. She said that teaching is a helpless move. She didn’t want to be a teacher at first, but she passed the teacher’s exam and couldn’t find an ideal job.
She had to obey the assignment and entered the ivory tower of the school again. She bit the bullet and taught.
At the end of the year, she found that the job of being a teacher made it easier for her to do it. Other teachers would slowly change from a cup of boiling water to a cup of warm water, and finally to a cup of cold water. Every day in class seemed to be completing a task, but she was completely reversed. It took her a year to turn a glass of ice water into a glass of boiling water and nearly half her life to keep the glass of water at a constant temperature. I was a teacher because of her influence and I also I want to see what temperature I can keep a glass of water at.
Principal Fu looked at her.
What temperature is your glass of water now? You Wenxi smiled and stood up.
It doesn’t matter because I’ve already poured it.
Principal Fu is tongue-tied. What can I say? You Wenxi, go outside, ask the principal to arrange for the teacher to hand over the courses to me in time. I will have three more days of class at most. Fu principal hurriedly stood up and called her Teacher You, You Wenxi stopped. Principal Fu looked at her expectantly as if she was still there Wanting to persuade You Wenxi again, but said slowly, don’t worry, before she fell to the ground, she was still warm.
That night Zhu Hua called, apparently she still knew about the school.
I was worried.
Zhu Hua paused for a moment. Wei Chou sat beside her and raised his eyes to see her react. Zhu Hua made a good speech and was willing to resign, which means you are not confused.
The school is now like this. If you stay any longer, you still don’t know what kind of eyes they will use.
See you after that? What is your plan in the future? Is it to continue to be a teacher or You Wenxi interrupted her last Mid-Autumn Festival? Didn’t you tell me to take the exam? Hua recalled it for a while before he remembered and said, I didn’t expect you to listen to what I said when I was drunk. It’s okay if you are so obedient.
If you have a plan, you can do it. If you want to take the exam, my mother will definitely support you and don’t worry about failing the exam.
Come to the company for an internship for at least a year.
No one can match your experience, You Wenxi said, so when the baby is born, I will join the company to help you hang up the phone You Wenxi got up and went to take a bath, Wei Chou suddenly grabbed her wrist Wenxi Youwenxi paused for a moment, then sat down and spoke softly I remembered that I haven’t discussed it with you. Do you agree with me to resign and go back to Shixin for the job test? But the hand stopped in the middle of the air, and finally hung down weakly. The principal Fu dragged on until three days later to find a teacher to pick up You Wenxi’s class.
It didn’t take long for the handover to happen. In the end, I went to the office building to complete the resignation procedures in the office of the Academic Affairs Office. In the office of the Academic Affairs Office, Enjiao Road was narrow. You Wenxi met Teacher Chang. Teacher Chang looked even more haggard than when he came up on the National Day holiday. Seeing You Wenxi’s lips murmuring for a while, he finally turned his head away without saying a word. On the one hand, she was also here to go through the resignation procedures, You Wenxi smiled and put away her various documents, turned around and left the house, Wei Choi was not at home, You Wenxi simply packed up her luggage, called the driver who had been idle for a long time, and asked him to pick her up to You’s house When I arrived at You’s house, I didn’t expect that Zhu Hua and You Baogang had been eating lunch with the two of them for most of the afternoon.