It’s alright I’ve been suffering from frequent shortness of breath I’ve stabbed my lungs even if it’s cured it’s inevitable that there will be sequelae

After a year of marriage, Wei Chou found out that his wife is a beauty You Wenxi always thought that Wei Chou was a sanctimonious hypocrite, but he never thought that he was a well-clothed beast. The same goes for the abstinent male lead.
Content tags: Urban love, sweet text, love war, protagonist You Wenxi, supporting role, Wei Chou, chapter Lu Yu Lu Yu, Wei Chou’s car was stuck on Qingbai Road at four o’clock in the afternoon. The closed car smelled very faint of cologne. The soft leather chairs are clean and shiny, and the cold air escapes from the air vents to the corners of the car. Looking through the windshield, you can see two long queues that are blocked in front of you. Still infected by his enthusiasm, a white and slender hand rests loosely on the back seat, in the sunshine, the nails are neatly trimmed, and it seems to have a soft light. After a while, the hand moves slowly and is placed on the lap and sits open. The heat of the sun can be felt in the air-conditioned car.
Wei Chiu frowned slightly.
The driver felt a burning pain from the direct sunlight on his face.
He knocked on the steering wheel anxiously and raised his eyes to look in front of the long dragon. The team still stagnated at Qingbai Road. There was no movement in the back seat for more than an hour. The driver couldn’t help but glance at the rearview mirror.
The man sitting in the middle of the back seat avoided the sun and sat on the left.
The driver only saw half of a delicate and fair face, only the other half of his face.
The brown hair is neatly combed to the back of the head, the forehead is full, the eyes are deep and slightly contemplative, the bridge of the nose is high and straight, the lips are thin and not fleshy, and there are beauty grooves on the chin. The facial lines are smooth and deep. It’s even sharper and colder like snow. This is a mixed race. Wei Chou sensed that someone was watching him.
He raised his head just in time to meet the driver’s gaze in the rearview mirror. Quickly cast aside his eyes, Wei Cho slowly retracted his gaze, how long will it take to be blocked, like many foreigners, Wei Cho speaks mandarin well, but his words are too serious The style of speaking depends on when the traffic was cleared ahead. The driver was a little guilty. He was relying on Wei Zi to return to China and didn’t know much about Tongcheng. He was lazy and copied the side road. Anxiously, he looked out of the window. On both sides of Qingbai Road are the old residential areas of Tongcheng. The houses are low and dilapidated and urgently need to be demolished.
After stopping like this for a while, I can hardly see the original color of the car.
I don’t know how long I waited. The car in front finally moved slowly.
Part of her long hair was loose and part of it was pulled behind her ears. Looking at her from this distance, she felt that the sun was shining on her face, making that already beautiful face even more radiant. She put her hands on the man’s body know to hear What suddenly laughed, that slightly serious face instantly melted like ice and snow, the man also smiled slightly, the gentle expression between his brows and eyes was unobstructed, the road was cleared, the car gradually drove faster, Wei Chou only looked at it for a while, then turned his head back at night There is a social meeting, but Wei Zhao looked at the time and said back to Qishan. The driver responded. It didn’t take long.
Qingbai Road was finished. The road on the left of the intersection was closed.
Vendors opened one after another, the tricycles were jammed in the middle of the road, most of them were students in their teens wearing school uniforms, because there was no vehicle to squeeze them through the food stalls.
When they crossed the road, they acted recklessly as if they were walking in the school playground. Wei Chiu frowned. The driver felt guilty. Looking back at the people behind, he muttered in a low voice, why is there a sudden construction here, and said that he followed the traffic and drove back.
He wanted to take a shortcut, but instead took a long detour. The car was parked in the underground parking lot of a supermarket near Qingbai Road.
I bought some fruits nearby. After walking for a long distance, I got lost. From the outside, there seems to be nothing to say about Qingbai Road, except for the dilapidated walls, but once you enter Inside, the well-connected alleys can make people dizzy and dizzy, as if they have entered a maze of physical obstacles. There are piles of debris under the feet, and the wires above the head are intricate. The residential buildings on both sides are dilapidated.
Non-stop dripping water, You Wenxi was hit twice, almost thought it was bird droppings, when he looked up and saw a pair of yellowed underwear that looked like a rag, You Wenxi felt sick and left here, and took out a tissue to wipe his hair while walking. I don’t know how long it took to take it off, and I didn’t meet a single living person along the way.
The surroundings were so quiet that even the dust in the air seemed to have stopped. Under the sun, You Wenxi’s heart felt a little hairy.
At the entrance of the alley, she turned around sullenly, but bumped into someone’s arms.
Reflexively, You Wenxi took a step back and said sorry, Teacher You.
The person who was hit shouted in surprise. After You Wenxi apologized, he had already seen that it was another teacher from their school.
Qi is in his fifties and has no ability to work.
For more than 20 years, he can only be a head teacher in an ordinary class.
After so many years of flattering the principal, he has become worse and worse.
First of all, I came here to visit Teacher You, why is he also here? You Wenxi pursed his lips, and I also visited You Wenxi at home. Although Xu Qi is a Chinese teacher, he seemed a little cramped at this time. Xi raised his head and looked around, asked Xu Qi, teacher Xu, which student also lives here, Xu Qi hurriedly answered Liao Qing