Its a similar punch frame and then there was a burst of crash in an instant accompanied by the sound of a silver bell Zhu

Chapter 1 Kou Li sitting by the window is a young man of twenty-three or fourteen years old.
He is dressed in a starched and white green robe, and his appearance is quite upright.
The most striking thing is that the corners of the eyes are slightly curved and sharp, like the beak of an eagle. Now he is frowning, his fingers unconsciously knocking on the table, as if there is something annoying The shopkeeper’s eyes are so vicious that few people can’t see through them, but he really can’t see through this young man.
Guangdong Province is rich and prosperous.
As long as he has enough courage, the South Seas contain countless wealth. Everyone who comes here sees it through his eyes. Desire is only concealed by some people, while others are not concealed. Since the imperial court opened the sea, the foreigners who came here have either become rich or dead, but the person in front of me has no idea who mines gold and silver from overseas island countries today, or who Gossips like the fishing of thousand-year-old sea pearls seem not to be interested at all.
What he cares about is county annals, folklore, gods and ghosts, and in the past two months, this young man has also traveled all over the nearby mountains within a thousand miles to see nothing. I remembered that this young man’s name was Kou Li. With a bang, the door was kicked open.
Five or six sturdy tattooed men broke in. An old fisherman who delivered fish couldn’t dodge, but was knocked by the edge of the door.
Two front teeth fell down.
Sitting on the ground showing pain Uncle Wen Clam The young fisherman was angry and wanted to go forward to make a theory, but the old fisherman grabbed him tightly and said in a low voice that they are the Water Dragon Gang of the Water Dragon Gang and the Gelaohui of Bashu, the Green Gang who is in charge of the water transportation on the Yangtze River. Since the imperial court opened the sea 20 years ago, it has grown rapidly by relying on shipping transactions with countries in the Ryukyu Islands and Southeast Asia. Jewelry, tea, silk, satin, porcelain, and food are everywhere. Especially in recent years, the development has been extremely fast. It seems that the leader of the three major ship gangs is eating by the sea. In people’s eyes, they are the emperor of Lingnan, Lao Tzu, the leader of the harpoon, looked at the two with disdain, spit a mouthful of thick phlegm on each other’s foreheads, walked without eyes, looking for death, a pair of dead fish eyes, some astigmatism due to soaking in water for too long Dantouboy next to him reminded Brother Daogu that there, all the ferocious eyes of the water dragon gang members were staring at Kou Li by the window. The scholar seems to have not figured out the situation and is still lamenting that the sea view outside the window handed over the goods of the water dragon gang.
Believe it or not, I will sink you into the sea too.
The harpoon kicked over the opposite table and shouted Kou Li with quick eyes and quick hands Rescued the half-drunk bowl of herbal tea before the table was overturned, and glanced at the other party with a slight indifference.
The ancient underworld is nothing special. The harpoon bone who disturbed my tea was so angry that he just slapped it. If it was hard enough, it could break the cheekbones.
The slap was real, but the slap stopped half a foot away and was caught by an old hand like iron tongs. Young people, don’t worry, it’s not clear what the fight was about.
A thin, horse-faced old man appeared at some point Smiling, but with his hands clamped like iron tongs, the little leader of the water dragon gang can’t move the harpoon bone. Knowing that when he encounters a hard stubble, he rushes with such strength.
At least he is a person who has practiced four skills, but he still has the confidence to face this old man. Even if the guy is a practicing family boy, once he is over thirty or forty, his energy will decline, and his martial arts will also drop rapidly. Who can beat anyone? No matter what the rules of the road are, we care about you. Don’t meddle in your own business. The horse-faced old man didn’t answer, but just turned around and said, your legs are loose, your hands and feet are weak, your eyes are listless, and you haven’t practiced it.
Aren’t you afraid of facing these rascals, Wu? I’m afraid I’m afraid I’ll kill them.
The other party is indeed not a member of the rivers and lakes, but he has not gained nothing in the past three years. He is still confident in dealing with a few gangsters. On a very hot day, the egghead next to your mother is not a good-tempered man in the cold air.
He picked up the harpoon and jumped on it. As a result, the black shadow flashed and fell back at a faster speed. Young man, give me face.
I’m here to smooth out the horse-faced old man’s seemingly good intentions, but a hint of cunning flashed in his eyes Do you know that the energy of the Water Dragon Gang has offended them? All the three religions and nine schools in Guangdong Province will come to trouble you.
You don’t want to mess up here.
I can’t help but you do it. Seeing that the two of you ignored your own harpoon bone, you couldn’t help it.
Finally, you couldn’t help but pulled out your waist knife and practiced it.
With a flash of light, you chopped off the old man’s arm. The gang behind you saw this and pulled it out at the same time.
The weapon rushed forward at the same time, and there was a sting, the harpoon bone hurt in the wrist, and it was almost impossible to grasp the edge of the knife, but at some point, the horse-faced old man had a five-foot-long iron gun in his hand. At least 30 to 40 pounds Kou Li is also curious He is not afraid of these tattooed gangsters because he has a trump card, but the old man is also so arrogant. Could it be that this Jianghu really has martial arts?