Its a person who looks exactly like the humans on Huatian Continent holding a big knife facing the alien existence with three eyes said coldly

In the vast universe of Huatian Continent, there is an incomparably huge continent called Huatian Continent by the locals. Huatian Kingdom is the most powerful country on Huatian Continent, and there are other countries and tribes of different sizes in the surrounding area of ​​Huatian Continent.
People who reach the age of 18 can have the first level of Tiandi in Huatian Continent, and the folk customs of Huatian Continent are also extremely tough. Everyone worships force very much. At this moment, a planet in a certain galaxy above Huatian Continent descended at the same time. Three great beings After the three great beings descended, each of them maintained a distance of hundreds of kilometers. Each of the three great beings was a giant ten kilometers high. One of them had a pair of silver horns on his head and three faces on his face.
One eye, one mouth, one nose, and one pair of ears. Standing in the air with a pair of giant axes in his hand, it looks weird. On the other head, there is also a unicorn. Behind him, there are a pair of wings. He also holds a giant sword in his hand, and stands in the air. The last giant is also standing in the air. It’s a person who looks exactly like the humans on Huatian Continent, holding a big knife, facing the alien existence with three eyes, said coldly, the three-eyed spirit treasure that was born this time is a purple meteor controlled by our Huatian Continent Is it possible that you want to snatch you away? Do you really think that there is no one in Huatian Continent or do you think that people in Huatian Continent are afraid of your three-eyed clan? Huh Xuanyuan this time I will give you the face of Huatian Continent, otherwise you think I am really There is nothing I can do about it, this newly born spirit treasure is just an intermediate level, my group has more three-eyed disdain, obviously these two have already played against each other just now, since they don’t intend to fight any more, after speaking, only three-eyed swung the giant ax in his hand Suddenly the space shattered, and a gate of time and space leading to nowhere immediately appeared in front of Sanyan, Sanyan walked directly into the gate of time and space, and immediately disappeared into the starry sky after Sanyan walked in After leaving, he smiled at the existence of hundreds of kilometers and said, “What’s the unicorn, do you want this middle-level Lingbao Xuanyuan?” Going to find treasure in a dangerous and secret place, of course, you won’t start a battle for a middle-level spirit treasure.
After hearing this, the unicorn laughed and responded. In fact, I came here this time because of the order of the ancestors of the ethnic group to check it out. As for the three eyes.
The purpose may be the same as mine, okay? Well, I already know the matter, and I should go back to the group and return to life. If we have time, we will get together again, so I won’t send it off. Walk slowly Xuanyuan nodded slightly to the unicorn and said yes. See you again. The unicorn pointed at Xuanyuan He bowed his head and cast the secret method on the spot, the golden light flashed, the one horn disappeared, alas, every time a spirit treasure is born, it cannot escape the induction of the supreme existence of other ethnic groups, Xuanyuan sighed in his heart, then went to the planet below the starry sky to drink and collect the Xuanyuan As soon as the words fell, a gray blue light flew rapidly from the planet below.
The gray blue light flew in front of Xuanyuan in a moment, and then stopped. This gray blue light is a newly born spirit treasure. This spirit treasure looks like a house. The slap is bigger hehe, it turned out to be a sealed spirit treasure. The harvest this time is also good.
Now that the spirit treasure is in hand, it’s time to go back.
Xuan Yuan put away the spirit treasure with a wave of his big hand. Then a teleport disappeared into the vast starry sky.
A small town more than 200 miles away from Huatian City, the largest and most prosperous capital of Huatian Kingdom, is called Xihe Town. Xihe Town is more prosperous than other small towns. There are many shops everywhere in the town. There are so many people coming and going, what makes a small Xihe Town so prosperous? First, because Xihe Town is relatively close to Huatian City, many people going to Huatian City pass by this town every day; second, because Huatian Kingdom is the most The Xuantian Sect, one of the three famous sects, is located on a mountain not far to the east of Xihe Town. This mountain is called Xuantian Mountain. Today, the Xuantian Sect holds a selection of mountain gates in Huatian every three years. The disciple’s big day, many boys and girls in Huatian have already come to Xihe Town early, and now all the inns in Xihe Town have already been rented out by those who came to participate in the Xuantian Sect’s disciples, and the candidates who came last Those who didn’t rent the inn paid a high price and rented it directly at the homes of the townspeople in Xihe Town.
Because Xihe Town is close to the Xuantian Sect and protected by the Xuantian Sect, the townspeople of Xihe Town dared to rent their houses to these outsiders with confidence.
Some people who can’t find a place to stay have to live in the wild.
The disciples of the Xuantian sect are divided into three levels. Cultivate and learn at the foot of Xuantian Mountain.
True disciples live and practice on the mountainside, and each floor has different levels of teachers who teach that only those who are promoted to personal disciples can live with the teacher and practice on Xuantian Mountain. The lowest level is the top Xuantian Sect of the Heavenly Emperor.
The mountain gate is wide and big. On both sides of the mountain gate, there are two golden round pillars that are nearly ten kilometers high and six to seven meters wide. Looking at the mountain gate from a distance, the two golden round pillars seem to be straight into the sky.
The mountain gate is as high as a Tianzhu, and there is a huge plaque on it, with three ancient characters written on it.
Xuantian sect looks at these three characters from bottom to top, as if entering another endless world.
On both sides of the Zhiji Mountain Gate are three celestial disciples of the Xuantian Sect who are responsible for guarding the mountain gate, receiving guests, passing on reports, etc. Opposite the mountain gate is a huge square that can accommodate tens of thousands of people. At this moment, there is a group of Xuantian Sect disciples I was busy registering all the people who came to participate in the selection of the disciples of the mountain gate, and now the registration is almost coming to an end As soon as he finished speaking, a thin, about 30-year-old disciple of the Xuantian sect shouted at the person who said with emotion just now, don’t talk nonsense here, if the people who came to participate in the selection heard it, it would cause a commotion