Its a miserable mess its an ominous omen Chen pretends to be blind and the landlord you two auspicious people wish you all the best

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Nuo, and you can call me the Yin master of the Dong nationality. In the year, I opened a Chong Nuo shop in Ning Fortune Telling Street. Many people have never heard of Chong Nuo, and even don’t even understand its basic meaning, which caused my Business has been bad until the first time it became famous in the file experience I named as Guigu Shensuan. At that time, it was just after the Chinese New Year. The atmosphere of the whole street was full of urgency. Everyone was there.
Busy with the upcoming work, it seems that the busiest day of the year is coming.
I am the only one who has the most leisure time. I boil a pot of tea in this impoverished shop I run, sit on the rocking chair, and sip carefully at noon at the fortune-telling shop next door.
Blind Chen came to my shop, sat down to drink tea, and talked with me about a recent gossip, have you heard that Wang Shen was dismembered? Well, what I said before revealed too many secrets, and sooner or later he will suffer As a retribution, I took off his sunglasses and looked at Blind Chen’s eyes that were not blind. You f*cking old man pretending to be blind, don’t you pretend to be sophisticated in front of me? Blind Chen hurriedly put on his sunglasses and was nervous Xie looked around and let out a sigh of relief, don’t make trouble, but I’m the guy who eats, how can I pick it up? I shook my head, Blind Chen smiled and told me about the king’s fortune. It is said that he was going out.
The result of a private fortune-telling will never come back. He was dismembered.
The key is that the person who dismembered him doesn’t know who the murderer is and now the murderer is still running away.
Speaking of Wang Shen’s fortune-telling, he is famous because he is very accurate in fortune-telling, so his business is very popular. He is a well-known person in ten miles and eight towns, but unfortunately, he recently met a perverted murderer. After chatting with Chen Xiazi for a while, he saw customers coming to his shop, and immediately dropped his teacup and rushed back. I voted in envy. An old man pretending to be blind can make money every day, but I, who has some skills, can’t make money. Is it true? As Chen Xiazi said, the name of this shop is too obscure and needs to be changed to something like Chen Xiazi’s fortune-telling hall. At this moment, the customer who had just entered Blind Chen’s shop came out suddenly and walked towards me.
This is a middle-aged man with a big belly and a gloomy face holding a briefcase. He strode directly.
Walked into my shabby little shop, and immediately raised my neck and asked a question. There is an expert here. His question made me stunned, and I quickly stood up and asked what it meant. Then I realized that he was introduced by Chen Blind. I thought to myself that the sun was coming out from the west, and Blind Chen was willing to hand over the business to others, and after inquiring, I found out that this middle-aged man wanted to find someone to solve some evil things, but how could Blind Chen solve it? So I introduced him to me.
Blind Chen’s fortune-telling shop is quite famous. Although he doesn’t have many real skills, he can count the days.
These things are still good. As long as you master this point, you will have a selling point. All in all, Blind Chen is not like me when he goes out to fight evil people, but I can solve everything that he can’t solve.
Fighting evil is also a word that few people know. Someone is haunted by evil spirits, so we want to invite people like us to drive them away. After knowing the reason, I suppressed the excitement of coming to the door for business, and then immediately explained to the guests the meaning of our Chong Nuo and the past of my grandfather’s previous Chong Nuo grandfather. It was the Dong family who were famous in the Dong people back then.
When they went down to the house, they were restless, and when they went up to the horse fairy to make troubles, they could be resolved smoothly.
The most famous one is the incident of the dragon king who caused water trouble.
It is rumored that there is a local dragon king who wants to eat children, otherwise it will rain heavily. Just at that time, there was a catastrophic flood, and the beast took the opportunity to trick him. After learning about it, his grandfather jumped into the river with his sword on his shoulders, and in a daze, he pulled out the water king snake pretending to be the dragon king from the river and chopped it off.
The middle-aged man with a head lost his eyes immediately after hearing me tell this first allusion, and asked where is your grandfather now? Can you invite him here? I smiled bitterly and said that my grandfather passed away a few years ago, and now I am his The descendants will inherit his craftsmanship and walk the world.
I can’t guarantee that he will be as capable as he is, but he will never cheat you.
The middle-aged man looked at me with some hesitation, and then explained to me the strange things around him.
His name is Chen Fu, and he works at a local funeral home.
The curator recently encountered a strange incident at their place. The cause was that a make-up artist found the corpse strange and took Chen Fu to visit the corpse, only to find that the complexion of the corpse became more and more rosy, as if it had come to life. According to him, this corpse The corpse was murdered and the murderer has not been found yet, so the corpse has not been disposed of and is temporarily stored in their funeral home.
If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. Chen Fu firmly believes in the truth left by the ancestors, so he came immediately after seeing the strange appearance of the corpse. On the fortune-telling street, you can look for experts, but most of the fortune-tellers here are scammers, those who are truly capable and relatively reserved, and those who can deal with strange things for others are even rarer.
In this inexplicable shop called Chong Nuo, I heard that this was my business, so I coughed and then said slowly.
It sounds a bit tricky.
Can you take me to your funeral home? Chen Fu said that if you If I’m free, I can take you there right now. I’m going to be moldy in this store, so I don’t pretend to be busy. After negotiating the price of the business trip with Chen Fu, I immediately set off with Chen Fu with a broken backpack on my back. Going to the funeral parlor is a matter of Chong Taiping Nuo, so it doesn’t matter whether the business trip is successful or not.