Its a common thing for a revolutionary female compatriot When passion is burning in her she will never refuse anyones hint of courtship She will

The youngest captain in the early morning in the eastern waters of the Gulf of Aden in the Indian Ocean, a red sun rises and thick fog gradually disperses, the azure sea is covered with golden sunshine The Chinese fleet sailed through the Straits of Mandeb and entered the Indian Ocean through the Strait of Malacca.
The total voyage of more than half a month has exceeded 5,000 nautical miles. The guided-missile destroyer Qingdao is serving as the flagship of the fleet command.
It has been 20 years, with a full load displacement of 4,200 tons, a maximum speed of 32 knots, and the ability to take off and land two armed helicopters at the same time. The firepower is except for a double-barreled 100mm caliber gun, two triple-mounted torpedo tubes, and two 24-barrel tubes. The rotary rocket launcher also has four twin-mounted anti-ship missiles that are ready to fire. The maximum range can reach 200 nautical miles. Zeng Dazhong, dressed in the uniform of the Chinese Marine Corps, stands upright on the deck of the Qingdao.
He is the youngest captain in the history of our army.
The best Marine Corps commando with flat head, long legs and well-developed abdominal muscles.
His black and red face exudes fortitude and bravery. His eyes are habitually alert and ready for battle. The sea seems to be a piece of translucent blue crystal, and the clusters of white clouds on the sea surface are like soft cotton candy. Although he has not forgotten the arduous task of this trip, Zeng Dazhong can’t help but be impressed by the beautiful scenery in front of him. The sea area of ​​the Gulf of Aden is not only beautiful, but also rich in delicious food.
If it weren’t for the Somali pirates, it would be a vacation paradise. The development of tourism would be no worse than Yalong Bay in Sanya, Hainan.
Please look at me, Colonel. At this time, a slim beauty appeared behind Zeng Dazhong, holding a SLR camera and shouted to him.
The beauty’s name is Fang Xiaoyan. She looks like Song Hye Kyo, but her figure is hotter than Liu Yan. She turned out to be a reporter for a local TV station in Sichuan. Later, she went to work for the best newspaper in Beijing. She was in charge of the military unit.
Zeng Dazhong initially refused to bring Fang Leaving aside the dangers of Xiaoyan’s voyage, it’s troublesome for a woman to eat, drink, and sleep on a boat of seven hundred men.
I didn’t expect Fang Xiaoyan to be not the kind of spoiled young lady.
Not only did she overcome her seasickness, she also He is very dedicated and insists on interviewing and taking pictures on the boat every day. Hearing Fang Xiaoyan’s shout, Zeng Dazhong looked back at her. Fang Xiaoyan seized this opportunity and quickly pressed the shutter of the camera. She looked back at the photo. His tall figure is as sharp as an eagle, and his tall figure reveals a bit of heroism between his brows. Five or six packs of abdominal muscles are looming between the uniforms.
The blue sea and blue sky in the background also seem to have been washed clean.
This capture was quite successful. She smiled with satisfaction.
Zeng Dazhong saw Fang Xiaoyan smiled The sea breeze blew her long hair, the dimples on her face were as charming as the sea in front of her eyes He stepped forward and saluted a military salute, and said to fight Life is a non-stop battle This is Zeng Dazhong’s motto on his ship Everyone on the Internet greets everyone like this, showing their determination to fight to the death Fighting Fang Xiaoyan walked over to Zeng Dazhong and imitated his manner and replied solemnly, then she smiled and said to him that the colonel’s fleet is about to go ashore, look at the interview I made with you when the sea is calm and the waves are on board, how about now? Let’s start, I’ve been waiting for you for almost half a month, even my aunt has come. No, the fleet is not safe.
I will never accept your interview. Zeng Dazhong was amused by Fang Xiaoyan’s last sentence, but he refused without hesitation. Her interview turned around and wanted to leave, you wouldn’t be so cold-blooded, right? Where can I find you after the boat lands? How about right now? Pointing to Fang Xiaoyan’s gray windbreaker pocket, she said seriously, you first turn off the phone inside, this is our discipline, you are really discerning, Fang Xiaoyan took out the phone in her coat pocket, turned off the recording button, and said dissatisfiedly that the colonel is so serious You must not have a girlfriend yet, Miss Fang, you must not have a boyfriend, you are a reporter running around the world Seeing Fang Xiaoyan turn off the recording, Zeng Dazhong smiled and replied, Senior Colonel, why do you want to be a soldier? In order to protect such a beautiful world like There are still beautiful women like Miss Fang in the Gulf of Aden, right? Beautiful things like the lives of nations and nations always need to be protected. In this world, someone must do such a thing. Colonel’s answer is very interesting.
I like Fang Xiaoyan’s nod and say no. Closer to home, why do you want to be a marine? I heard that the deadliest weapon in the world is a marine and his rifle. Every marine must go through devil-style training and be able to operate at least four types of firearms.
Machine guns, rifles, sniper guns, special guns, all you have heard are true. Zeng Dazhong replied briefly. Fang Yan smiled and said, have you become a captain and have been wandering at sea all year round without thinking about your family? It is difficult for a general in a navy to be so difficult. A captain is related to the life and death of the entire ship. As a captain, one must not only love the country, the people, but also the island, and the warship. Establish the idea of ​​making the sea his home.
Where is the big talk? Fang Xiaoyan said, but China has been a mainland country since ancient times, and the navy has always been weak. Why do you want to be a navy? Who said that even you, a well-informed reporter, think so? The awareness of power is still so weak. Zeng Dazhong took out a map of China that he carried with him.
Fang Xiaoyan said that China is a large maritime country with more than 3 million square kilometers of sea area and more than 6,000 islands, and the Chinese navy was not weak in history.
It was also the world’s first cruise ship owned by China during Ming Chengzu’s time