It was unintentional Yong Yan pulled the Eighth Prince’s hand away from him and said expressionlessly Xiaoba what did you do yourself I know that

Wandering around the red building, in the haze, Russell seemed to hear the sound of women whimpering, which was quite nice, he thought, Mo Dan would never drink with these bastards again, one by one, pouring beer to death does not cost money While thinking about it, he tried hard to open his eyes, but he didn’t know how to open one eye, but he felt the dazzling sunlight coming in as if he had used all his strength.
The clear and pleasant voice, please go and ask Second Mistress to come over, Second Master woke up and suddenly panicked, Second Master, Second Grandma, what the hell, before he could think about it, he felt a tingling pain in his brain, as if his skull had been peeled off, he rolled his eyes and passed out again When he woke up again, he saw a lot of people in the room.
He saw an old lady with silver hair sitting on a chair in the bedroom and several young women standing next to him. After waking up, the old lady hurriedly said to a woman next to her, that the second child’s house should go and see Brother Zheng, is there any evil I did? Knowing how to read, I don’t even think about my own body and bones.
Our family doesn’t lack one or two. Why bother to spoil me? Pulled out of my fantasy, this is my wife, Mrs.
Wang, hurriedly told her that nothing was wrong and asked her to help her up. It was all awkward, but she let the old lady say that her son was unfilial and made the old lady worry about it.
Now she is very sick. Madam, please don’t be sad, you are not feeling well, it’s really my fault, the old lady wiped her tears and said hurry up and lie down a few days ago, why did it happen all of a sudden, but don’t worry about anything It’s better, you two worrisome mothers and fathers were worried and choked up again, Russell was also embarrassed, he didn’t know what happened to his predecessor, he just remembered that he went out and got paid with a few friends a while ago, and after he came back after drinking too much I was taken over by myself when I couldn’t get sick and was burning in a daze. When I didn’t know how to answer, I heard the young woman say that the old lady and the master are awake now, so don’t worry too much, so as not to drag you down. My body is even more worrying for the master, right, right, take good care of you, don’t think about other things at home, your wife is in charge, and don’t go out to pay. Our family has been gifted by the saints and is already extremely rich. Ordinary people earn that fame, they are petty, and they make themselves sick.
The old lady is probably scared by Russell’s illness. Hurry up and persuade him not to study for the imperial examination.
Russell is also very guilty now because after all The son’s body quickly responded that it was the old lady who took a large group of maids out to let him have a good rest. The house was finally clean. Only the young woman and a maid who served Russell knew that this was his wife Wang. Two people look at each other and don’t know What should I say? He covered his mouth and coughed, and told the maid to pour a glass of water for my wife and me Looking at the bedroom, although it is a kang in the north, it imitates the four-entry carved bed in the south of the Yangtze River. The head of the bed is hollowed out, and the double-layer curtain is made of tulle fabric and Su brocade, which is elegant. The furniture in the room is made of red sandalwood and sour pear wood. On the Zhaoren kang is a scarlet blanket, a stone-blue money python lead pillow, an autumn-scented money python mattress, and a pair of plum-blossom-style foreign lacquer small tables on both sides, with Wen Wang’s tripod spoon, chopsticks box, Ru kiln beauty goblet, and tea. Bowl spittoons and other things lack decoration, but they all show the luxury of the owner. On the west wall of the room, there is a picture of Qiu Ying’s Spring Dawn in the Han Palace. There is a rocking chair beside the bed, and a square table and two chairs next to it.
This is all that Russell saw while lying on the bed, but because Mrs. Wang and the maid came in with tea, I couldn’t take a closer look at it.
After drinking the tea, Russell excused himself to be tired and wanted to rest, and invited the others out.
In the room, he lay on the bed and summed up his time-traveling thoughts. In fact, after he gradually received the memory of this body in the process of coma, he knew the general outline of this world.
The Dream of Red Mansions, and he himself became Jia Zheng.
There is no place to cry.
He became the second son of the Rongguo Mansion.
Not to mention, he has a daughter and a son. Not to mention, everyone knows who Yuan Chun and Jia Zhu are. Lin Ruhai, who failed the ranking once, was begged by his father Jia Daishan for a marriage from the emperor, and betrothed his younger sister Jia Min to him.
He caught a cold when he was blowing, although everyone in the family comforted him, but he hadn’t passed the imperial examination many times, which made him feel a pimple all the time. Although he was taking medicine, the procrastination became more and more serious. After half a month, he passed away. At this time, Russell But he replaced him in a daze. He thought about the current Rongguo Mansion because Jia Daishan is still there, so the holy family is upright and the building is not yet to the point where the building is about to collapse. Russell secretly heaved a sigh of relief.
He is not hesitant but speechless now.
For a modern person to immediately adapt to the life of the ancients, not to mention that it is not an orthodox dynasty, which makes it impossible for him even if he majors in Chinese language and literature.
I have read Dream of Red Mansions so I won’t be a blind man, but Nima won’t really be like Jia Zheng in the original text, relying on Jia’s mother’s favor, not to mention relying on the legacy of the Hou’s mansion in a place without real power Workers from the Ministry of Industry, foreign men, go to work, wait for death, wait for beheading, I want to change