It was refreshed and suddenly he rushed over like crazy jumped in front of the pile of rocks pushed away one rock after another desperately

Yunfeng woke up suddenly, sat up and looked around in a daze The pupils slowly focus, the eyes become clear, no, no, they passed through at some point, the gorgeous morning glow dyed half of the sky red, and then sprinkled soft colors down Yunfeng looked at the strange picture taken by the front camera of the mobile phone The young and handsome face is definitely time-traveled, and it is still soul-wearing. For a while, I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.
After scanning the memory of the original owner of this body, I have some understanding of this world. The blue star is the same as the earth, but different. Fifty years ago, mankind formed the Blue Star Village Alliance, marching forward together, breathing together, sharing a common destiny, and developing together, completing the integration of the world and opening a new century, showing unprecedented prosperity and stability. Blue Star’s China is a member of the Blue Star Village Alliance The leader of the world’s most powerful country, Yunfeng, can’t help but lament that the whole world is speaking Chinese in the song.
What we say makes the world listen carefully. This has been realized here. As we read more deeply the memory of the original owner of this body Yunfeng thinks time travel is not a bad thing for him, because after the establishment of the Blue Star Village Alliance, all countries have been focusing on the development of science and technology, while the development of cultural undertakings is relatively slow. What does it mean? Simply put, it is the world’s Cultural undertakings are in their infancy.
In recent years, countries around the world have jointly improved laws and regulations related to copyright, established a joint network supervision department, and other measures to support the development of cultural undertakings. Therefore, it can be said that this is a paradise for cultural undertakings practitioners.
Yunfeng in the previous life was a Although the author of the web article is not doing well, it is hard work and persistence to update enough and stable.
Most of the time, I only sleep for four or five hours, and finally died suddenly in front of the computer for three days and three nights. Fortunately, I am a loner, but I am a little sorry for the reader Yunfeng. Crossing the road, Blue Star didn’t have too many mood swings because he didn’t have much nostalgia and concern on the earth.
At this moment, he glimpsed wine bottles scattered on the ground from the corner of his eye and sighed slightly.
The original owner of this body was also called Yunfeng, Hangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Province City people are 18 years old this year and have studied very well since they were young. It is enviable. The parents of other people’s children are ordinary workers. A few years ago, they were laid off because of the popularity of automated workshops. Senior one and senior two of Hangzhou No. 10 Middle School Yunfeng was regarded as the hope of the whole family, and he was recommended to Beijing North University of Science and Technology.
You must know that the current technology industry is the industry with the highest salary, and the technology major is also the most popular major, but Yunfeng has liked it since he entered high school.
I went to a school belle at the same level, not because of simple admiration, but because of my obsessive liking, so that my brain became hot and I followed him to the Shanghai Drama Academy without telling my family, but they only regarded him as a spare tire and fell in love with him within a few days of school. Senior Fengyun fell in love with him, but in the end he lost his future and didn’t find love Under these double blows, my mentality collapsed and I drank alcohol to relieve my worries, but died of alcohol poisoning because of buying fake wine. Those who abandoned school were later than their peers, but firmly believed that knowledge can change one’s destiny. While taking care of their studies, they worked part-time to earn money.
They stumbled and got mixed up. After graduating from university, they thought they would be stable, but they lost their jobs due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic.
Looking for a living and writing about the Internet Seeing to be able to solve food and clothing, but sudden death Traveling through life is very realistic Unsatisfactory things Ten Zhi Yunfeng threw the wine bottle into the trash can and rubbed his aching head from drinking After accepting it, how do I go about it? Do I need to ask if I continue to engage in the cultural industry? It’s inevitable.
Such a good era of entertainment. Then just by copying books, I can post it! Calm down, calm down, if it weren’t for the fact that there are already many morning exercisers in the park, Yunfeng would have jumped up and cheered, but when he was dreaming of getting rich, a mechanized voice came Ding dong sounded in his mind, the plane was scanned, the host was scanned, the system was bound, there was a slot in the system, and there was a plug-in, it was impossible to go to heaven. Du Yunfeng swallowed his saliva and waited anxiously for a moment, the mechanized voice just now appeared in his mind again. There is a ding dong, the binding of the cross-border system is completed, and the reward for beginners is a gift package.
The following is the host information, and a virtual interface appears out of thin air. The host of the cross-border system, Yunfeng, cross-border evaluation. The next cross-border professional cross-border system seems to be good It’s firmly in my brain and I can’t forget it even if I want to. This novice gift pack is really awesome.
I gave a very classic book as soon as it came up.
Now I don’t want to be popular.
Yunfeng smiled crookedly, and suddenly a psychedelic Yunfeng raised his phone and saw that Wang Defa’s call was from Yunfeng’s boy.
As soon as he pressed the connect button, there was an anxious roar, madman, if you don’t answer the call, I will call the police. That Yunfeng in the middle of last night. After Feng got drunk, he told Wang Defa about the school belle, but now Yunfeng has become Yunfeng, and Yunfeng was just about to reply that I’m fine, when Wang Defa said in a tone of hating iron but not steel