It was no big deal but Bell saw Qin Yins face was surprised at first but then it became warm and angry Bell looked at

The late emperor passed away and the new monarch ascended the throne. The crown prince went to all the ministers to kneel down to welcome the late emperor. The whole country mourned.
However, the country cannot live without a monarch for a day, so we honored the crown prince as the new monarch by honoring the new emperor.
Shouting, civil and military officials knelt down to pay respects to Qin Yin who was sitting on the dragon chair, but he couldn’t recover for a long time. He was young and looked only eighteen or nineteen years old.
But who would have thought that half a day ago, he was still an ordinary person in China without a father and no mother? Now he has transmigrated into a prince. It is not accurate to say that he has just ascended the throne and became the king of a country.
All this seems to be a dream.
I’m still a little dazed, but everything in front of me is too real, Qin Yin dares to conclude that he is not dreaming, so he was shocked, but also excited, it can be said that it is very complicated, what dynasty is this? Suddenly a sweet female voice appeared, “It is detected that the host has been ascended to the throne, the system binding started, the binding is completed, the God Emperor system is officially activated, and the scan of the host’s physique begins, please wait a moment for this voice, a huge map and some information appeared in Qin Yin’s mind He was stunned by the stupefied God Emperor System host Qin Yin Age Identity Qian Kingdom Monarch Year Number Qianyuan Early Years Prestige National Rank First Rank Princes Personal Rank No internal treasury Funds No magic weapons No historical famous generals No talent attributes No special skills No system evaluation Your father has just passed away, and you are young, you have just succeeded to the throne and have not made any commendable achievements. The tiny vassal state you live in is also very backward After completing the mission of military power, you will get a super luxurious novice gift package.
This is Qin Yin’s information, and the huge map in his mind is the map of the world he is in. This map has mountains, rivers, rivers and seas, which are ten times and a hundred times larger than the earth. There are a large number of countries on this map, the Great Qin Empire, the Great Ming Empire, the Great Tang Empire, the Great Sui Empire, the Great Song Empire, the Great Qing Empire, the Roman Empire, the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, and the Turkish Empire.
Thousands of countries are densely divided into this world. All the countries with cold weapons that have appeared in history Both big and small appear here, and every country is ruled by the most outstanding monarchs of their dynasty, such as Qin Shihuang, Han Wudi, Zhu Yuanzhang. There are only two counties near Anhuai Mountain with a population of more than 100,000. The total territory of the country is only about a hundred miles. In a horse-drawn carriage, one can go around Qianguo three times a day, and peeing back and forth can cause a flood. The size of the country is too small. Hello, little master, I am the system intelligence, and I will assist you in the future. The system intelligence said that I am the one you got. Qin Yin was shocked and asked the system intelligence answer yes.
The system automatically recognizes the owner. After that, you will be the master Coming here is the fate of the system and also your mission as the master.
The mission of the master is to govern the country, develop it into a strong country, subdue various famous historical generals, build an iron army and fight with various powerful emperors to fight for territory, and finally become the strongest emperor. Qin Yin scolded in his heart and said, “Traveling will also choose a good country for me.
This dry country is too small and too broken. I glanced at the civil and military officials kneeling below. Qin Yin couldn’t help but want to scold my mother.
Did the civil and military officials make a mistake?” There are only four people in Lai Mifa, and they are four gray-haired old men. A gust of wind can blow away that kind of shit. This country is too shabby, right? Master, this country is weak but has good potential. There is a system to assist you.
The sky-high system intelligently comforted him and said that now that you have ascended the throne, please start early. En Qinyin nodded helplessly.
Now he is trying to drive ducks to the shelves, but he has to do it. Although he has never been an emperor, all this still makes him very interested in being an emperor. It shouldn’t be difficult to think of governing the country well in the future, recruiting all kinds of historical famous generals, accepting all kinds of historical beauties and suppressing all kinds of super emperors, he couldn’t help being excited Awakening master the power of the world, drunk lying on the knees of a beautiful woman, this is the highest level of being a man. The ministers Qin Yin directly enters the role.
He waved his hands domineeringly and ordered that if there is something to do, he will play early. If there is nothing to do, the courtier has his own play.
Open your mouth Qin Yin glanced at him and his message appeared in his mind Qianguo minister Deng Zi’an age position office secretary basic attributes physical strength literary and martial arts talent charm loyalty system evaluation This person is familiar with poetry and books but old-fashioned and pedantic There is greed, loyalty is not high, and Qin Yin is happy to use it at a glance. This system is really convenient.
If you look at the past and what kind of person you are, you can tell it.
This way, it will be much more convenient for him to govern the country. What’s the matter with Deng Shangshu? Qi Zou Qin Yin sent a question Qi reported to the monarch Deng Zi’an anxiously said that the border was urgently reported to the South Yan Kingdom when the first emperor of the Qian Kingdom passed away and the new king was enthroned, he actually invaded the country with a large army The expedition is only two days away from the border of our country, and the envoys of the South Yan Kingdom have arrived. They keep saying that they want our country to surrender, otherwise they will slaughter all the enemies in the whole country. This matter is related to the life and death of the country. The envoys of Nanyan Kingdom are outside the palace and don’t know if the monarch is going to summon Deng Zian’s words, which makes Qin Yin dumbfounded.
Fuck, the country is small and ruined. It’s fine on the first day of enthronement, and there are still enemies coming to attack.
It’s not fun. Qin Yin, the envoy of Yan State in Xuannan, ordered him angrily to see who dares to prevent him from being the king of the country and the eldest princess from seizing power.