It was my former partner who told me so you understand Liu Guohua frowned and the topic was leading him in a direction he didnt

Talent attributes surpass the main body, sub-strength, agility, perception of spirit, your strength will inherit 100% of your physique, your agility will inherit 100% of your strength, your spirit will inherit 100% of your agility, and your perception will inherit 100% of your spirit. Infinite Stream Chapter 1 Horror World I hope readers know something before reading this book.
The author pays more attention to details and likes to bury some foreshadowing between the lines. If you calm down and savor this book carefully, the story you see may be roughly the same as you After browsing through it, the things I saw were not quite the same.
With the music playing, the computer turned on. Gu Xiaolou entered the password to open the system.
He took out a note from his coat pocket and followed the above URL to visit the web page. Such a number appeared on the computer. Gu Xiaolou did not rush. After waiting for a while, the webpage began to change again. For the first time log-in user, please register an account.
He directly uses his mobile phone number as the account birthday as a secret.
This does not require verification. After registration, the webpage suddenly goes black and then starts to surge from the screen. Blood, of course, is a special effect. Gu Xiaolou doesn’t care.
He got the URL from a friend. After the special effect, a forum in the form of a post bar appears. There is a forum name on the top, and next to it, there is a search icon for blood dripping. I was shocked by the post. A strange black shadow appeared in a community.
When I walked in, it turned out to be a horror. The Thai master died innocently.
The police only found Gu Xiaolou in his residence.
After reading it, most of the titles of the posts are so horrible.
The world requires points for posting and replying Yes, but the points can only be obtained by other people browsing their own posts, so this caused such a scene.
He clicked on the first post and the host was shocked. It’s true.
In addition, the landlord’s story doesn’t like to be interrupted, so I hope you don’t jump into the building before you finish. Thank you. The community here was built in the 1990s and now there is no property management.
Only the neighborhood committee, but the neighborhood committee usually does not. No matter how you manage things, the sanitation environment is not very good.
Gu Xiaolou saw that there was nothing below, but he looked at the time and found that this post was just posted, so he went to wash his face and waited for Gu Xiaolou to come back to refresh the post and found that the author had already updated this post One more thing to say is that the greening of the community is good and after many years of natural growth, even walking on the road in the community during the day can easily feel cold because the high tree canopy blocks the sunlight and the buildings on the canopy are covered with creepers.
Gu Xiaolou saw it There was a sound of dripping from outside the room. It was the electric kettle boiling the water.
He went out to make a cup of tea and came back.
It is now 9 o’clock in the evening, but he has become a habit of drinking tea at night, but he has no problem of being unable to sleep at night. Maybe many people.
I have all experienced it, just like my elementary school also has such a creeper. It feels gloomy when the sun doesn’t shine in the afternoon. When I was a primary school student, I was never afraid of the cold.
Even when it snowed in winter, I dared to wear only two winter clothes when I went to school. unwilling to be at school Playing in the shade of a long creeper Seeing that there is no more here Gu Xiaolou takes a sip of tea and waits to stare at the icon of blood dripping from the horror world on the web page in a daze Many spooky and strange events began to spread on the Internet, and most of them have a clear description of the time, place, and person’s experience. However, since last month, the country has carried out a net clean operation. All the spooky events that have been circulated on the Internet have been deleted, and this time the intensity is unprecedented. Powerful not only on the website, but also on the penguin’s personal webpage.
The penguin colony is controlled.
For ordinary people, it’s not that it happened to me. I don’t feel deeply. But Gu Xiaolou once experienced a terrorist incident, so he tried everything possible to find it on the Internet and finally got it from a friend. The URL of World of Horrors is not only secret enough, but also the domain name is abroad, so it has gradually become a gathering place for ghost lovers and seekers. Refresh the post and there will be more new content, so the old people in our community feel that the community is not good enough. I hope all these ivy will be cut down, but after all, this is the greening of the community, and it will disappear after a few times.
I believe that many people here already know that the experience of the landlord has something to do with these ivy. That day I worked overtime and missed the last bus. In order to save the fare, I decided to walk, so when I came home, it was already twelve o’clock in the evening.
We are in the old community. People in the community sleep early and late at night. In the community, except for a few households, most of them turn off their lights and sleep. The street lights are also intermittent. Memory can only go away.
It’s a pity that the host has walked so many times during the day, but he still took the wrong road that night.
After walking for a while, I found that I wanted to go back. It’s a bit far away. So I thought I walked through the small forest because there was a path just enough to pass through it. Going back and being closer, plus during the day, I saw people passing by, so there are three replies below this floor, faintly, so the host will definitely die.
I had a bad premonition Gu Xiaolou was very curious, then I looked down and the host naturally walked in because it wasn’t very far away.
However, after walking for a while, the host was shocked to find a black shadow on the road ahead, like a person hidden on the ground.
The emperor may be a dead person.
The landlord did not call the police.
It may be a zombie.
The landlord approached and was bitten to death by a jumping zombie.
It was refreshed again and finally updated.
The host came closer and saw a half-fruited woman fell on the ground, and she looked like she was flattened six times. A good person, why did she flatten? The fans are big