It was me Lu Wen also came she also delivered the baby for you Lin Jingyi held Baoyings hand looked at Baoyings happy expression and

The copywriter is a tall, rich and handsome man who every woman wants to marry. Before the wedding, the bride ran away with her true love.
Lin Jingyi, the small owner of the photography shop, held the million-dollar wedding dress and said that since no one wanted your wedding dress. Then let me wear it.
Maybe you will have a lifelong wedding. You must read it before reading. The male lead and the bride who ran away are just because of the family marriage and have no feelings. The author does not accept making bricks for no reason.
What the hell is a couple with a double place? Tags Marriage and Love Sweet Wen Urban Love Protagonist Lin Jingyi Si Mingrui Supporting role Lu Wen Youman Jiabaoying Qiao Linjie Li Xuewei Other Marriage and Love Double Places Chin Raise A Little Pair of Bride Look Left Some Pairs Just Keep Still Camera Shutter The sound rang out incessantly.
A couple of newlyweds were wearing wedding gowns for a wedding photo shoot in a beautiful place near Central, Hong Kong. About ten meters in front of the camera, the cameraman made a sign that he was done.
The two newcomers did not fade their smiles, but walked out of the scenery and came in front of the photographer. Thank you, Kobayashi.
Only you can find such a good environment. There are not many people.
The local bride held the photographer’s arm affectionately, and praised the photographer without hesitation.
Lin Jingyi smiled slightly and said to the bride, Ms.
Jiang, you are welcome. Although this place is not a famous shooting location, it is not inferior to those people.
It is crowded and difficult to make an appointment. The main place is that you and your husband are both good-looking wherever you take pictures. Lin Jingyi is the photographer of this wedding shoot. She and her friends jointly opened a photography shop in Shenzhen City.
In addition to wedding photography, they also provide personal photos and girlfriends. Services such as photos, but the business has gotten better in the past two years, and there are more wedding photography shops. The name of the camera shop is Taohuayuan, which is very famous in Shenzhen. The main reason is that there is a professional photographer like Lin Jingyi. The photos published by magazines and the media occasionally have well-known magazines invite Lin Jingyi to take a cover photo, but Lin Jingyi has no interest, and they are all promoted.
Jiang from a photography shop that didn’t dare to come, seemed to feel better after being praised by Lin Jingyi.
She patted Lin Jingyi’s face with a smile and said with a smile, let’s go with us. Don’t go to the port and take the car back to Shenzhen. Anyway, Lao Han just came. Thank you, Ms.
Jiang, for your kindness. I happen to be in Hong Kong and I still have some things to do. By the way, I will trim your photo within a week and I will contact you. Lin Jingyi is slightly staggered. She is right. The guests are warm and friendly, but they never cross the line.
Today, the wedding photography of Ms. Jiang and Mr.
Han is complete. Another advantage of Lin Jingyi is that she is fast in the post-production. Ms. Jiang pouted, let go of Lin Jingyi’s arm and stood Returning to the side of the husband, handing the bag to the assistant next to him, he smiled at Lin Jingyi, then you must come to our wedding.
I try my best.
Lin Jingyi smiled and sent away the two big Buddhas and an assistant. After that, Lin Jingyi was relieved.
Assistant Yanyan ordered a few boys to pack up the equipment and props, and then jumped to Lin Jingyi’s side, with adoring eyes, she said, Sister Jingyi, why don’t you go back to Shenzhen in that Rolls-Royce, and you have to go to the port to squeeze Lin Jingyi Putting on the camera bag on his back, he patted Yanyan on the shoulder and said, I said that we can’t take advantage of the guests’ favors. It’s getting late, let’s go to the port and take a bus.
Why don’t you take it? Sim Mingrui picked up the content on the note in the living room, but he made him leave without a word, this woman is quite capable, this Xuewei is too ignorant The wedding is going to be held next month and now how can I explain to my relatives and friends that the lady sitting on the sofa has three points of anger, two points of surprise and five points of regret on her face, and the honored guest in her arms seems to be feeling After struggling a few times with the anger of the master, he broke free from the lady’s arms and ran back to his hut to Li Xuewei, Si Mingrui’s fiancée. As the president of Pegasus Network Technology Company, Si Mingrui’s marriage has always been a marriage between the industry and the outside world. The focus of attention is only on the outside world.
No matter how much attention is paid to the family, the lady is Si Mingrui’s stepmother. Mingrui is about to arrive in his thirties, his father is not in a hurry, she is almost dying of anxiety, Li Yuanyin squirmed her throat when she saw the tall and straight figure in front of her, and then she said cautiously, Mingrui, Xuewei is not such a girl, so I will let people go in a while Looking for you, please don’t be angry, Xuewei doesn’t need you anymore Auntie Si Mingrui put the note back in its place without expression and straightened her suit.
Since she has no intention of marrying, I have my own lover too, Auntie, you Why do you have to force others? I went back to the company and didn’t come back to eat at night. Li Yuanyin stood up and watched Simingrui stretch her long legs, but disappeared at the door in an instant.
In her heart, she could only worry that Li Xuewei was her brother’s daughter. Her brother’s business in the past two years It became more and more difficult, but Li Yuanyin was embarrassed to ask her husband Si De or stepson Si Mingrui to support her, so she came up with the idea of ​​letting Li Xuewei marry Si Mingrui.
Naturally, there is no need to explain things on the field.
Originally, Xuewei promised to have a wedding with Si Mingrui after graduating from university this year, but it is only a month away from the wedding. Unexpectedly, something went wrong.