It was like a laxative a stomach medicine a refreshing medicine and he asked who else and who would like it Dont be so foolish

The software has been updated.
Huaxia Medical College is a college that has trained thousands of angels in white clothes and countless hospital nurses. Well, this is a third-rate medical college.
It’s scumbag everywhere. Shit, every July is when the new graduates start their careers, Feng Ning is the graduates of this year, the dormitory at night is quiet and peaceful, all the roommates are busy writing graduation thesis in the classroom, only Feng Ningxian I’m moldy and playing with my phone boredly. Actually, there’s something wrong, because tomorrow I’m going to start the tough job application journey for graduates, so I have to prepare my resume first.
In the era when undergraduates are like dogs everywhere, maybe you can apply for it by yourself. Way out The school is so unreliable that you vomit blood. As a loyal Xianxia fan, Feng Ning has always installed a software in his mobile phone that stores classic Xianxia novels, movies and TV shows. What the hell didn’t I hear that a new Xianxia novel was listed as a classic? Why is this thing updated? Looking at the strange icon on the screen of his phone, Feng Ning quickly browsed through the latest announcements in his mind, and there seemed to be none, but this The icon, well, the change is good. It should have been changed long ago. The old thief was full of interest. Feng Ning opened the software, but the next second he became restless. What about the novel? Feng Ning saw small icons on a brand new page In 2010, you deserve your sister, royal jelly, you big-headed ghost, I want novels, what is it to exchange? There is a virus in the phone, I was spoofed, I installed a software and exchanged it, why don’t you go to heaven? The balance is insufficient. As soon as I touched that button, four words appeared on the screen. Yes, my uncle is here. The virus is just that.
I want to play with you and don’t appreciate it.
What kind of liar is so boring, but the uninstallation fails? What the hell is it not allowed to play? The best mobile phone housekeeper with a forehead? My Xiao Mi, you accompany me, but Feng Ning used a thorough inspection of the mobile phone Xiao Mi or Xiao Mi does not have any Trojan horses. What the hell is this virus so powerful that it can’t be killed? I believe I can’t find it. I called my friend and nothing strange appeared. It seems that everything is normal. Impossible. This thing is so good.
Which bastard is full and full of stuff. Don’t tell me it’s just an automatic update.
I’m not convinced.
I’m thinking about it Feng Ning suddenly remembered that there is a contact person in this thing, which is interesting. It is a question of who to contact.
God knows what the hobby of a certain hacker is. What’s the big deal? It’s a big deal.
It’s a little bit of money to change a mobile phone. I think that when I was admitted to university, the village awarded me a lot of living expenses.
The neighbors and folks helped me to pay for my living expenses. After all, I’m a rare college student in the village. Click to open the icon of the contact, Feng Ning sprayed it again, this is even more nonsense, there is a personal name on the screen, it should not be said to be a chivalrous name, and Nima’s fairy name Yang Guo, Yin Zhiping, little dragon girl, Guo Jing, Mrs. Damn nonsense, the Arabian Nights! The creator of this thing is definitely a unique god. The names on the screen make Feng Ning shake his head speechlessly. He is also a fanatic fan of fairy tales. This is a fellow.
Then you have to support it, I want to see how you contact Fa Feng Ning, with a speechless face, clicked on a name screen and then changed, a chat window popped up, the first line displayed was Yin Zhiping is about to transform into a dragon knight The thing Yin Zhiping transforms into a dragon knight depends on you to pay me back Long Er, as a brainless fan Jin Yong, this paragraph is the most uncomfortable to watch. Countless netizens have sighed tens of thousands of times, and now they appear in front of themselves. Why is Dragon Knight so smart? I looked at the bottom and there is an input box. Feng Ning couldn’t take it anymore. Whether he is real or not, let him throw a sentence and then say let go of that girl, Long Er, I’m coming. The other party replied instantly.
In the dark surrounding tombs of the living dead, Yin Zhiping, who had half of his belt removed, suddenly heard a voice in his head, let go of the girl, and this almost made him fail to shoot.
It is not an honorable thing to be discovered? There is no one around here. Seeing that the goddess I have admired for many years is about to become a slave, Yin Zhiping is burning with desire. I can’t let go of such a good opportunity today.
I don’t know who sealed the acupuncture points of the goddess.
Just as I was about to pick up the gun and go to war, there was an explosion in my head, I was almost paralyzed. I really replied! This artificial intelligence is too realistic.
Guess who I am? It’s not good, it’s idle, it’s fun, playing liars is also a good entertainment, but his words made Yin Zhiping, who is far away in the other world, beeping. Guess what? I haven’t heard of any people in the world who like to be elusive.
The person who reported his real name, Master He Fang, didn’t show up. When he saw Yin Zhiping lifted his waistband, there was a guy talking around, or he just told his own brain that if he still wanted to be a dragon knight, he would die. I don’t know which one to block When will the expert at the Goddess’ acupuncture point make a move again? Is there any chance for me to see your sister, who is the expert? This expert is a bit smarter, but the status bar on the chat window changes. Feng Ning was stunned again.