It was Kazuhikos handsome and hateful face Qinghe got up from the ground what are you doing Scared me haha ​​smiled hugged my shoulders and

Before you realized it, I confessed that I have gradually fallen in love with you.
Perhaps the first thing I fell in love with was your beautiful appearance, but gradually I was attracted by your warm and gentle breath. After that, for many years, the land where you are is mine. Paradise where you’ve been is my paradise The air you’ve breathed is my only salvation You always think I’m cold and heartless You hurt me deeply A border This is a small town on the border of Yunnan with narrow streets gray and white tiles Stacked residential houses and some small grocery stores with iron gates are mixed together. Walking a few steps on the undulating road piled up with bluestone slabs, sometimes you can see an attic made of red and yellow wooden boards. Qinghe has lived in this place for more than half a year. Her house is by a stream, with a black pointed roof and a white wall. The door panels are painted with red paint layer after layer to show festiveness.
A few tall locust trees are lined up on the opposite side of the stream.
According to this season, it is just When the leaves fell, the apricot-yellow leaves floated layer after layer on the water. Today is Saturday. She could have stayed at home and rested without going out, but because of that incident, she got up early in the morning to support a boat.
After wandering on the river for a while, we stopped at the end of the bridge near the ferry near the market. After going up, there was a long corridor on the left, which was blocked by wooden carved railings. There are some lined up in the corridor, some of which have opened the roll-up gates for business. After landing on the shore, she took the address she wanted to distinguish between the front and back roads. The owner of the noodle seller took the freshly rolled noodles and spread them on the table. Mr. Qinghe, do you buy noodles? There are very few educated people in such a border town, so a middle school teacher like Qinghe is also called Mr. Qinghe smiled at him and shook his head, walked into a secluded alley next to the noodle shop, it rained last night, and the feet were covered. The mossy road was still a bit damp.
Walked a few steps forward. There were a few more wooden poles above the head.
A wooden door appeared on the right wall.
Qinghe hesitated for a while, but knocked on the door. It took a long time for the door to open. Standing at the door was a tall man. The thin and slender boy was wearing a sweetheart-neck black tight sweater, revealing a strong chest.
His face was a little pale, as if he hadn’t seen the sun all year round, covered in ice and snow, and looked a little cold and indifferent. His eyes are deep and divine, and his face is pale.
Inexplicably, his face has a wonderful beauty, like the beautiful mountains and rivers in the setting sun reflected red by the rays of the sun.
This is really a teenage boy. Qing He tried his best to look up at him, although before I saw his picture in school, Qinghe was still a little shocked, it is indeed a face that can drive the opposite sex crazy, no wonder the little girls in the school always talk about him, and he chatters endlessly every time between classes, but since she started teaching their class, he has been there I haven’t been to a class before. Hello, I’m your teacher Qinghe. The young man smiled and looked her over quickly from top to bottom. He took a few steps back and let her in. I recognize you recognize me.
Qinghe was a little surprised that she was still there. I haven’t met this boy in front of me formally. Bai Yiyan said that you are the most beautiful and knowledgeable teacher in our school.
Last year, a classmate who came from a far away place mentioned it to me. Qinghe was a little embarrassed and bowed his head down his shoulders. After entering the door, there is a big row of corn hanging on the shelf, and there are still piles of soaked clothes on the soaping table.
Qinghe glanced at it softly and said, do you live alone? Bai Yiyan nodded lightly, jumped on the stool and walked away With all the clean clothes in her hands, the swiftness of the movement really dazzled her eyes.
When she came here, she wanted to talk to his parents. Now that this is the case, I don’t know what to say. The teacher is thirsty, come in and have a glass of water. Qinghe hesitated for a moment, followed his footsteps and entered the door.
From opening the door to now, his attitude is very easy-going, a bit beyond her expectations. Originally, she thought that such a problem of always absenteeism must be difficult for students to deal with, and she thought of various words in her mind. Admonish him now, but now he has the feeling of hitting the cotton with strength. The interior is very clean and bright. Entering the door is a hall.
Inside is a corridor paved with red, yellow and blue.
There are two bedrooms on the left.
The red wooden door is closed on the right. There is a closed toilet, and there are concrete steps extending down to the inside.
From a distance, it seems to be a kitchen. The door on the right of the kitchen is connected to a small door, which is locked with wire as a lock. She is invited into the first room on the left. The bedroom is not too big or too small, the white walls have no variegated colors, except for a bed near the wall and a writing desk on the window sill, this room is clean and empty, it doesn’t look like a place where people live Qing He smoothed the long skirt behind him with both hands on the bed Sit down, Bai Yiyan sits on the chair opposite her, what is the teacher looking for me? His tone is as natural as chatting about family affairs.
Qinghe hesitated and asked, “You haven’t gone to class for many days. Is there any embarrassment?” A trace of narrow and drooping curled eyelashes flashed very quickly. He didn’t speak. The suspicion in Qinghe’s heart deepened.
She lived alone at such a young age and didn’t know if her parents were still there.
Her eyes became very sympathetic, but she didn’t know how to comfort him. He could only say No matter what, you must go to school.
If you have any difficulties, just tell me that I am your teacher. I will definitely help you. Bai Yiyan listened quietly to her, with a faint smile on the corner of her mouth. Shi Bai Yiyan slowly said that Qinghe didn’t think much about it, and then explained some simple things, told him to go to class on Monday, and then said goodbye to him.
After all, although she was his teacher, they didn’t know each other very well.
When she was going out, she paused in the corridor, sniffed subconsciously, and asked Yiyan with some uncertainty, is there something rusty here?