It took a long time to react so fast because Anan couldnt wait Xiao Shitou hadnt understood what Zhong Daonan meant by this sentence and

In the last life, I was enchanted by you.
In this life, I was enchanted by you. Zhong Daonan was once the most talented monk, but because of a stone, he fell into a demon and killed the whole world.
The reborn Zhong Daonan found that stupid little stone before it appeared. Hold it in the palm of your hand and start raising the stone. There is no way to find the little stone too early in this life. It has not yet transformed, so I can only raise it first. This is a male god and a little boy who only loves male gods.
The story of stone falling in loveContent Tags Rebirth sweet text love special favor Xianxia Cultivation protagonist Zhong Daonan Xiaoshi supporting role Many other Xiuxian Danmei sweet works Brief comments Zhong Daonan used to be the most talented monk but fell into the devil for a stone and killed the world Retrograde karma, rebirth, back to the time before we met, hold this silly little stone in the palm of your hand, pet it, look at it, and drop stones when you cry because of your body with granite-textured skin and sharp edges, feel inferior Little Stone also has the best, most beautiful and gentle Taoist companion in the world. Taoist will be safe and accompany him and teach him. He will put away the stone that cried all over the floor. He will gently touch him and tell him that you are the most beautiful little one. The stone Taoist couple will also tell him stories. In the story, there is also a stone spirit. That stone spirit fell in love with someone who should not have met. This article starts with the encounter between the two protagonists after their rebirth. While reading, I feel the warmth from the heart. I recommend reading Chapter 1.
On the mountain road, there is a group of men in bunts carrying stones on a cart. Those stones, big or small, are relatively regular. The man pulling the cart is shirtless and his strong upper body is full of sweat. There are people on both sides supporting the cart. There are many people who use the cart to carry stones. Many people can’t see their heads from a distance. There are people shouting on both sides of the road.
There is one stone on the cart carrying more stones. It is so big that a single stone occupies the entire cart and makes the cart creak. His whole face was flushed, and he pulled the scooter forward with all his strength, and there was someone behind him pushing hard The scooter ran over the falling stones on the side of the road, the whole scooter fell to the side, and the folks also fell to the ground to see that there was still a car behind them.
A few people got up and moved the scooter to the side to make way for the people behind. These few The man panted heavily and supported the stone, complaining that the stone was too heavy, yes, I have carried so many times on the stone, and I have never seen a stone that is more solid than it. The face is so hard that it can’t be broken no matter how hard it is.
The pick is broken.
It’s fine. If it can be broken, they can take the stone down the mountain in batches.
It’s a good price to make a good-looking thing for those dignitaries, but this stone The texture of the head is not suitable, right? Are you talking about whether there are good things in the stone? Hey, take a rest, let’s continue to work.
The shirtless one said a word and went to put the cart away, but he just took a step and stopped suddenly.
Hey, did you hear anything? He asked the other two people to look at him Shaking his head, he was so tired that his head was dizzy, how could he hear anything? The shirtless man frowned and muttered in a low voice, why did I feel like someone was talking? He didn’t speak loudly, but when he said it, his body felt cold, thinking about the daytime Don’t scare yourself.
The shirtless man turned his head and joined forces with several other people to move the stone on the ground, but after moving for a long time, he couldn’t move it. There was no way. The three discussed it and ran to the side of the road to yell. The person said a few words, and then came a few people to move the stone with them, but the strange thing is that it still hasn’t moved up. Was it so heavy when we moved it on the mountain before? After the six people worked together and still couldn’t do it, someone asked why? We threw it here, but when we went up the mountain before the management, we called for this stone. Throwing the stone here is not a solution, so someone thought of a way to get a tree trunk and rope as thick as an arm. The stone cannot be carried on the cart.
Just change the method and pull it forward, and finally the trunk is stuffed under the trunk with a click, and the trunk is broken.
The faces of the people around the stone are not very good-looking, and the heart is a little cold.
The stone always feels much heavier than before.
I am thinking about hitting it The shirtless man heard someone talking again, this time the voice was very clear, don’t cut me open, okay, did you hear any voices? Like falling into an ice cave, the other people didn’t look much better than him, because this time, everyone around the stone heard the voice, one of them raised his hand stiffly, pointed to the stone in front of him, and said tremblingly that he seemed to have come from The voice from here reappeared and became clearer, don’t cut me open, okay? There was a dead silence, and several people looked at each other to make sure they weren’t the only ones.
Fear almost overflowed from their eyes.
I don’t know who was the first to yell out that there is a ghost. Following the first person’s yell, several other people also yelled out, and then they ran away as if there were really ghosts chasing after ghosts. It’s a thing in this world. Ordinary people who are real exist and respect ghosts and gods at a respectful distance. When other people heard someone yelling that there are ghosts, and saw that these people looked panicked and did not seem to be fake, they all ran after them.