It sounds much better Li Chubai they glanced at you uncles this is how you treat yourself adjusted your voice Li Chu began to sing

Before the beginning, this is a novel. The content is purely fictitious. Everything is based on the story. Axiu in Rufen Town, Ruzhou, is wearing a gray dress today, carrying food in a bamboo basket, and living in the town with a white cloth. I am the one who suffers from selling along the street. The one who suffers is me. The basket is the steamed bun, which is the steamed bun of later generations. As for why not just sell the steamed bun or the steamed bun? According to Axiu, people in the Song Dynasty liked this.
Mysterious tunes like to buy curiosity. It is said that everyone in Gyeonggi shouts like this. Li Chu is sitting on a stone by the street, frowning and hesitating. He is a soul possessed from time travel, just like the vast number of time travel people, God also gave him A cheat system that can customize everything and anything.
In addition, it also gave an extra chance to draw a lottery.
The things he got with the chance to draw a lottery just now look very powerful, but there are no eggs.
Use the first lottery one. The man-made communication satellite is awesome! It’s an awesome reward, but Song, who has nothing here, has nothing to do with it. And he just looked in the system to customize a mobile phone, even the most primitive mobile phone needs custom coins. It’s not the second lottery he can earn in a short time. A German Leopard main battle tank is another awesome reward.
Compared with artificial satellites, it can at least have some practical uses, but Li Chu doesn’t want to kill people. As far as the current situation is concerned, no matter how awesome the tank is, it’s just a decoration.
The third reward is a can of Pepsi, okay, this is a consolation prize.
This important lottery is just a waste of life. What Li Chu wants is very simple, as long as it can improve the current situation. Since the lottery failed to get what I wanted, I could only rely on customizing the system to give away a custom coin for some slightly larger things.
The amount is not enough, so I can only customize some gadgets from the system, but this makes Li He was worried for the first time, and he couldn’t think of anything to improve his life for a while.
In half a morning, Axiu only sold six steamed buns, and one steamed bun was sold for a penny. Normally, Axiu would only sell about forty steamed buns a day, which translates into a daily income of about twenty Wen, and it would be a sad story to ask for Wen for a catty of pork.
Fortunately, this body was possessed by Li Chu.
Otherwise, I will continue to lie down on the bed like a vegetative person and rely on Axiu to sell steamed buns. Sooner or later, the money will be exhausted. Axiu is the newlywed wife of this body.
That night, the original body got drunk and bumped his head and turned into a vegetative state.
Originally, the family still had a little money to spend on the disease, but it didn’t look good.
I saw Axiu kept yelling on the street, and I didn’t see her all morning.
Drinking saliva Axiu’s character is very strong, or she doesn’t like it at all.
Li Chu learned from the remaining memories of the original body that Axiu married because of the marriage contract made by her parents.
Even so, she did not agree until she was seventeen.
Getting Started is like this After the original body turned into a vegetative state, a woman took care of her steadfastly and showed her face every day by selling steamed buns to raise medical expenses. System, can I sell customized things outside? Li Chu wants to customize some modern finished products from the system and sell them directly in the university.
Song sells to be a second-hand dealer.
Judging from the current situation, this should be the fastest way to make a fortune in Song Dynasty. Host, are you sorry? You will still be short of money if you have a customized system. The system is more of an auxiliary function for you than it is. As a tool for making money, the system despises you very much. You can customize items and sell them directly, but in the upcoming missions, this behavior will seriously affect the completion of the mission.
Score high or low will affect the rewards of the mission. I despise it, but if you really want to be a second-hand dealer, it would be a bit of a chicken to take eggs. So far, Li Chu knows that the source of custom coins is the task reward.
The system also said that it is only a matter of time to get money from the system, and there is no rush at this moment. Thinking of this, Li Chu put this matter aside for the time being.
Looking at A Xiu, he must be very tired after shouting for so long.
Li Chu couldn’t help but go forward and call Stop her and pick up the bamboo basket in her hand. You go and rest and let me come. It was a cold-eyed Axiu who moved the bamboo basket back a few steps to greet Li Chu, a Taoist official with a frosty face and a cold voice Don’t lose your identity. If you are a little bored, you can go shopping in the street or visit friends. Seeing Li Chu froze in place, Axiu frowned, a look of contempt flashed across her face, and she pulled out a dozen of them from her bosom unwillingly.
Xiaoping’s money is all from selling cage cakes today. I counted three of them and patted them on the palm of Li Chu.
The official is just recovering from a serious illness. It’s time to visit a friend. But now the family doesn’t have much money and three pennies can buy half a catty of fruit.
Looking at the three small coins in his hand, Li Chu laughed at himself. The ex with this body was a ranger, but he was not very good at it. He belonged to the unlovable, alcoholic and gambling-addicted Cong Axiu’s indifferent Judging by her attitude, she must have misunderstood. Mostly, she thought that Li Chu was either an alcoholic or a gambling addict. It seems that Axiu’s dislike of her ex seems to be worse than Li Chu’s guess, but no matter what, she is still a seventeen-year-old It’s just a little girl, but you still can’t surrender. Put the three small coins back into Axiu’s hands. Li Chu snatched the bamboo basket, which caught Axiu off guard. Li Chu who snatched the bamboo basket quickly walked to the middle of the street and opened it. Shouting loudly, the fragrant big long cakes are delicious and cheap. The delicious big long cakes are only sold for three Wen.