It seems that they are a bit shameless look at their eyes they just like him so much the irrational and shameless actually like to

The woman sitting in these rainbows always makes people feel that she is as light as a feather, dangling, and will be blown away by the wind at any time. The bell rings, and she slowly puts down the brush, and stands up from the chair with bare white feet. Ya stepped on the floor like a cat and didn’t make a single sound.
Gently pressed the answer button and spoke slowly. Hey Mrs. Liu, you’d better come to school as soon as possible Your son has an accident in the principal’s office of Ewha Elementary School. It’s just so vicious, like this kind of cancer, why do you still stay in the school? Today is my son, tomorrow is someone else. I don’t care.
I will never allow this little bastard to stay in the same school as my son. He must be driven away. Mrs.
Zhao, you are too serious It’s embarrassing for me. Now it’s nine years of compulsory education.
Even the headmaster has no right to it. I don’t care. In short, you have to find a way to drive him away.
He’s a bastard anyway.
As long as you drive this little bastard out of school today and give my son justice, I’ll do it. Donate a library building to your school, the shrill voice is full of malice, the obese woman twisted her face and said viciously, pointing at the child standing in the corner with her finger wearing a gemstone ring, that child looks like But he looks like he is ninety years old, his clothes are dirty, his face is swollen a lot, a palm print that almost covers his entire face, and there are a few scratches on it, as if they were scratched by a ring on his finger.
The bruises, bruises and bloodstains at the corners of the mouth look very pitiful, but the eyes embedded in the beaten face, which can hardly see the facial features, are gloomy, not like a child, gloomy and terrifying, like a bird that is still young He was young but had already seen the terrifying beast when he grew up. He stared at the woman and the man sitting behind the woman.
Even an adult would be frightened by such eyes.
This is obviously not a pleasing child, you guys.
Look at you guys, what kind of eyes is this? Is this the kind of eyes a child should have? This is a monster.
When the fat woman glanced at his eyes, her heart skipped a beat.
The fat face twitched slightly, and she became more and more convinced that his son must not Continue to stay with this child in the same school. Seriously, she looked at him and was afraid that one day her precious son would be killed by him. The man behind the woman was obviously also frightened by his eyes, and then immediately got up with wide eyes and took a few steps. Walking over, he raised his foot suddenly, kicked him down to the ground, and hit his head hard on a table leg, but he raised his head, his eyes were colder than before, and he stared at them more fiercely than before, making people shudder down their spines. Han subconsciously thought of the sentence “I will never let you go if you are a ghost. You have been watching silently. The teachers present couldn’t help being terrified because of that look. Damn, I’ll beat you to death.” The man was irritated by that look. A kid provoked him, and then he stepped forward and raised his foot, about to kick it, bang, the raised foot was about to kick it down, suddenly a bag hit him hard on the head, the man caught off guard and was hit like this step aside After a few steps, he almost fell to the ground. He didn’t fall for a second. A white foot wearing high heels kicked him fiercely. He was sitting on the ground. Everyone in the principal’s office was stunned by the sudden reversal. Looking at the woman who suddenly appeared, Fu Qingliu kicked the man and stood there holding the bag and turned his head to look at the scarred boy.
He looked at Fu Qingliu in a daze, and then he was completely uncontrollable.
At a speed visible to the naked eye, the cold, unflattering hard shell peeled off inch by inch, revealing the soft, childish stubbornness and grievance inside. Fu Qingliu’s expression turned cold and turned to look at the principal, you better give me a Explain otherwise, I will take my child to the hospital for an injury check.
When we meet in court, the principal immediately returned to his senses, looked at Fu Qingliu, and said hesitantly, “You are the sister of little classmate Fu Jinyu, right? You must distinguish right from wrong on little classmate Fu Jinyu.” The injury was from a fight with his classmates.
He even sent one of the little classmates to the hospital.
You see, they are the parents of that little classmate. She is the boy my mother kept silent.
Suddenly, he is like a cat whose tail has been stepped on.
Interrupting the principal’s voice, he shouted that he was still a few steps away from becoming a boy, like a hedgehog with thorns all over his body suddenly opening his eyes, staring at Fu Qingliu’s small fist tightly.
Ignoring the surprised crowd, they looked at Fu Jinyu and those stubborn eyes that seemed to have a certain kind of pleasure.
They looked at each other for a while, and then turned away to look at the principal.
So you think you can persuade or expel my son? Of course. No way, where is the national policy? The headmaster’s face suddenly turned ugly, and he secretly scolded the couple who are nouveau riche men and women. They didn’t know that they were upstarts. Fu Qingliu heard about it, but Fu Jinyu’s mother suddenly appeared, which he didn’t expect from Fu Jinyu. His grandma has always attended parent-teacher meetings for several years since he entered school.
He also heard that Fu Jinyu has only one mother and no father, and his mother did not know how to check the rules.
What’s more, it is a family with only such a structure, but unexpectedly, as soon as this woman came out, she said that she would go to court, let alone whether what she said was true or not. Just this aura made him dare not act rashly.
The two couples who came here immediately came back to their senses. The fat woman looked at Fu Qingliu with distorted expressions. What kind of thing are you? A little bastard born of a shameless woman dares to be sent to school to harm people. Believe it or not, I will pay for your son’s medical expenses Will compensate Fu Qingliu, who has nothing else to say, said slowly and went to Fu Jinyu’s side to compensate you? Can you compensate? And let me tell you that I not only want you to compensate for medical expenses