It seems that Mingyue looked at the swordsman in front of him while hanging up the phone with golden equipment and a black cloak his

As soon as Shi Mingyue woke up, she heard such a sentence explode in her ears. She opened her eyes in a daze, only to see a man in front of her spitting and yelling at her. Forget it, this little fool is brought by Brother Yan after all. Someone next to him casually said something with a smile, the tone seemed to be talking about something, the man in front of him seemed to be afraid when he heard the word Yan Ge, he snorted coldly, turned around and walked away, when Mingyue lowered her head and felt her hands being sharpened by the rough ground It hurts so much that I realize that I have timetraveled. She still remembers that she was brushing mines while reading a cool manga to pass the time. Probably because she was too sleepy, she fell asleep and did not expect to wake up and came here Waiting for the moon Suddenly her mind moved, she immediately stood up and asked the person next to him, who is Yan Congxin? With you, you have already been eaten by zombies, Mingyue’s heart twitched, and she couldn’t even listen to this person’s scolding. She actually traveled to the man’s novel that she read, and it was a complete cannon fodder. The upgraded post-apocalyptic novel, the hero Yan Congxin is a dual-line supernatural being, powerful and handsome. He led his younger brother and the harem to kill zombies and build a base, and eventually became the overlord. The main reason for this book is a lot of controversy. When I was not so strong in the early stage, I was saved by an old man. The old man was dying, so he entrusted his only granddaughter to Yan Congxin, and wanted him to take him to the safe base. At the same time, he also gave the hero all his supplies as a reward. It’s a pity. The most important thing is that this granddaughter is an out-and-out fool who has no fighting power, not to mention that she can’t even recognize people. Yan Congxin took the plan to force her to eat all the way, and when he arrived at the base, he left her behind. The male protagonist directly pulled the little fool to block the zombies, causing her to be infected. Yan Congxin followed suit and abandoned her.
From then on, every time the male protagonist takes a harem, he still remembers the little fool in his heart. It’s really beautiful and not pretentious.
When Mingyue saw this place, she just wanted to ask whether the hostess was selfless or if he was caught to resist the knife.
You don’t have any compulsion in your heart. If you’re not stupid, you won’t be able to jump out of the coffin One punch, she was so disgusted, she immediately abandoned the article, but looking at the current situation, based on what these people called her, Mingyue found that she was undoubtedly the little fool who helped the male lead block the knife in the early stage, she immediately wanted to cry Who is this plot? The man on the other side was dumbfounded when she finished asking her questions, he just thought it was a little fool who had fallen ill again, but he looked at her with clear eyes, clear skin, porcelain white skin, and the coarse clothes on his body couldn’t hide his beauty. Amorous thoughts can’t help but move, not to mention that this little fool is still very good-looking, but he didn’t notice before that he took out a piece of bread from his backpack and stretched it out in front of Shi Mingyue, teasing like a dog, hey little fool, do you want to eat it? Although this little girl was brought here by Brother Yan, Brother Yan doesn’t pay much attention, and usually eats casually, so that she doesn’t starve to death, it’s not enough to talk about being full. He has seen a few times when little fools drool at them while eating canned food, and Mingyue pretends to be stupid. Glancing at him, no animals, like Yan Congxin, she is a scum, and this group of people under her command are extremely cold-blooded and ruthless, as long as they have no fighting power, they are all human in their eyes. She just passed through and with such an identity, she doesn’t want to cause trouble, but this But the man didn’t give up, instead he stretched out the bread and touched it insultingly, when Mingyue’s cheek eyes were even more lewd when she glanced under her collarbone, when Mingyue’s heart was cold, she changed her mind in an instant, someone was rushing to kill her Can you blame her for being merciless? She raised her eyelids, her eyelashes trembled like a small brush, as if attracted by the delicious piece of bread, she leaned towards the man, and the man was waiting for that moment when Mingyue approached him holding the bread Raising his hand in the air, he was about to hug the girl who had lost his center of gravity into his arms, but the next second, the soft jade Wenxiang he expected didn’t appear, but instead, his crotch hurt sharply. For a moment, he couldn’t help howling like a pig Shi Mingyue calmly withdrew her feet, and lightly took the bread from the man who had lost all strength. While holding the bread, she quietly took two steps back and waited for the people around her to check the situation. She had already left the center of chaos.
Outside, the man held back the pain and shouted, “Fucking that little idiot, it’s all her doing.” Everyone belatedly step aside to reveal Shi Mingyue in the corner.
The girl stared innocently at everyone with her big ignorant eyes. After licking the scallion finger bread, it has already been eaten clean and there is no dregs left. Brother Chen, she is just a fool. No matter what the matter is, you can just ignore her. After all, what Brother Yan brought is fine Don’t bother with her, the people around persuaded Brother Chen in a few words, he suddenly fell on his back in anger, he was kicked for no reason, it hurt to death, and he lost a piece of bread, but he couldn’t bother with this idiot.
Angrily, she said, “Little fool, don’t fall into my hands.” While waiting, Mingyue found a corner and sat down, deliberately avoiding the eyes of the people around her.
The team that the male protagonist is in currently has about thirty people. She has no clue. The doubt is that no one in the bottom class of the entire team wants to care about her now. She can pretend to be a fool and get away with it, but she certainly can’t pretend to be a fool for the rest of her life.
When she got her account and just thought of the game, Mingyue’s eyes suddenly lit up and a translucent operation panel appeared. She was subconsciously startled and almost cried out. She secretly looked around at the people and confirmed that only she could see this panel, and she was pleasantly surprised because of this. panel