It seems that Li Chu was motivated by The disadvantage is that the small water polo he released still missed the opponents swordsmanship and was

Feel the baptism of divorce. Relish it.
It’s just an inconspicuous restaurant in mainland Kyushu. Although the decoration is a bit outdated and the source of customers is not fixed, but as a traveler, such a trivial matter is not a problem at all. Chu Li is holding a gavel Walking to the podium built by his father, the low table, the screen and the gavel are all short of a cup of tea and a storyteller with a fan.
That’s right.
What he has to do now is to tell stories in this restaurant in mainland Kyushu. In desperation, Li Chu, the wire traveler who has no emperor, patriarch, and patriarch, can only start his own business. In his previous life, he was a handwritten book for more than ten years. Now he will use this skill to make this small shop He got angry and walked onto the stage with his head held high. Although his body is only ten years old, he is also an out-and-out veteran with two years of experience in storytelling.
As soon as he came on stage, the fans below started screaming and waved their hands to suppress them. People’s gossip, I know you want to hear stories, but our story this time is a little different from the previous ones.
I glanced at the customers around me.
What’s different? Is it more interesting than the gourd baby from before? Most of them are old readers of their own.
They can come to listen to the stories every few days.
It can be said that they have been reading for more than two years and they are loyal fans. But the small shop is so big that it can only accommodate more than a hundred people. He looked like he was only ten years old and wanted to expand his influence, which basically belonged to the Arabian Nights. The audience below asked curiously.
At this time, Li Chu also noticed that many people came in from the door, including a man and a man.
Although Li Chu really wanted to see the audience clearly, he subconsciously didn’t know why he didn’t pay much attention to the story of the man and the woman this time. It’s different from the previous gourd dolls.
This time the story is called Shengxian. It belongs to a novel, that is to say, the story is very long, not to mention that the plot is also intertwined.
Li Chu laughed. I have been a writer for so many years, I have to show some skills, and I have told the story to these people for free for two years. In mainland Kyushu, a place where entertainment is barren, I have done enough. It’s time to pay for it.
The following listeners laughed when they heard the story was longer. Seeing the excitement on the stage, a man and a woman who just came in were quite different. They pulled someone to ask what the so-called gourd baby was, and then the woman in red smiled disdainfully. To guess about the immortals, Li Chu watched the people below gradually quiet down, and then he sat in front of the table and clapped his hands.
The gavel tree in the Kyushu Continent is full of aura, and this aura is exactly the thousands of cultivations.
The basics of people’s self-cultivation Absorb aura, temper themselves and live together with heaven and earth. Cultivation makes people’s infinite yearning, and countless people flock to it. Among them, there are many pioneers. After successful cultivation, these pioneers returned home to guide their relatives and friends.
Finally, they achieved one after another.
build Our story of the True Family begins here. While talking about Li Chu, he observed the reactions of the people below. Many people began to look around as if to find the so-called aura. Basically, all the audience reacted like this. Only the man and woman did not No action, brother, what’s the matter? How did he know about the general outline? You can’t go wrong, listen to it with peace of mind, the man who looks like a scholar made a gesture of calm down and continued to listen.
Li Chu is also very satisfied with the audience’s reaction below. As long as the audience is willing to get involved, it will be easier for them to arouse their emotions when they talk about it, and it will be easier for them to assume the role of the protagonist.
Look down on how far away this is, but in the ears of these audiences, isn’t this a replica of those things in their lives? Li Chu looked at the several people below and even clenched their fists involuntarily, scanning the reaction of the crowd. The reactions of these old readers are all under his control.
The whole scene has been brought under control by his own plot, and he looks around a little proudly, but he soon finds that the red and white couple don’t seem to have much reaction. Hum the dregs of the Kyushu world